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  • Sasebo Burger♪
  • 佐世保バ-ガ-amongst hamburgers, i especially like Sasebo burgerハンバ-ガ-の中で、特に佐世保バ-ガ-が好きなの!!there are three sizes for sasebo burger, small one is 800 yen, and medium one is 1000 yen, and xtra large one is 1200 yen佐世保バ-ガ-ゎ、3つのサイズがあって、小が800円で、中が1000円で、特大が1200円★off course, i bought...もちろん買ったのゎ...続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • McDonald's new flavor of McFlurry for a limited perio of time only★
  • 期間限定、マクドの新しいマックフル-リ-it was very warm today too今日も暖かかったょココ♪hey, im getting sunburned alreadyね~、私、も-日焼けし始めてるょ!!there's a distinct line across my arm, where the back of my hand is tanned and my arm is very pale日焼けしてるトコとしてないトコにラインが出来てるの、手の甲が焼けてて、腕ゎ白~い!!i tan easily私、日焼けしやすい体質なの!!続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Homemade raisin bread♪
  • 手作りのレ-ズンパンyesterday, i made bread for the first time at home. i was overzealous it, so my arms are sore today昨日、お家で初めてパンを作ってみたの、そしたら今日腕が筋肉痛で痛~い!!the bread tasted very good このパンめちゃめちゃ美味し~ょ♪homemade is the best手作りにかなう物ゎないねッッ!!it isn't difficult to make作り方も全然難しくないょ★if you don't like raisins, you don't have to add anyt [続きを読む]
  • Premium Ramen from Sugakiya★
  • スガキヤのプレミアムら-めんit was very cold yesterday, but it was very warm today昨日ゎ、メチャメチャ寒かったのに、今日ゎ、結構暑かったょココ!!i ate a premium ramen at Sugakiyaスガキヤでプレミアムラ-メン食べて来たッッ♪♪this is simple and comfort foodほっとする味♪what comfort food reminds you of your family, friends, or childhood昔を思い出させてくれる、ホッとする食べ物ある??see u [続きを読む]
  • It's very warm!!
  • メチャメチャ暖かいthe weather was very warm the whole three-day weekend三連休ゎ、超~暖かかったょココ♪i brought a jacket because it was quite cool in the morning, but it was too hot to wear a jacket during the daytime朝方ゎ、寒くて上着を着てたけど、日中ゎ、上着を着るにゎ暑過ぎるくらいだったの★it's so warm, i wanted to eat shaved ice, but they don't sell it yet, so i bought this ice cream after th [続きを読む]
  • Japanese plum blossoms♪
  • 梅の花it was sunny in the morning, but it got cloudy in the afternoon午前中ゎ、良い天気やったのに、午後から曇ってきちゃったょココ★Japanese plum blossoms are beautiful梅の花、綺麗やね~♪for my lunch today, i ate Nameshi dengaku set thereお昼ゎ、そこで菜めし田楽食べて来たょ♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Tofu and Pork Hamburg steak with miso sauce
  • 豆腐ハンバ-グの味噌ソ-スthis time, i went to a Kanmi-Dokoro and ate lunch今日ゎ、甘味屋さんに行って、ランチ食べたょ♪this is tofu and pork hamburg steak with miso sauceこれゎ、豆腐ハンバ-グの味噌ソ-ス♪i ordered homemade dessert. mitsumame and OJ for additional手作りのみつまめと、オレンジジュ-ス付きにしたッッ♪tofu hamburg steak was actually pretty good, so i'll try making that myself next time豆 [続きを読む]
  • Happy White Day♪
  • ハッピ-・ホワイト・デ-in japan, it's White Day today今日ゎ、ホワイト・デ-だょ★it was cloudy this morning, but sunny this afternoon午前中ゎ、曇ってたけど、午後からゎ、晴れたょココ♪so i went to London Cupcakes and bought some cute cupcakesロンドン・カップケ-キに行って、可愛いカップケ-キを買って来たょ♪since it is spring vacation, the shop was crowded with young people春休み中やで、お店の中も外も若 [続きを読む]
  • continued from yesterday★
  • 昨日の続きentrance of the restaurant(お店の入り口)there is a sea in front of your eyes here and it's a very good place目の前に海だょ~★window side tables are for reservation窓側ゎ、予約席なの♪staff showed us to one of the best tables with a view真中の一番良い席に案内してくれたょ♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • お・も・て・な・し♪
  • Japanese hospitalityit says we will do our utmost best to hospitality today for you, so please have a good stay. Naya.『精一杯お持て成しさせて頂きますので、ごゆっくりと御寛ぎ下さい。納屋』it was good weather during the weekend週末ゎ、良い天気やったょココ♪however, it was very windyでも、風がメチャクチャ強かったッッ!!!i strolled along the beach海岸をぶらぶらしたょ♪after that, we headed to the res [続きを読む]
  • The Walking Dead♪
  • ウォ-キング・デッドim into watching American drama now今ね、アメリカンドラマにハマってるの♪my recent favorite is "The Walking Dead" 最近のお気に入りゎ、『ウォ-キング・デット』♪have you watched it before見たコトある??this drama is interesting and i recommend itこのドラマ面白くて、オススメ!!here's the trailer of American versionこれゎ、アメリカバ-ジョンの予告やけど★続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • I Love Olaf!!!!!!
  • Olaf大好きッッthe movie "Ana to Yuki no jouou" was super great. i love it映画『アナと雪の女王』超~良かった、この映画大好きッッ★btw, the American title is "Frozen". i don't like English title of this film.因みに、洋題だと『Frozen』やって、何かしっくりこないねoit is without doubt the best fantasy movie文句なく面白いファンタジ-映画だと思う!!it so happened that i had a olaf snowman lantern at homeた [続きを読む]
  • 映画『アナと雪の女王』★
  • the movie called "Ana to Yuki no Joou (Frozen)"im watching this on the TV and writing a blogテレビで、これを観ながらブログ書いてるの♪however, im so sleepy now and i might fall asleep while watching TVでも、今メチャクチャ眠いで、テレビ観てる途中で寝ちゃうかも!!it was fine today今日ゎ、良い天気やったょココ♪i got to the beachビ-チに到着~♪♪to be continued..zzZ続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Happy Hina Matsuri★
  • 雛祭りtoday is a happy girls' festival今日ゎ、雛祭りだょ♪so i made some dishes for dinner tonightで、今夜の夕食ゎ、色々な料理を作ったょ★Chirashi zushi with prosciutto(生ハムのちらし寿司)Cream stew with fish sausages(魚肉ソ-セ-ジのシチュ-)Scotch egg(スコッチエッグ)続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • 映画『シン・ゴジラ』★
  • The movie called "Shin Godzilla" i saw recently "Shin Godzilla"今さらながら、シン・ゴジラ見たょ♪visual effect(special dffect??) of this film just amazed映像の迫力がすごいねッッ!!i wanted to see it in 4D at the theater4Dの映画館で観たかった-!!if i could experience smells and wind etc, it would be more fun4Dが体験出来たら、もっと楽しいょねッッ♪to be continued..zzZ続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • It started raining..
  • 雨が降って来たッッothis morning, it was sunny, and then the sky was turning dark, and it's raining now.午前中ゎ、良い天気やったのに、その後空がどんょ~りして来て、今ゎ雨が降ってるのココofor my lunch today, i went to the taisyoku restaurant and i chooice this teisyoku"set meal"今日のお昼ゎ、定食屋さんに行って、これにしたッッ♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • 香りフェチ♪
  • i have a fetish for a smelltoday, i got my favorite healing goods, body care set and aroma set今日ね、私の大好きなヒ-リンググッズ貰ったょ♪i have a fetish for good fragrances私、良い香りが大好きなの♪i think that all girl in general are fond of fragrances女子ゎ皆、良い香りのモノが好きだょね★続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • カジキの照り焼き♪
  • Teriyaki Swordfish Steakit was another sunny day今日も良い天気やったょココ♪ for lunch today, i went to the Japanese restaurant and ate eishoku which has teriyaki swordfish steak and deep fried oysters, but the taste was so good今日のお昼ゎ、和食屋さんに行って、カジキの照り焼き定食と牡蠣フライを食べたんやけど、メチャクチャ美味しかったの!!the boiled fish meat is fluffy煮魚の身がふわっふわ~~★when i [続きを読む]
  • Homemade Umeboshi♪
  • 手作りの梅干しit was great weather here again todayここゎ、今日も良い天気だったょ♪for my lunch today,今日のお昼ゎね、i went to the soba buckwheat noodle restaurant美味しいお蕎麦屋さんに行って来たょ♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • It's a good day for a drive♪
  • ドライブ日和it was a clear day today今日ゎ、快晴~★as soon as i get up i went out for a drive to enjoy themountain atmosphere早速、山の空気を楽しむために、ドライブに出掛けたょ♪on the way to the mountain, a raccoon dog was run over by a car and lay dead on the road...山に行く途中、一匹のタヌキが車に轢かれて、道端で死んでた..othe hit-and-run driver, i want you to go to hell.続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • きんぎょめし♪
  • Kingyomeshihave you eaten Kingyomeshi before金魚めし、食べたコトある??following a cookpad, i made my first this, and it came out very wellクックパッドを見ながら、初めて作ったけど、大成功やったょ♪and i ate it for the first time in my life but, taste was so good, tooほんで、初めて食べたけど、味も美味しかったッッ♪this is the Kingyomeshiこちらが金魚めし♪Kingyomeshi is cooked rice with carrot金魚飯 [続きを読む]
  • Sleeping style♪
  • 寝相our cat Miimii is sleeping right now, but..lol*今ね、ミィミィ寝とるんやけど..he is a really bad restless sleeperすっごい寝相!!he is tilting their legs frequently in the air良く空中に足をつきだして寝てるの★i went to the vet with Miimii today and he got his stitches out今日ゎ、ミィミィと動物病院に行って、抜糸してもらってきたょ★he got his appetite back and he is full of goミィミィ、食欲も戻った [続きを読む]
  • にゃん♪ にゃん♪ にゃん♪
  • Nyan, Nyan, Nyantoday(February the 22nd) is Cat Day in Japan今日ゎ、猫の日だょ♪do you know there was a famous Tashirojima in Miyagi Prefecture called "Cat Island"宮城県の田代島"猫島"があるって知ってる??for further information, you can see about it from here詳しくゎ、ここから見るコトが出来るょ★ i would like to go there sometimeいつかそこに行ってみたいの♪tomorrow, im going to vet clinic to our c [続きを読む]