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  • The sky looks overcast today.
  • どんより空..oi dislike people who lick one's fingers..私、指先を舐める人が苦手..ofor example, people who lick their fingers when counting money..例えば、お金を数えるトキに、指を舐める人oin addition to this, i often see people licking their fingers when turning over the pages of a newspaper or a book, but..他にも、新聞や本をめくるトキに指を舐める人とか良くいるけど..othat is often the case with old [続きを読む]
  • Sounds of bell-ringing crickets♪
  • 鈴虫の声these days crickets are chirping in the evening, autumn has come夜になると、鈴虫がリ-ンリ-ンって鳴いてるょo 秋やね~♪♪♪however, here is still hot in the daytimeでも、日中ゎ、まだ暑いのココ!!im having problems now because our cat Miimii has a good appetite今ね、ミィミィがすっっごい食欲で困ってるのッッ!!続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • It's hot today, too!!
  • 今日も暑い~~it was very nice weather today too今日も良い天気だったょココ♪♪this time, i ate lunch at the restaurant今日のお昼ゎ、定食屋さんで食べたょ♪see u [続きを読む]
  • the clear sky after the typhoon!!
  • 台風一過are you okay with a typhoon台風大丈夫だった??the typhoon has passed while i was sleeping.私ゎ、寝てる間に通り過ぎちゃったothe weather was nice and it was really hot today今日ゎ、天気が良くて、メチャメチャ暑かったょココ!!i ate seafood don(a bowl of rice with sashimi on top) at the seafood restaurantお魚屋さんで美味しい海鮮丼食べたょ★続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • 3 day holdiay★
  • 3連休i heard it's going to rain 3-day weekend3連休ね、雨なんやってねッッ!!!it was very cold this morning今朝ゎすごく寒かったょココ!!so i turned on the heaterで、暖房つけちゃったッッ!!but it gets hot when turning on the heatでも、つけると暑くなるね~!!i ate Miso -nikomi udon for lunch todayお昼ゎ、味噌煮込みうどん食べたょ♪see u [続きを読む]
  • I want to feed the Black Kites!!!
  • とんびに餌あげたいッッthere are stores on each side of the street and i bought and ate this squid ink ice cream. it was cold and deliciousその通りの両側に店が並んでて、イカ墨アイス買って食べたょo 冷たくて美味しかったッッ♪♪♪when the weather is nice my mood improves too, but i didn't think that it could get this hot天気が良いと、気分も良いんだけど、こんなに暑くなるなんて思わへんかったッッ!!i also [続きを読む]
  • A view from the top!!
  • 最上部からの景色(this picture is the view from Tojinbo.東尋坊からの景色)i heard that there are a lot of delicious soba noodles restaurants and seafood restaurants in Fukui. this is the reason why i came here福井(越前)にゎ、美味しいお蕎麦屋さんに、新鮮な海鮮屋さんがいっぱぃあるって聞いて、ここに来たの★here is the Tojinboここゎ、東尋坊だょ★this cliff is a famous place for suspense TV dramas この崖 [続きを読む]
  • Tuesday Suspense Theater!!
  • 火曜サスペンス劇場the weather was very nice and very hot this weekend週末ゎ、超~良い天気で、メチャメチャ暑かったょココ♪i went to Fukui Prefecture by car福井に行って来たょ♪here is the Kochoumon rockココゎ、呼鳥門★it's a beautiful view景色が綺麗~♪many people were fishing there. however, there is no smell of the sea. たくさんの人が魚釣りしてたッッo でも、磯の香りがしぃへんょoto be continued..zzZ [続きを読む]
  • It's already Christmas at Costco★
  • コストコでゎ、も-クリスマスit is hot in the daytime, but it's a little chilly in the morning.日中ゎ暑いけど、朝方ゎ少し肌寒いょココotake care of yourself体調に気をつけてねッッ★i went to Costco and bought various foodsコストコに行って、いろいろ買って来たょ♪♪♪i love sushi from costoco, especially salmonコストコのお寿司大好き~、特にサ-モン!!!続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Beh~!!
  • あっかんベ~~he had put out his tongueベロ出してた-!! i went to a stock farm to eat gelato on that dayこの日ゎ、ジェラ-トを食べに、牧場に行って来たの♪there was a pony (named parfait) hereポニ-のパフェがここに居たッッ★i thought he went somewhere何処に行っちゃったかと思った~!!to be continued..zzZ [続きを読む]
  • I cannot believe August is almost over!!
  • も-8月が終わっちゃうねッッsummer has flown by夏があっとゅ-まに過ぎちゃったッッ!!i bought and ate this white chocolate banana chocolixir at GODIVA今日ゎ、ゴディバで、ホワイトチョコレ-トバナナショコリキサ-買って食べたょ★see ui gave our cat Bho-chan a bath猫のボ-ちゃんをお風呂に入れてあげたッッ♪♪ [続きを読む]
  • The lingering summer heat is so intense!!
  • 残暑が厳し~i cannot yet do without an air conditioner when i sleep寝るトキに、まだクラ-ゎ手放せないねッッ!! today, i bought and ate snow pear parfait, 今日ゎ、ミニストップで、雪梨パフェと、x fried poteto,Xフライドポテトと、vanilla soft ice cream and haluhalo mitarashi dango at Mini Stopバニラアイスと、ハロハロみたらし団子買って食べたょ★out of these, i like snow pear parfait the bestこの中でゎ、雪 [続きを読む]
  • GULAB JAMUN(Indian donuts)!!
  • グラブ・ジャム(インドのお菓子)i will continue where i left off last time(前の続き)until the fireworks started, i eat various kinds of food there花火が始まるまで、いろいろなモノ食べたょ♪Gulab jamun are said to be the sweetest in the worldグラブジャムって世界で一番甘いお菓子って言われてるんやって~♪however, it's not as sweet as i thoughtでも、思ったほど甘くな~~~ぃ!!it wasn't what i expectedメチャメ [続きを読む]
  • TukTuk♪
  • トゥクトゥクyesterday, i went to see the fireworks昨日ゎ、花火を見に行って来たょ♪i rode a TukTuk for the first time thereそこで、初めてトゥクトゥクに乗ったの★tuktuk is a fun楽し~!!i told driver that i enjoyed the drive, he was very happyメチャメチャ楽しかった~~って、ドライバ-さんに言ったら、めっちゃ喜んでたッッ★to be continued...zzZ [続きを読む]
  • お土産交換♪
  • i've got some souvenirs from my friends, and i gave some souvenirs that i brought from my tripit was scorching hot yesterday昨日ゎ、猛暑日だったょココ!!i got lots of souvenirs from my friendsいろいろお土産貰ったょ★this picture is a souvenir from Oosaka(大阪)続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • 向日葵★
  • Sunfloweri went to go see sunflower fields that dayこの日ゎ、向日葵を見に行って来たょ♪i hear that these sunflowers fell over in the typhoon...ここの向日葵ちゃん達ゎ、台風で倒れちゃったらしぃょosee u [続きを読む]
  • Foot bath♪
  • 足湯it's fine again yesterday昨日も良い天気だったょココ♪i fed the carps in a pondand,鯉に餌をあげたり、took a footbath,足湯に入ったり、続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Let's swim!!
  • 泳ご~~~im sorry, Kyoto people 京都の人、ごめんなさい!!i hear that lake biwa water is used as drinking water for people in Kyoto(the Kansai region??)...京都(関西エリア??)の人ゎ、琵琶湖の水を飲み水にしてるらしいのo続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • I don't like the end of summer...
  • 夏の終わりゎ好きじゃない..obecause it feels a bit lonely..だって、何だか寂しくなるのowell, i will write the continuation of yesterdayじゃぁ、昨日の続き書くね♪i took off my clothes for nowとりあえず、水着になったッッ♪as soon as i changed into swimsuit, it's starting to rain again, but it stopped right away水着に着替えたら、また雨がポツポツしだしたけど、直ぐに止んだょ★to be continued..zzZ [続きを読む]
  • I leave for Shiga!!
  • 滋賀に出発~when i woke up in the morning yesterday, it was raining, but the forecast says that it will rain from early tomorr
    ow morning and then cloudy, so i went though it was raining 昨日ゎ、朝起きたら雨が降ってたけど、天気予報
    で、早朝ゎ雨で、その後ゎ曇って言ってたから、雨が降ってたけど行ったょ★however, the rain doesn&ap
    os;t seem to stop in a while so i became very gloomyでも、雨がなかなか止まへん [続きを読む]
  • change of plans♪
  • 予定変更i was planning to go to Shiga Prefecture's Lake Biwa yesterday, but i went to Aichi Prefecture's Minami Chit
    a Beach because the forecast said it would rain昨日ゎ、滋賀の琵琶湖に行く予定だったけど、天気予報で雨
    が降るって言ってたから、海にしたょ♪there weren't any bathers on the beach.ビ-チにゎ、海水浴客が
    一人もいなかったomay be there are already jelltfish out there and the weather is bad.多 [続きを読む]
  • I'm going back to my parents' house!!!!!!
  • わたくし...実家に帰らせていただきますッッッthe weather was both sunny and cloudy today今日ゎ、晴れたり曇ったりしてたょココ♪i tried the new swimsuit on新しい水着着てみたッッッ★our cat Miimii is sleeping at my feet猫のミィミィが足元で寝てる~♪i like this halterneck designこのホ-ルドネックのデザイン可愛いょね♪see u [続きを読む]