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  • rain on and off...
  • 雨が降ったり止んだり..oit was been raining on and off all day今日ゎ、雨が降ったり止んだりしとったょココ★it's kind of chilly today.何だか肌寒くない??however it gets hot turning off the heaterでも、ヒ-タ-つけると暑くなるの!!take care of your self体調にゎ、気をつけてねッッ★for my lunch today今日のお昼ゎ、これ♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Pon poko pon♪
  • ポンポコポ~~ンthe weather is great today too今日もメチャメチャ良い天気~!!i went to Okonomi-yaki restaurant where you cook it by yourself for lunch お昼ゎ、自分で作るお好み焼き屋さんに行ったょ♪♪ok, so, now im cooking Okonomiyakiじゃぁ、お好み焼き作るょ★my portion私の♪this is mochi cheese okonomi餅チ-ズお好み♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • It was very hot yesterday too!!
  • 昨日も暑かった~~!!btw, the weather was also good and hot today因みに、今日も天気が良くて、暑かったょココ!!i went shopping yesyterday昨日ゎ、ショッピングに行って来たょ♪♪i went to Lindt to buy chocolate for my friend present.友達のプレゼントに、チョコを買いに、リンツに行ったのowhen i pay my money at at the register, a store clerk said, "would you care for drinks with that".レジでお金を払うトキ、お [続きを読む]
  • It's so hot today too!!
  • 今日も、あ~つ~い~~im feeling so hot today. summer is coming suddenly今日暑いね~、7月並みの気候らしいょ!!did you put away your spring clothes and take out your summer clothes春ものから、夏服に衣替えした??today, i went for a walk on the beach今日ゎ、海にお散歩に行って来たッッ♪i got sweaty because i was wearing a long-sleeved shirt長袖着てたから、汗出て来たょ!!i like to eat ice cream outside, especi [続きを読む]
  • It was very hot today!!
  • 今日ゎ、メチャクチャ暑かったょココon the last day of the Golden Week, i went to the Wisteria Festival GW最終日ゎ、藤祭りに行って来たょ♪there is a shuttle bus service between the wisteria festival venue and the park.お祭りの会場と公園の間をシャトルバスが走ってるのoso i stop the car in the parking lot of the park and went there on a shuttle busなので、公園の駐車場に車を止めて、シャトルバスで会場に [続きを読む]
  • I freaked out!!
  • 焦ったッッsuddenly, my PC had a problem, and couldn't connect to the Internet突然、パソコンがネットに繋がらなくなったの!!however, i managed to repair my PC by myselfでも、自力で何とか直せたッッ♪today, let me write more about GW今日ゎ、GWの話の続き♪i went to the cafe in the mountain山の中にあるカフェに行って来たょ♪the cafe has a thatched roofかやぶき屋根だょ!!the view was amazing素敵な景色やね~ [続きを読む]
  • I love them too♪
  • これも大好きッッthe lake smelt tempura and karaage will change to Ayu"sweet fish" in the summer夏になると、ワカサギの天ぷらや、唐揚げゎ、鮎の天ぷらや、唐揚げに代わるの♪i stopped by service area on our way home from visiting shiga and ate this滋賀の帰りのサ-ビスエリアで、これ食べたょ★it's omi beef hamburg steak近江牛のハンバ-グ♪see uzzZ [続きを読む]
  • My ice-cream is melting!!
  • アイスが溶けてる~~continued from yesterday(昨日の続き)i went to gelateria as alwaysいつものよ~に、ジェラ-ト屋さんに行ったょ♪it's a perfect day for ice cream, isn't itアイスクリ-ム日和やね♪i ate a triple-scoop cone of gelato andトリプルと、続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Cherry blossoms are still blooming!!!!!
  • 桜の花がまだ咲いてる~on that day, i went to my favorite soba(buckwheat noodle) restaurant at deep in the mountainこの日ゎ、山の中にあるお気に入りのお蕎麦屋さんに行って来たょ♪im looking at someting else...lol*私、ちょっと別なトコ見てる..oi can't say more details, but..there was an awkward customer at the restaurant.詳しくゎ、言えないけど、実ゎお店に嫌な客(たかり屋??)がいたのoi was revolted at the [続きを読む]
  • a traffic jam!!
  • 渋滞i went for a drive in the country on the dayこの日ゎ、山の方に行って来たょ♪approaching the mountain, the road is clogged with traffic山に近づくにつれて、道が車で混雑して来たッッ!!there are so many people who seek healing from wild nature自然に癒しを求めてる人達がいっぱぃおるね~★続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • After the visit to the LEGOLAND★
  • レゴランドの後ゎi was headed to Maker's Pierメイカ-ズピアに向かったょ♪Maker's Pier have 3 different areas. Forest Garden, Central park and Uptownメイカ-ズピアにゎ、3つのフォレスト・ガ-デン、セントラル・パ-ク、アップダウンエリアがあるの★at Uptown, i ate a crepe from MILKISSIMOアップダウンゾ-ンでゎ、ミルキッシモのクレ-プ食べた♪after that, i went to okuyama yasuzo shoten(seafood grill restaurant) [続きを読む]
  • Let's go to buy some souvenirs♪
  • お土産買いに行くょthis is a continuation of last time(続き)hey, it smells delicious where is it coming fromね~、どこからか美味しそ~な匂いがするょ?i found very delicious-looking bread美味しそ~なパン見つけたッッ!!the smell of fresh baked bread makes me hungry焼き立てのパンゎ、食欲をそそるょね~♪♪♪※actually, there is no smell.lol*(実際にゎ、匂いゎありませんo)続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • That's colorful and pleasing to the eye♪
  • カラフルで楽し~continued from previous post(前の続き)she is a lovely, cute womanラブリ-で、キュ-トだね♪give me a bite一口ちょ-だぃ♪what a funny face he is変な顔~♪this is dangerousこれゎ、危険!!it's a cobraコブラだょ!!続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Lego-shaped french fries★
  • LEGO型フライドポテトyum i love it美味し~、これ好きッッッ!!!i bought a chocolate churroチョコチュロス買ったょ♪oh, i found an alligator he looks hungry so i'll feed himあ、ワニがおった~!! お腹空かしてそ~やで、餌あげょ♪this is cheese dogこれゎ、チ-ズドッグ♪to be continued..zzZ [続きを読む]
  • Pinoが10個入りで1200円★
  • These pinos are 1,200 yen for a Lego box(10 pieces)continued from yesterday(続き)they taste the same as Pino which sold at the store..lol*ス-パ-で売ってるピノと同じや~んoi want to ride on the back of a camel, but i could not do so for shameらくだの背中の上に乗りたかったけど、恥ずかしくて出来へんかった..oi rode on a lot of attractions there, but i wasn't scared at allいろんなアトラクションに乗った [続きを読む]
  • continued from yesterday★
  • 昨日の続きwhere do you want to go first何処行く-??first off, let's get something to eatとりあえず、何か食べよ~!!or would you like to look around firstそれとも、まずゎ見て回りたい??well then, now that we have come to LEGOLAND, why don't we go to MINILANDほんじゃぁ、せっかくレゴランドに来たから、ミニランドに行こ-♪TOKYO SKYTREE(東京スカイツリ-)Nagoya castle(名古屋城)in addition, i saw a lot of famou [続きを読む]
  • LEGOLAND Japan♪
  • レゴランド・ジャパンi held our cat Miimii in my arms yesterday, and my arms are sore today昨日ね、ミィミィを抱っこしてたら、今日腕が筋肉痛やん!!i went to LEGOLAND Japanレゴランドに行って来たょ♪there are many parking spaces and i could park a car in the parking spaces nearest the LEGOLAND駐車場がたくさんあって、レゴランドに一番近いトコに止めるコトが出来たッッ♪♪♪i did my homeworkリサ-チ済み!!my [続きを読む]
  • Go to the veterinary clinic♪
  • 動物病院へnice weather today良い天気だね♪i went to the veterinary clinic with our cat, Miimiiミィミィと動物病院に行って来たょ♪i changed him hospital because i don't like the vet.先生があんまり好きじゃなかったから、ミィミィの病院変えたょosee u [続きを読む]
  • Golden Week vacation starts today♪
  • ゴ-ルデン・ウィ-クの始まり~moss phlox was so beautiful芝桜が綺麗★have you ever been to chausuyama-kogen茶臼山高原って行ったコトある??i heard the shiba sakura flowers there are very beautifulそこね、芝桜がメチャクチャ綺麗なんやって!!however road becomes very congested during the spring sightseeing season..でも、観光シ-ズンゎ、道路が大混雑するって...i want to go there buy that would be difficult... [続きを読む]
  • I'm tired...
  • 眠ぃ..oi always get sleepy after 8:00 p.m.20時以降になるといつも眠くなるの!!i got ton's sleep, but im so sleepy..いっぱぃ寝とるんやけど、眠ぃぃぃ..im too sleepy to write any more..眠過ぎて、これ以上書けな~い..osee u [続きを読む]
  • For the first time in forever★
  • 生まれて初めてi gave our cat Miimii a bath猫のミィミィをお風呂に入れてあげたょ♪it was the first time for him to take a bath.お風呂に入るのゎ、ミィミィにとって初めてだったのねoso when i carrid his to the bathroom, he did not want to take a bath, and he started to act violently while crying to get away from meそれで、お風呂場に連れて行ったトキ、お風呂に入りたがらなくて、私から逃げようと泣きながら暴 [続きを読む]
  • Finally Spring♪
  • やっと春~spring came to the mountain山にも春が来たねッッ★i went to the deep in the mountains for cherry blossom viewing againまた桜を見るために、さらに山奥に行って来たょ♪how much do i love sakuraどんなけ私、桜が好きなの!!i ate this Japanese soba noodles with prawn tempra and raw grated white radish大海老天おろし蕎麦食べたょ♪see u [続きを読む]