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  • Swimsuit♪
  • 水着this heat really saps my energy and motivationこの暑さで、体力が奪われる~~~!!beaches are already openも-海開きしてるょね★but i haven't decided which swimsuit to buy yetでも、まだどんな水着買おうか決めてないのッッ!!to be continued..zzZ [続きを読む]
  • At a traditionala Japanese confectionery shop♪
  • 和菓子屋さんtoday is hot as usual, isn't it今日も相変わらず暑いね??this time, i ate kakigori"shaved ice
    " and wagashi"Japanese traditional sweets" at a traditionala Japanese confectionery shop今日ゎ、和菓子屋さ
    んでかき氷と和菓子食べたょ♪here is already famous for kakigoriここゎ、かき氷で有名なの♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • The heat is killing me!!
  • 暑くて死にそ~~~it has been hot everyday, but do you not have summer fatigue毎日暑いけど、夏バテしとらへん??please be careful not to get sick from the summer heat夏バテしないょ-に気をつけてねッッ!!as usual, i got a bruise on my knee安定の打ち身!!however, im endowed with a natural healing power, so i will get well soonでも、私、動物と一緒で、自然治癒力が高いから、すぐ良くなるの!!see u [続きを読む]
  • Boh-chan♪
  • ボ-today's weather was cloudy, fine later今日の天気ゎ、曇のち晴れやったょココ♪i took our cat Boh-chan to the animal hospital今日ゎ、猫のボ-ちゃんを動物病院に連れてったょ!!because he got injured and then came home..ボ-ちゃんが怪我をしてお家に帰って来たの..othe vet told me that he is very quiet and good cat動物病院の先生に、ボ-ちゃんゎ大人しくて良い子だねって言われたょ♪see u [続きを読む]
  • 避暑地も暑い!!
  • it's a very hot in a summer resort area surrounded by forest here, tooi want to visit somewhere cool to relax while i enjoy t
    he slow pace of village life and went to the summer resort in the mountains today田舎のスロ-ペ-スを楽しみながら、
    リラックスするための何処か涼しい場所を求めて、今日ゎ、山に行って来たょ♪in the mountains, the a
    ir is very clean, the water is very fresh, and blue sky and green l [続きを読む]
  • It's so humid!!
  • ムシムシする~with such heat, i cannot do without an air conditioner every nightあまりの暑さに、毎晩エアコンがてばなせな~ぃ!!lately, there's a sudden thunderstorm and it's rainingIt, earthquakes are frequent in Japan, too最近、突然の激しい雷雨に見舞われたり、地震も多いょね!!i bought a takoyaki this time今日ゎ、たこ焼き買って来たょ♪see u [続きを読む]
  • Next, I went to GODIVA♪
  • 次に、ゴディバに向かったッッit's not that expensive here. you can get it on saleここなら、ゴディバのチョコが少し安く買えるょ♪i have enough of this to eat for myself自分用で食べるにゎ、これで十分だょね♪i bought crepe at a mobile crepe shopキッチンカ-で、クレ-プ買って来たょ♪it looks like a bouquetブ-ケみたいやない♪to be continued..zzZ [続きを読む]
  • It is a bit cloudy today★
  • 薄曇りtoday, i enjoyed window shopping at the outlet mall今日ゎ、お買い物して来たょ♪this outlet has a gelato pique shopここゎ、ジェラ-トピケのお店があるの♪first, i bought a loungewear at gelato piqueまずゎ、ジェラ-トピケで部屋着買ったょ★it was 30 percent off the regular price通常価格より30%オフやったょ!!this texture is smooth to the touch, so i want to touch it as long as i like生地の肌触りが良 [続きを読む]
  • 猛暑日!!
  • extremely hot dayit was a extremely hot day today今日ゎ、猛暑日だったょココ!!did you see the milky way last night昨夜、天の川見れた??because of the town's lights and moonlight, i wasn't able to see it clearly..街明りと月光で、はっきりと見ることが出来なかった..ohowever, i was able to see the hikoboshi star and orihime star clearly from here tooでも、織姫星と彦星ゎ、ここからでもはっきりと見れたょ★t [続きを読む]
  • 七夕★
  • tanabata"the Star Festival"today is Tanabata今日ゎ、七夕だね~★Strong sunshine today too今日も太陽がギラギラ~~!!We will probably be able to see the Milky Way tonight今夜ゎ、天の川見れるょね!!If I can see it, this is going to be my first experience in my lifeもし、見ることが出来るなら、初めての経験になるの★It's so excitingすっごく、わくわくする~~~!!so I bought glaze-grilled eel at the fish store w [続きを読む]
  • murderous heat!!
  • 殺人的暑さthe sunlight was very strong outside and the air was very hot, too外ゎ、日差しがめちゃめちゃ強くて、空気もめちゃめちゃ暑かったょココ!!i can't stand this murderousheatこの殺人的暑さに耐えられえへ~ん!!be mindful of your body体調に気をつけてねッッ★続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Pickled ume flavor♪
  • 梅干し味The weather was both sunny and cloudy today今日ゎ、晴れたり曇ったりしてたょココ♪They don't have Ume flavor anymore.梅干し味もう販売してないね..oI really loved thisこれ、すっごく好きやったのに-!!I was always buying it in bulkいつも箱買いしてたの!!see u [続きを読む]
  • Typhoon No. 3!!
  • 台風3号Today, it wascloudy in the morning ,but it started raining in the afternoon今朝ゎ、曇ってたけど、午後から雨が降り始めたょココ!!There was terrible rain and lightning toward evening夕方ごろゎ、ものすごい雷雨だったッッ!!Stay safe気をつけてね!!i went to the gelateria today今日ゎ、ジェラ-ト屋さんに行って来たょ♪♪♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Hydrangea★
  • 紫陽花Look There's a heart-shaped hydrangea見て、ハ-ト型の紫陽花があるょ!!It was mostly cloudy and partly sunny today今日ゎ、曇時々晴れだったょココ♪It was pretty humid today too今日もかなり蒸し暑かったッッッ!!続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Go shopping♪
  • ショッピングIt was raining on and off this morning, but then it cleared up in the afternoon今朝ゎ、雨が降ったり止んだりしてたけど、午後にゎ晴れたょココ♪I went shopping today今日ゎ、お買い物に行って来たょ♪♪It was humid today今日ゎ、蒸し暑かった-!!I bought a watermelon. l cut up the watermelon lengthwise in half and put it in the fridge買って来たスイカを半分に切って冷蔵庫に冷やしてあるょ★see u [続きを読む]
  • It's a little chilly today!!
  • 今日ゎ、ちょっと肌寒~いIt had been raining since morning today, but It stopped raining early in the evening今日ゎ、朝から雨が降ってたけど、夕方にゎ止んだょココ★This time, I went to the cafe and ate this今日ゎ、カフェに行って、これ食べたッッ♪I was happy to be able to eat my favorite sweets大好きなスイ-ツが食べれて幸せ~~~!!続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • It's hot and muggy today!!
  • 暑くてムシムシする~!!It is a bit cloudy today今日ゎ、薄曇りだったょココ!!Guess what im cooking hereこれ何作ってると思う??Full of sugar山盛りの、お砂糖!!The answer is: Nikujaga(Beef and potato stew)答えゎ..肉じゃが♪Too sweet甘すぎ??It taste a little bit sweet, but I love it私、甘めが好きなの★続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • チキンの照りマヨ丼-温たまのせ-★
  • Bowl of rice topped with teriyaki chicken and mayonnaise - with a soft-boiled eggDonburi-mono(rice bowl dishe) tonight今夜ゎ、丼物にしたょ!!although it was raining when i got up this morning, it has turned out to be a beautiful day今朝、起きたトキゎ雨が降ってたけど、良い天気になったょココ★i went to the cake shop today今日ゎ、ケ-キ屋さんに行って来たッッ♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • Yummmmmmmmmy!!
  • 美味し~~~the weather was good today too and hot今日も天気が良くて暑かったょココ!!this time i ate this vanilla soft-serve ice cream made from Hokkaido milk 今日ゎ、北海道ミルクソフトクリ-ム食べたッッ♪see u [続きを読む]
  • Cloudy with occasional rain★
  • 曇一時雨there was a small earthquake this morning今朝、小さい地震があったの!!at that time i wore clothes and make
    up, plus i have house insurance against any damage caused by earthquake or fireso, so i was not that panicked about that.lol*そ
    らなかったohowever, i heard that a magnitude 5 earthquake was observed in [続きを読む]
  • First bloom♪
  • 咲き始めsince the weather was nice today, i went to the mountains to see the hydrangea park天気も良かったから、ドライブがてら、紫陽花を見に山に行って来たょ♪as television said that, hydrangeas have just started to come into bloom..., so they were not pretty.テレビでやってた通り、まだ咲き始めやで、あんまり綺麗じゃなかった..oi know, but i thought if they are in the first bloom, im lucky. however, it [続きを読む]