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  • Why America needs more Teslas and fewer Ubers
  • Tesla has a seemingly bottomless appetite for capital. The company raised $2 billion from bond investors in 2014, sold $738 millio
    n in stock in 2015, and sold $1.46 billion in stock in 2016. Now it’s planning to raise another $1.15 billion in the coming mont
    hs.Tesla needs so much cash because it has hundreds of thousands of preorders for the Model 3, Tesla’s relatively affordable ele
    ctric [続きを読む]
  • How to fight Trump fatigue syndrome
  • We are now less than two months into the Trump administration, and it feels like it’s been at least two years. Or maybe 20. Or 200. It’s hard to tell at this point.For two months now, we’ve been told to say outraged, to stay hypervigilant. And so, like a good citizen, I try constantly to absorb and parse the latest round of craziness, and sometimes offer some commentary on it. And by the [続きを読む]
  • The Oscars' voting process awards bland movies
  • Since 2009, when the Academy changed Best Picture from a straight popular vote to something much more convoluted (ostensibly to mo
    re accurately reflect the Academy's consensus), the winners have gotten much more self-congratulatory.In the video above, Tod
    d VanDerWerff helps me explain that the instant runoff system tends to honor "consensus" films that are often ranked sec
    ond or third o [続きを読む]
  • How Planet Earth II filmed its thrilling "Snake Island" chase scene
  • Capturing the terrible thrills of life and death in the animal kingdom, explained. When the gorgeous Planet Earth II premiered in
    the UK in November, one clip in particular turned heads. As it begins, a baby iguana, newly hatched from an egg buried in sand, te
    ntatively pokes its head out above the surface ― and then launches itself into one of the most thrilling chase sequences ever to
    grac [続きを読む]
  • Donald Trump decides to honor the “One China” policy
  • Trump had said the “One China” policy was on the negotiating table. He just took it off. It turns out Donald Trump may not be
    looking for a fight with China after all.Just weeks after questioning a cornerstone of Washington’s diplomatic relationship with
    Beijing, Trump used a Thursday night phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping to say that he would honor the so-called “One
    China” [続きを読む]
  • What Donald Trump doesn’t understand about trade
  • President Trump has promised to put “America first” ― and his trade policy is no exception. When talking about trade deals,
    he often frames them as transactions in which one side wins and another side loses. For his own part, he’s promised to make sure
    America starts “winning again.” And while this rhetoric might be popular on the campaign trail, it oversimplifies the complex
    trade-off [続きを読む]