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  • How to run concrete5 behind CloudFlare and AWS ELB
  • This is valid after concrete5.7. Since implementing Symfony framework, concrete5 is equipped with IP check. If the user changed th
    e originated IP address, concrete5 will log you out. However, this security measurement doesn’t go well with advanced load balan
    cer such as AWS Elastic Load Balancer or CloudFlare. From concrete5’s POV, it can only see the IP addresses of the load balancer
    ($_SERVER[ [続きを読む]
  • The Era of Glocalization
  • Happy new year of 2017. I will write a kind of new year’s resolution. In these days, I am often being asked what I can do, what I can do to help others, what I really want to do. I think one of my most advantage is the ability to glocalize.In 2017, I would like to appeal my glocal experience to both multilingual projects and inter-industry projects. Dictionaty.com has the definition of glocal. [続きを読む]
  • Wrapping up Mautic Japan Community in 2016
  • The year of 2016 was awesome for Mautic Community in Japan. 5 meetup groups have launched in Japan. All of them are actively organ
    izing meetups to spread the word of Mautic. In this blog post, I will briefly introduce Mautic Community of Japan. First, this is
    Katz. I am one of theorganizers ofMautic Meetup Nagoya. With lots of helps of my friends, I organized 9 meetups in 2016. I’m on
    e of [続きを読む]
  • Japanese mentality is similar to hidden Trump supporters?
  • I had an occasion to witness the similarity to Japanese mentality and hidden Trump supporters mentality. Japanese who don’t speak out When Japanese people are having some business and political relationship problem, they don’treally speak out they’re having problem. It’s very rare that they speak out. When they speak out to the public, it’s usually too late. (The problem usually becomes big [続きを読む]
  • concrete5 Auto Backup Server Shell Script
  • I just made this concrete5 auto-backup shell script. This is simple shell script to back up your concrete5.7.x site. This is the s
    cript that runs on your server. MIT LICENSE and NO GUARANTEE This script is licensed under The MIT License. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RIS
    K. Set-up Go to GitHub and downloadconcrete5-backup.sh. Add your server config in concrete5-backup.sh If you don’t uncomment MYS
    QL_PASSWO [続きを読む]
  • Meet Magento Japan 2015 Report and its challange
  • On November 20, 2015, very first Meet Magento was held in Tokyo. Magento market in Japan is still premature, and has a lot of spac
    e to grow. Finally the time for Japan to embrace the world’s most dominant ecomemrce platform. Most of the photos weretaken by F
    umiki Kanno from StyleTune. This is the part of Magento Advent Calendar 2015. (Advent Calendar means series of tech blog posts by
    a group o [続きを読む]
  • Finally Polyglot Industry is Happening in Japan
  • There were many events about multilingual and translation in the end of the month and Tokyo. (I wanted to write this blog post bec
    ause I wanted to try out YarakuZen service. This blog post may be hard to read. Sorry if you feel so in advanced ) On 10/29 (Thu)
    I decided to re-schedule and went to Tokyo early because I heard about the meet-up event about multilingual industry at HiveShibuy
    a. https:/ [続きを読む]
  • Communication gap
  • Making film, designing a web site, translating text, It’s all about communication. I am very fortunate to have my profession. I
    love interacting people and get the information across the world. But sometime, I often struggle when my opinion don’t get cross
    ed to other people. I struggled that I have hard time understanding other people, or accept other people’s opinion. Miss-communi
    cation, and m [続きを読む]
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