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  • No-Meat Pepperoni肉じゃないペパロニ
  • This is probably one of my best culinary creations.No-meat pepperoni!Doesn’t this look like real pepperoni?But there is absolutely no animal meat in this one.Interested in finding out how to make this?Well, it’s actually quite simple to make it.What you need is king mushrooms.Slice them thin.You marinate them overnight.When cooked in the oven, it’s like magic.They turn into no-meat pepperoni, o [続きを読む]
  • Fried Tofu Lettuce Wraps厚揚げ豆腐レタスラップ
  • Per Terry’s request, I made lettuce wraps.Whenever I ask Terry to give me some food ideas, his response is almost always “pizza”, so I was pleasantly surprised when he gave me this interesting idea.I hadn’t made lettuce wraps for a long time, and I thought it would be a great dish to make 100% plant-based. First I made the filling.I used fried tofu that I bought from a local Asian grocery sto [続きを読む]
  • Strawberry Tofu Ice Cream苺豆腐アイスクリーム
  • After making some non-dairy ice cream (like thisandthis), I felt a bit more adventurous, and I wanted to experiment with different
    ingredients.One of the main ingredients of this strawberry ice cream was of course strawberries.But the main ingredient of this i
    ce cream was this, tofu!The texture is very different from nice cream or avo ice cream,and it may be somewhat borderline to call t
    his [続きを読む]
  • SB & F Open SandwichSB & F オープンサンド
  • You may be wondering what SB and F stand for.Well, we probably have to talk about PB & J first.I’m not a huge fan of peanut butt
    er and jelly sandwich.I do like peanut butter but jelly makes the whole sandwich a bit too sweet, and I feel like something is mis
    sing… freshness, maybe.So, as you can see in this post, I like to add fresh fruit.In this particular post I used jelly but I usu
    ally leave j [続きを読む]
  • BBQ Tempeh PizzaBBQテンペピザ
  • Pizza!!Anytime when you hear “pizza” in our house, it’s a happy day.Especially when it’s homemade, and we get to make it t
    ogether, it becomes a really fun meal preparation time.100% plant-based Pizza doesn’t have to be boring.Our whole wheat homemade
    crust with BBQ tempeh, mango, pineapple, scallion, and cashew cream is absolutely delicious!Who needs pepperoni?Really!Terry and
    I don’t care m [続きを読む]
  • Lemon Pasta with Kale and Peasレモンパスタ
  • Pasta is always a good option for a quick easy meal.Pasta is so versatile, and I like that I can use basically anything I can find
    in the fridge to corporate into a pasta dish.So when I have a lot of lemons in the house, what do I do?I make lemon pasta!Especia
    lly when I have something like this in my pantry.It seems that I was meant to make lemon pasta, right?Terry found this pasta along
    with two [続きを読む]
  • Tofu Chorizo Tacosちょっぴりスパイシー豆腐タコス
  • I make tacos often, but I’ve never had the perfect timing to have a taco post on Tuesday.You know, “Taco Tuesday”.It seems t
    hat everyone does eat tacos on Tuesdays when I check Instagram!Well, I wanted to have a taco post for Tuesday, but the inspiration
    to make the tacos actually came from these beautiful tomatoes which were grown at my mother-in-law’s garden.I love fresh toppin
    gs for my taco [続きを読む]
  • Whole Wheat Pita Bread全粒粉ピタパン
  • The whole wheat wrap in the previous post was store-bought, but most of the bread we eat at our house are made home (by me).Baking
    is a kind of an art project to me.I get to use my hands to create something.Something pretty awesome.I really enjoy the process.T
    his whole wheat pita bread is dark, imperfectly round, and beautiful in its own way.I’ve learned from my past mistakes, and now
    I wrap them [続きを読む]
  • Breakfast Wrap朝食ラップ
  • It may be a bit hard to see the wrap, but it’s there.I’ve been really enjoying wraps lately.Especially these whole wheat wraps
    are so tasty.It took me a while to get used to whole wheat food, but they have finally started growing on me.Lately I’ve been c
    hoosing darker colors over lighter colors (e.g., whole wheat vs. regular flour) for food, so my choice was easy when I was out sho
    pping for pot [続きを読む]
  • Veggie Shoyu Ramenべジ醤油ラーメン
  • I know that a lot of people do not like change in their plan.I’m usually a pretty relaxed person (I think) but when it comes to
    food, I have a very hard time with change in a plan.When we have a plan to go to a specific restaurant, I study their menu thoroug
    hly in advance.Terry laughs when he sees me so focused on a restaurant’s website and carefully plan my meal (lol).But now I’m
    eating 100% p [続きを読む]
  • Cornbreadコーンブレッド
  • Cornbread!I love everything about cornbread, but particularly the unique texture.Any dish that comes with cornbread becomes extra
    special to me.I thought about maybe using a round pan, but for some reason, I always have this idea that cornbread has to be squar
    e (lol).You may ask, what made me decide to make cornbread.Well, I thought it would be perfect to serve with my Chili with Blacken
    ed Corn.Th [続きを読む]