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  • What does the native level means?
  • The other day I found a job placement advertisement of a company,which operates bilingual services by operators on phone.That comp
    any has contracts with hospitals, companies, stores...and the bilingual operators answer calls from customerswho cannot speak Japa
    nese.They work in shifts, so some of them have to work late at night.One of the requirements is native level language skill.And I
    was shocke [続きを読む]
  • Cooking for yourself
  • I think those who cook for themselves are great.I don't want to cook for myself.I cook when I have to cook for others.I cook
    to satisfy others or entertain others.I think cooking is very troublesome,so if someone cooks for me,I'm really really happy,
    even though I seldom have such occasions.So when I don't have to cook for someone else,I always try to cook as quickly as pos
    sible.I just boil some ve [続きを読む]
  • Noisy eater
  • I think nobody would like noisy eaters.Actually one of my coworkers is a terrible noisy eater.I think people around her feel annoy
    ed when she is eating something.However nobody says so,because all of us are matured and decent.While I was talking with one of my
    coworkers,she said,"I like seeing A san eating something.She is eating just like a child.When I see her eating I feel happyb
    ecause she look [続きを読む]
  • Even though I don't care what others think of me.....
  • The other day one of my acquaintances said to me,"You know what?X san said to me you looked younger for your age,and we talke
    d about your age. Then I found she had thought you were much much older than us.Don't worry! I told her your actual age!&qu
    ot;Omg!Actually we are almost at the same age.According to my kind friend,X san had thought I was 10 years or more older than they
    .I'm wondering why she th [続きを読む]
  • Even though the hourly wage is not so good...
  • If you can work once or twice a week using some English,from 10 to 4,I think a lot of people want to do the job,even though the ho
    urly wage is not so good.The work is not so hard actually.Sometimes you have nothing to do,so you can do whatever you like.You can
    use a computer as you like.I feel people get used to their situation quite easily.They tend to demand as much as possible.Those w
    ho work fo [続きを読む]
  • Why are they so confident?
  • I aways wonder why they're so confident about themselves all the time.They're working as a contract worker,so they can q
    uit whenever they like.Still they just believe they cannot quitbecause there's nobody who can work instead of them.They say t
    here's nobody who has as much experience as them,and their boss will never allow them to quit.Omg!I think there're a lot
    of people who want to work for the [続きを読む]
  • The number of bags
  • The other day on a TV programa family showed how many bags they had.The father has about 5 bags, the mother has about 30 and their
    son has about 10.A lot of people seemed surprised at the amount,but I guess a lot of people have the same as the family members.S
    ome of my friends would have more than 100 or so.I think a lot of Japanese have various bags,from big ones to small ones,from leat
    her ones t [続きを読む]
  • I'm working!
  • They always say,"I'm working! I cannot do such a thing!"They think they don't have to do anythingas long as t
    hey work to make money.They think they should be taken care of completely at home.They won't do any house chores.They won&apo
    s;t think of anything for others.When they travel somewhere,they think they should be treated as a guest.They have never thought o
    f thinking plans or whatever.They think [続きを読む]
  • Why do they send so many mails?
  • Some people send us so many mails.I think they can post those things on their blogs.Then those who are interested in their daily l
    ife can look at them.If we have to read and reply each of their mails,we feel a little bit stressful.Actually I know some people w
    ho post what they eat or whatever and if we don't reply to them,they say,"Oh, nobody reply to me.I'm ignored. I fee
    l kind of let down....."T [続きを読む]
  • Just like a native speaker!
  • While watching You Tube videos or something,I see some young people speaking just like native speakers.Some of them were born and
    brought up overseas.Others were born and brought up in Japan,but have studied English from native speakers.I envy them.It seems im
    possible for me to improve pronunciation.I just want to be able to make myself understood in English.I think I need to pronounce E
    nglish wor [続きを読む]
  • Premium Friday
  • Premium Friday?Who'd enjoy that?Only full time workers who work for compassionate companiescan go back home at 3 o'clock
    !What is worse, I don't think all of those people would be happy.Maybe some of them prefer staying at office,because they ma
    y have to do work anyway,or may have to work all the more at home.Part time workers cannot make money if they come back earlier.So
    they have to work anyway [続きを読む]
  • Group LINE
  • I talk with some friends using LINE once in a while.Sometimes I find it troublesome to converse with them on LINE,especially using
    group LINE.When we'd like to make some appointment,it's quite easy to use the group LINE.However, if one of us want to
    talk about her private mattersand she is eager to get response,the rest of us would feel stressful.Those people always want to be
    paid attention by ot [続きを読む]
  • Speak when you're spoken
  • I know very well I will never ever be able to speak English,unless I try to speak what I'm thinking anyway.There're peo
    ple who are speaking anyway.They don't care what others are thinking.They are speaking on and on.Even though they cannot thin
    k of some words,they don't care.They mix some Japanese and continue speaking.Even though people around them look bored,they d
    on't seem to notice that.They [続きを読む]
  • Being poor
  • I read an article thatif your child cannot afford to go to a cram school,your family is considered to be poor.What?I think this is
    just one of the conditions of "poverty",but I cannot agree with this idea.Children stay at school for long hours every
    day.I believe teachers teach students what they should learn.If they cannot understand what they've learned,they should ask q
    uestions to teachers.I'm [続きを読む]
  • Trying not to get sick....
  • I'm always trying not to get sick.If I feel a little bit feverish, I stay at home ad go to bet early.I'm always careful
    not to call in sick.Now I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing.I'm afraid I'm just leading a boring life.I
    go to work, do what I should do, come back....There're some people who do whatever they likeeven though they feel sick.And t
    hey get worse and take a day off.It looks lik [続きを読む]
  • Speaking English with accent
  • There're people who say they cannot understand English with accents.They say,"Oh, I cannot understand what he's say
    ing.He has a strong accent, doesn't he?"They look down on people who speak English with accents.They won't try to u
    nderstand what they're saying.Surprisingly, they even mock some native speakers of English.They think they should follow only
    intelligent native speakers of Englishfrom U [続きを読む]
  • Do what we are told
  • If we exactly do what we are supposed to do,I'm afraid a lot of people would be crazy.For example, when we buy something,we a
    lways get instructions.How many people do read them?How many people follow all the instructions?The other day, I found a book abou
    t how to maintain our house.A lot of things are written, how to clean a bathroom, kitchen,,,,,If we follow those things,we'd
    have to clean all th [続きを読む]
  • Living to see a doctor
  • It looks they're living to see a doctor.They're always complaining about their health.They go to see a doctor regularly
    and take medicines every day, or every after meal.They say,"I'm not feeling well every day.I'm afraid I've liv
    ed enough." or something like that.They're concerned about their health every moment,so I don't think they feel th
    ey've lived enough actually.I feel if they had anything [続きを読む]
  • Reading
  • They think reading means being lazy.They think if we have time to read, we should do house chores.They have never thought of the j
    oy of reading.They just believe reading is just killing time.So, we are not allowed to read if they are in the same room.If we are
    reading in a house on a beautiful day,they say,"What are you doing on such a sunny day?You have a lot of things, don't
    you?"They think we s [続きを読む]
  • They didn't appreciate what they had received
  • On New Year Day they received new year dishes from their husband's house.His mother cooked for them.His parents even made ric
    e cakes for them.On February 3rd, his mother made rice roles for them.On March 3rd, his mother made Chirashi sushi for them.On May
    5th, his mother bought chimaki sweets for them.On July 7th, his mother cooked noodles for them.On December 25th, his mother baked
    a cake for the [続きを読む]
  • Even though they watch TV every day
  • Even though they watch TV every day,they won't accept different opinions from them.So, their way of thinking has never change
    d for many years.They still believe husbands should work to support their familiesand wives should stay at home to take care of th
    eir family members.They think wives want to work to make moneyjust because they want to buy what they like.They imagine all the fa
    milies can make [続きを読む]
  • Going out and caught a cold
  • Again and again they've caught a cold.I don't know why they want to go out so much.They think as if they'd die with
    out going out every day.Even though they have nothing to buy,they go to a super market.They go to a clinic, if they feel a slight
    painand get a lot of medicines.I'm afraid we'd catch a cold in a clinic.Anyway, they've caught a cold, so they went
    to a clinic.Now they're very happy, bec [続きを読む]
  • Wearing a mask
  • Nowadays we see a lot of people wear a mask.I hear if we wear a mask, our nose and mouse are wet,so we can prevent catching a cold
    .And also we won't have less wrinkles around our mouth.When we are coughing, we wear a masknot to spread our saliva.Some peop
    le say they don't have to wear a makeup,if they wear a mask.There're a lot of reasons, I guess.I'm afraid if we wea
    r a mask whenever we go out,we [続きを読む]
  • People are easily spoiled
  • A lot of people notice studying is easier than workingonce they start working.I'm one of them.It's natural that we shoul
    d endure hardship once we start workingbecause we're making money.While we're studying, we're paying money.It'
    s a huge difference.There're some people who won't give up going to university.Even though they start working after fail
    ing entrance exams of universities,they stop worki [続きを読む]
  • Every food is bad for our health?
  • Some scientists say some foods are bad for our health,and would shorten our life if we eat them.I'm afraid every food would b
    e bad for our healthand at the same time, most of foods are good for our health.Maybe we should to eat the same thing every day,an
    d should not eat too much.However we cannot live without eating.Actually many people die every day because they have nothing to ea
    t.How lucky we [続きを読む]