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サイト紹介文I will write various things in English. I make lots of mistakes. Please forgive me!
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  • Overqualified people
  • I think there're a lot of overqualified people in various jobs.For example, at my working place,a woman works as a clerk.She
    inputs some documents in Japanese every day.She doesn't have to work so hard,and she seems to be satisfied with her job.Howev
    er, we've noticed sometimes she points out others' mistakes in English.She puts her nose into her coworkers' works
    in English.The other day we've real [続きを読む]
  • What stink!
  • Today I got on a train and sat down next to a young girl.She looked around 28 years or so and well dressed.She looked like a busin
    ess woman.As soon as I sat down,I smelled something unusual.I looked around, but I could find anything strange.At first, I thought
    I was just imaging things,but I felt something smelled, definitely.Again I looked around and I noticed the girl stank of somethin
    g.The same [続きを読む]
  • Trial and error
  • Omg!I've been organizing some photos for a couple of weeks,It's really tough,The information of my digital camera needs
    to be captured by my computer,making files,uploading necessary photos....A lot of trials and errors.Even though I read some instru
    ctions,it's difficult to understand them completely,so I try anyway, make mistakes, try again.....Digital procedures are so h
    ard for me.I prefer analo [続きを読む]
  • An adviser who won't listen to others
  • He is working as an adviser at a certain organization.I think he is expected to listen to a client,and give the person appropriate
    advice.However, strangely, he won't listen to others.When he gets a telephone call from a client,he doesn't seem to lis
    ten to the person carefully.He just starts talking and talking,and says, "This is what you mean, right?"Then, it seems
    the client explains his situat [続きを読む]
  • They love medicines
  • They love medicines,When they feel something strange,they immediately go to see a doctor,ask the doctor to prescribe a lot of medi
    cines,and they receive tons of them.They even take cold pills just to prevent it.At home they own various medicines.I can say they
    live surrounded by various medications,but still they are not satisfied with the situation.When they go traveling,they go to see
    a doctor a [続きを読む]
  • Using chipped cups
  • They keep using chipped cups, bowls and plates,even though they have a lot of new ones at home.They just cannot throw away anythin
    g.I think this is because they are stingy.I even feel sorry for them,because it seems they cannot enjoy their life.They wear old w
    orn clothes, use chipped pottery,and eat stale foods.However, maybe they would be happy,because they always look down on peoplewho
    seem to [続きを読む]
  • They were not flexible even when they were young
  • It is said that we get stubborn when we get old,but I think some people are stubborn even when they are young.They will not listen
    to others.They believe they are always right.The world goes around them.Even though they don't have enough money,they stick
    to their own lifestyle.Keeping a pet is a good example.Even though they cannot earn enough money to keep a pet,they won't giv
    e up their pet.I thi [続きを読む]
  • They think they can win by refusing money
  • Even though we try to gift money to someone,they won't receive the money.They think they can win and become superior through
    refusing the money.However, strangely, if we don't try to present the money at all,they say,"Oh, A san has no common sen
    se.She should have brought a gift money in such a situation.You should remember that." or something like that.However, if
    A san is gifting the money,the [続きを読む]
  • Getting sulky
  • Some people get sulky with others about a trifle.They are always nice and polite to their bosses,but they are mean and arrogant to
    their family members.They get sulky with their family members about trifles."Oh, what are you doing? My toothbrush is too ol
    d.You should have changed it to a new one.""You sound bossy.You should speak more politely.""I don't like
    boiled vegetables.How many times should [続きを読む]
  • Proud people
  • I know some people who graduated from prestigious high schools and universities.Most of them are so proud of themselves.They think
    they are superior to othersand they can do whatever they like.They often look down on othersand talk back those people.Most of th
    em have powerful parents,so they have nothing to be afraid of.They have nobody to listen to against their will.At work, they would
    have to b [続きを読む]
  • Picky people
  • I think some people are very picky about everything.For example, those people cannot eat certain foods,such as raw fish, some vege
    tables and fruit.I know a person who cannot eat onions, carrots, milk and so on.When we go to a restaurant together,she always sa
    ys to a waiter,"Does this dish contain onions, carrots or milk?"Sometimes it's very difficult to find what she can
    eat.So when we go to a re [続きを読む]
  • Shouting at someone
  • I know a lot of men who are always shouting at others.Some of them are executives,who are managing their company.However, strangel
    y, nobody cares as long as men are shouting.When woman are shouting at others,they say,"Oh, what a nasty women!I cannot belie
    ve a woman shouting at others.""How vulgar she is!I feel sorry for her family members."I think it's quite unfa
    ir.I believe a lot of women are bar [続きを読む]
  • People's life
  • People's life is very mysterious.Some people say they don't want to live any longer.Others are desperate to live, but wo
    n't be allowed.It seems quite unfair.A lot of people around me always say,"Oh, I've lived too long.I cannot wait to
    pass away.""I don't want to live any longer.""I cannot understand why I have to live every day.I've
    had difficulties one after another."They cannot understand how m [続きを読む]
  • There're powerful people everywhere
  • There're powerful and arrogant people everywhere.At home, those people are shouting to other members,"What are you doing
    ? Idiot!You cannot make any money.I am earning money for you. Don't forget this!""You can luckily become one of ou
    r family members,even though you come from a humble family.You should appreciate us!""What are you doing?You cannot do a
    nything right.No wonder your son is stupid!"A [続きを読む]
  • Sleeping pills
  • I've heard a lot of people around me take some sleeping pills every day.I've never thought so many people have sleeping
    problems.I'm surprised so many people go to see a doctor when they cannot sleep well.I don't like to see a doctor,so I
    do whatever I can before going to see a doctor.But some people go to see a doctor immediatelyif they feel something wrong with the
    ir body,and their doctors pres [続きを読む]
  • "I'm younger than you!"
  • I don't know why but she always tells mewhat implies she's younger than I.The other day we're talking about an actr
    ess who passed away suddenly.I mentioned a TV show on which she appeared,then she said,"I was too small to remember the show.
    I don't remember anything! about it. "I guess we are almost the same age,so I don't know why she wants to stress al
    l the timeshe is younger than I.If I don't kn [続きを読む]
  • "You should straighten your teeth!"
  • Some people are really concerned about their appearance.They are interested in all the thingsthat make them young and beautiful.Ac
    tually they spend a lot of money on having some plastic surgeries.So they look young and beautiful.They don't have lines and
    their skin is smooth and fair.I think people can do whatever they likeas long as they won't bother people around them,so I th
    ink they are great.I [続きを読む]
  • Credit cards
  • Now we can obtain some credit cards for free and rather easily,I've realized the quality of those free cards is not so good.
    I mean, those cards' magnetism doesn't work well so easily.Actually I made one of those cards a week ago,and I couldn&ap
    os;t use it just after getting it.So I called its contact center,and the operator said,"You should try at different stores.On
    the screen, there's no problem.You [続きを読む]
  • Contact Center
  • Years ago, when we had some problems about some services or products,we called the company's consumer center or something.The
    n some specialist answered our questions very politely.Usually they were elderly people and they knew everything.And we didn'
    t have to pay the toll.However, nowadays if we have some problems,we are asked to check online first.They say using online service
    is quicker and easi [続きを読む]
  • Dogs like taking a walk?
  • I've thought dogs like going outside and walking around every day,but I sometimes see dogs stopping on the street.If they loo
    k old, I can understand.Nowadays we can see strollers for dogs.However, even a young dog stops walking on the street,and the maste
    r speaks to the dog,"Oh, *** chan, why don't you walk?Please, please, stand up!"The dog won't move.At last the
    master hold him and started walkin [続きを読む]
  • Why do they envy others all the time?
  • Why do they envy others all the time?They say,"A san owns a lot of apartment buildings,so she has more money than she can use
    .""B san lives with her daughter,so she doesn't have to do any house chores.""C san lives alone,so she ca
    n do whatever she likes."........Even though they too live alone and can do whatever they like,they still complain,"I ha
    ve to do all the house chores.Nobody helps me with [続きを読む]
  • "I don't want to go to such a college!"
  • He says, "I don't want to go to such a college,because nobody knows it."He says he wants to be a teacher of eleme
    ntary school,so he needs to go to a universitywhich has the course.There're several national universities which he can commut
    e from his house,but he says he doesn't want to study so many subjects.So he wants to go to private universities.Then there&a
    pos;re only limits ones which has the co [続きを読む]
  • TV watching machines cannot read
  • We can say they have become TV watching machines,because they watch TV for 6 hours or so every day.They go to work every day,so th
    at means they keep watching TV all the time at home.Anyway they leave TV on while they are at home.They have lived in that way fo
    r many many years,and now they have become TV watching machines.While talking, they use only limited wordsand use such words as l
    ike and st [続きを読む]
  • They have no opinion
  • They always say,"Everyone says this.""Everyone does that."They think what "everyone" says is always
    right.They want to follow "everyone" 's idea."Everyone" means people around themwho are as old as they.S
    o all of them have similar way of thinking all the time.All of them are judgmental and conservative.No wonder they won't acc
    ept any different opinions.They are criticizing younger peopleand alwa [続きを読む]
  • If they have money and don't want to weed....
  • I cannot understand why they are complaining about weeding in the garden.They have enough money to ask somebody to weed instead of
    themselves.Why don't they do so?They are always complaining about everything,even though there're a lot of solutions.It
    seems they want to make themselves unhappyso that people around them feel sorry for them.People around them would feel guiltyfor
    being unable to do m [続きを読む]