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milkweedさん: My English Diary in 5 minutes
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サイト紹介文「Q&A Diary 英語で3行日記」の質問項目を使って制限時間5分で日記を書いています。
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  • [Diary] Friday, June 16th,2017
  • I went to see my doctor to take the water out of my left knee again. This time, the amount of the water was one and a half of the
    syringe. It was a little less than that of last Friday. My doctor said again and again, ”Don’t overwork”. But it is difficu
    ... [続きを読む]
  • [Diary]
  • Friday, June 9th, 2017 My left knee has swollen hard. I wasn’t able to bend it. The swelling was getting bigger and bigger with time. I decided to go to see my doctor. He said, ”The condition of the bone is quite bad and you must start the new medicine ... [続きを読む]
  • [write myself in English]
  • Q102 Do you like your curry spicy, mild or medium-spicy? カレーは辛口? 甘口? それとも中辛? I like my curry medium-spicy. I don’t like spicy foods very much. So I cook mild-medium-spicy curry. Curry and rice is a national dish in Japan. But I don’t like it very much r ... [続きを読む]
  • [write myself in English]
  • Q101 When do you feel most proud of yourself? 自分って最高だと思うのはいつ? When I finish my lace product, I feel most proud of myself. Especially, when I finished my work after long hard work. For example, I made a big lace doily with more than 300 small motifs. It ... [続きを読む]