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milkweedさん: My English Diary in 5 minutes
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サイト紹介文「Q&A Diary 英語で3行日記」の質問項目を使って制限時間5分で日記を書いています。
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  • [write myself in English] 2017/04/25
  • Q086 What is your favorite country? お気に入りの国はどこですか? I have never been to foreign countries except for United States. So I want to go other countries. My favorite country is Germany. When I saw the picture of Neuschwanstein Castle, I thought it is an amaz ... [続きを読む]
  • [Diary]
  • My voice is coming back little by little. I think I will be able to speak aloud by the end of this week. I’m relieved. にほんブログ村 [続きを読む]
  • [write myself in English] 2017/04/03
  • Q071 Are there any phrases or expressions that you tend to use frequently? よく言ってしまう言葉はありますか? I often say ”Yoisho” when I carry or move something. Yoisho is a kind of Japanese word for cheering myself up. I don’t like carrying things because my wrists ar ... [続きを読む]