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Elenaさん: Elena 新体操チャイルド in アトランタ
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  • Private lessons by world-level coaches
  • Travel to Los Angeles and Chicago for receiving private lessons from world-level coaches Private lesson by Natasha, the coach who
    trains top USA gymnasts in Chicago National team mates and Ms. Yuka Endo, who learns coaching in Chicago Private lesson by Oksana
    was given to Elena from USA Gymnastics in Los Angeles Elena’s choreography is […] [続きを読む]
  • Olympic Games Selection Procedure for US Rhythmic Gymnasts
  • Olympic Games Selection Procedure for US Rhythmic Gymnasts? Athlete 1.3.1 Individual The selection process detailed below descri
    bes the selection method for the Individual slot earned by the U.S. A. Athletes will compete eight routines at the 2016 USA Gymnas
    tics Championships. B. Automatic Qualification ? An Individual athlete will automatically qualify to the 2016 Olympic team, […
    ] [続きを読む]
  • 過去の記事 …