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  • Tsubaki Cafe
  • I had a cup of coffee at Tsubaki Café few days ago. The coffee was brewed in a syphon to eliminate bitterness of coffee beans, re
    alized clear taste with wonderful flavor. I enjoyed it with chiffon cake which was subdued sweetness. にほんブログ村 [続きを読む]
  • Chorus
  • Today, I attended the annual concert of Kashiwa Boys & Girls Chorus. My daughter has been a member of the Chorus for almost a deca
    de. Good direction, beautiful singing and fantastic performance. にほんブログ村 [続きを読む]
  • 大エルミタージュ美術館展
  • Precious paintings of Old Masters are on “the Exhibition of the State Hermitage Museum” at Mori Arts Centre Gallery. The Russian museum was founded by “Ekaterina II” (1729 ? 1796) who is also known as Catherine the Great in English. At the exhibition, collection of masterpieces in wide historical range of renaissance, baroque and rococo can be seen respectively by major European nations. They [続きを読む]
  • Coffee roasting machine from Panasonic
  • Panasonic held an event of roasting coffee machine. Usually, we see baristas make coffee at café, but for them, selection of coffee beans and roasting them, is more important process prior to coffee making. According to staff’s explanation at the event, with the machine Panasonic produced, we can experience the roasting process at home. In other words, the machine is not the coffee maker but dev [続きを読む]
  • Too warm after spring storm
  • There was a spring storm last night in Kanto region, lasted till this morning. I had to wear rain coat as I left my home for going
    to station. Maybe because of the strong wind, all the cloud had gone already before noon. Then, warm air came in to Tokyo.It was
    28 degree.. Oh, no! It is still April! にほんブログ村 [続きを読む]
  • Sato-Kokonokado
  • Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of TV Asahi’s animation Crayon Shin-chan, a project team collaborated with Ito-Yokado. They cha
    nged the huge logo display which is on the top of the supermarket as Sato-Kokonokado, the imaginary supermarket, appeared in the S
    hin-chan’s city Kasukabe. Many people were taking the photos in front of the building. This project brought a lot of profit to t
    he real supe [続きを読む]
  • 平野美宇歴史的勝利 アジア王者に
  • “Hurricane” Hirano won Asian Table Tennis Championship on Saturday 15th April.It was really amazing and wonderful achievement
    of Japanese Table Tennis. I want to offer my biggest applause with whole Japanese supporters.In the homepage of ITTF (Internationa
    l Table Tennis Federation), her victory was reported with excitement as, ”Miu Hirano ended Chinese dominance…She is undoubtedl
    y the youngest [続きを読む]
  • TASPO card
  • “Hey, Can you speak English?”An English speaking lady with her partner, maybe tourists, asked me loudly in 10 meters distance
    from me while I was walking toward station. It was already around 9 pm. “Yes, a little bit. What can I help?”They were standin
    g in front of Tabaco vending machine, couldn’t find why the Tabaco box didn’t come out and the money was refunded every time t
    hey inserted 100 [続きを読む]
  • 我孫子女児殺害事件の容疑者逮捕
  • A middle aged man was arrested for murder of the primary school girl, which happened last month. Since the case was reported, I ha
    ve been watching the news carefully because it happened at my neighboring city, therefore, I couldn’t be indifferent on that.Sur
    prisingly, the arrested man was the leader of guardians association of the primary school and often he attended kid’s guard acti
    vity. Furthe [続きを読む]
  • 浅田真央引退
  • Mao Asada, who has lead Japanese female figure skaters for over a decade, announced retirement from her contestant life. She start
    ed figure skating from the age of five. Seven years later, she challenged All Japan Open Figure Skating Competition and was called
    as genius girl. Since then, she has been a symbolic figure of Japanese female figure skater. I wish she can have happy life and s
    upport you [続きを読む]
  • Ichiran (一蘭)Ramen is getting popular.
  • A couple of days ago, after lunch, while I was walking on the street to return to my office, a young white male came to ask me. “Excuse me, is it Ichiran?” He took me to a red panel on the wall, which says “一蘭“, the famous ramen shop. “Oh, yes, it is. You can go there by this elevator. It’s on the 2nd floor.”“Thanks!”With simile, he went it to it.I knew from TV news that Japanese ramen [続きを読む]
  • 雪崩で高校生ら8人亡くなる
  • Snow slide, happened at mountain of Tochigi-prefecture, hit parties of high school alpine club, killed seven students and one teac
    her. A week passed since the day, facts around the tragedy exposed under the light. To begin with, the director of the club, who
    was giving instructions on the day, didn’t have transceiver with him during the training. It made the accident report delay to
    reach to the [続きを読む]
  • Bilingual nursery opens in my city.
  • KDI (Kids Duo International) opened in Nagareyama-city. It is a bilingual nursery school, run by Yaruki Switch Group, and is getti
    ng famous with its bilingual education, given by teachers from English speaking countries. While it sounds ideal environment for J
    apanese kids, I wonder if the quality of the teachers are really good as perfect as its gorgeous facility. Nowadays, there are man
    y English [続きを読む]
  • 大学の入学式
  • Time flies.My first son, when he was a child, couldn't ride a bike well because was passionate about drawing. Today, he becam
    e a university student and attended the entrance ceremony of the university which he decided to go. As his father, I had many thou
    ghts on his study, though, I decided to respect his choice and effort. にほんブログ村 [続きを読む]
  • バイプレーヤーズ
  • Do you know “By-Players” which is a TV drama, broadcasted by TV Tokyo? Six actors, who are famous as supporting players, gathe
    red a house for joint life to create the film which had not been completed ten years ago. By the way, “By-Player” is a Japanes
    e English. “Supporting player” should be appropriate term for the actors who have supporting role in a drama. Each one of them
    is unique, irre [続きを読む]
  • Bazaar
  • There was a bazaar near my work place.Trees, umbrella, glass, books, bags and so on were displayed nicely.People gathered around t
    he shops were mostly women. I don’t know why but ladies are fond of small, cute things. にほんブログ村 [続きを読む]
  • カルテット Ep10 Summary
  • The Quartet Doughnut’s Hole was having second spring since Maki left Karuizawa. Other members of the Quartet stepped forward to each direction. Suzume begun to study for her business qualification, Iemori was employed and Beppu quitted the job. In the meantime, Maki was prosecuted for her past illegal deeds and was given a suspended sentence. Although she was allowed to go back to the Quartet, sh [続きを読む]
  • Captain America - The Winter Soldier
  • Yesterday, I watched the film Captain America ? The Winter Soldier with my son. He is recently really absorbed in American Hero
    comic, rent several films of them and is watching every day. Personally, I wasn’t interested in those heroes because they are cr
    eated for kid’s fun not for adults like me. But it was really awesome also for adults. You will see how gorgeous they are! Inves
    t a lot of mo [続きを読む]
  • Super Salaryman Mr Saenai. Ep10 Summary
  • One night, Saenai couldn’t save a boy who fell down from apartment due to a hesitation in his mind. He accused himself that he w
    as not like a hero who can handle and be responsible for any dangerous situation. Finally, he gave up his role and returned the su
    its back to the old man who had once requested him to be the Superman. Since the day, Saenai found a strange guy “Yonekura” ha
    d been occupi [続きを読む]
  • カルテット Ep.9 Summary
  • Policemen came from Toyama to the villa, asked Maki to go voluntarily to their police station with them. Maki agreed and decided t
    o tell about her past to the Quartet members before she leaves Karuizawa. Her father died when she was a little child and the step
    father, married with her mother was terrible guy, who abused her so much. The mother protected her but died by an accident, there
    fore, the [続きを読む]