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  • 52cm Barramundi #1081 Rapala Original 130mm
  • Last Saturday, I ate lunch a little earlier than usual.And then I went fishing at Mindil beach.I walked on very slippery rocks clo
    ser to Myilly point using a walking stick made from PVC tube.The tide was coming into the shallow water.I am into the Rapala Origi
    nal 130mm made from wood recently.It is a very light-weight lure, so it is not easy to use on a slightly windy day.However, Rapala
    Original [続きを読む]
  • 70cm and 62cm Barramundi Zerek Flat Shad Mr. Keith Watson
  • I went fishing at East point with Keith Watson on August 7, and I went fishing at Channel Island with Keith Watson on August 13.He
    caught a 52cm barramundi and a small barramundi on August 7, and 62cm and 70cm barramundi on August 13.He is my very good fishing
    friend in years.He returned after three years' absence from fishing in Darwin.That is certainly true that I took him to my f
    ishing location [続きを読む]
  • 52cm Barramundi KO Tackle TailBaitz Mr. Keith Watson
  • Last Monday was a public holiday.I went fishing at Mindil-beach rocks in the morning.I was standing knee-deep in the water.The wat
    er was cold and very clear.The tide was going out.There were many oyster-rocks in the shallow water.If it were usual, I use some s
    oft-plastic lures.But I wanted to use a hard-body lure.I had to use a light-weight lure scarcely being caught on an obstacle under
    water.So [続きを読む]
  • 70cm Barramundi Zerek Live Cherabin 100mm Mr. Matt Cook
  • I have sold my 150cc scooter.My very good friend, Dave Krantz picked me up at my place.We went fishing at Channel Island.We waded
    through the shallow water to my favourite fishing location.Soon after that, Matt Cook came there.We call him Cookie.He caught 73cm
    and 63cm barramundi there last time.Cookie and I stood and fished side by side.The water was cold and clear in our dry season.I u
    sed some o [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1074 Squidgies Fish 80mm Black / Gold
  • Thanks to Facebook I can see many pictures many friends took of barramundi in cold water in our dry season.We still can catch many
    barramundi even in our dry season.I believe that it is so common as to be normal now.We can fish not only barramundi, but also br
    eam, trevally, queenfish, tuna, Spanish-mackerel, jewfish and sailfish in our dry season.The sea water of our dry season is normal
    ly very cl [続きを読む]
  • 62cm Barramundi #1063 Zerek Live Shrimp 127mm Jagla setting
  • I went fishing to Mindil beach after work at set of sun.The tide was coming into the rocky shallow water.As a result, I caught a
    62cm barramundi on Zerek Live Shrimp 127mm using Jagla setting again.However, this led to a troublesome situation.A friend of mine
    was told to sell his boat and buy a scooter to fish by his wife.It would be a great error to suppose that a land based barramundi
    fishing s [続きを読む]
  • 59cm Barramundi #1061 Zerek Live Shrimp 127mm Jagla setting
  • Saturday, I went to East Point to fish in the morning.Barramundi might become very cautious by very clear water.I didn't catc
    h any barramundi there.A little before sunset I went fishing to Mindil Beach.The seawater was still very clear.However, it's
    a windy condition.The slanting rays of sunset was very effective at relieving barramundi's sense of caution.I waded in the ro
    cky shallow water not to [続きを読む]
  • My Easter barramundi 50cm Barramundi #1055 Squidgy Pro Mongrel
  • Today is the last day of the Easter break.I went fishing to Myilly point rocks near town in Darwin city.This place is probably not
    so easy to find in Mindil beach.There are more and more anglers who can handle action movie cameras.The action movie camera I bou
    ght recently is so fun I haven't been able to concentrate my attention on a reeling while I am hooking barramundi.As a result
    , I surely coul [続きを読む]
  • 59cm Barramundi #1054 Squidgy Pro Mongrel
  • I spent my holiday in Japan.Now, I'm in Darwin.I had fun fishing for the first time in a month in Darwin.I went fishing to Ch
    annel Island on Sunday morning.Dead leaves strewed the sea surface.That meant that much land water ran into the shallow water in t
    he sea.That was a minus factor for my land based barramundi fishing.Sea barramundi doesn't like a new born land water.I waded
    to look for a good [続きを読む]
  • Crocodiles and snakes were close to me when I realized them.
  • Fishing barramundi by land based is always attended with danger in Darwin.My friends and I have fallen and gotten injured on a fi
    shing spot on the rocks covered with oysters.One side of the foot that I had got stung by a stingray while fishing.There were not
    very many chances to fish by land based in this monsoon season because of many rains and very wavy seas.I still could go fishing e
    very once [続きを読む]
  • 81cm Barramundi #1051 Squidgy Pro Mongrel
  • I had sore eyes-ground and a palpitation this afternoon.In addition, I felt nauseous.But I started feeling well when I took medic
    ine after dinner.It just occurred to me that the deadline for the fishing column in Sunday Territorian is tomorrow.I went out i
    n haste.It hasn't rained here for two days. There's no moon.The sea was wavy.The sea water was very clear.I waded in wa
    ter.There was no si [続きを読む]