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  • 62cm Barramundi #1063 Zerek Live Shrimp 127mm Jagla setting
  • I went fishing to Mindil beach after work at set of sun.The tide was coming into the rocky shallow water.As a result, I caught a
    62cm barramundi on Zerek Live Shrimp 127mm using Jagla setting again.However, this led to a troublesome situation.A friend of mine
    was told to sell his boat and buy a scooter to fish by his wife.It would be a great error to suppose that a land based barramundi
    fish [続きを読む]
  • My Easter barramundi 50cm Barramundi #1055 Squidgy Pro Mongrel
  • Today is the last day of the Easter break.I went fishing to Myilly point rocks near town in Darwin city.This place is probably not
    so easy to find in Mindil beach.There are more and more anglers who can handle action movie cameras.The action movie camera I bou
    ght recently is so fun I haven't been able to concentrate my attention on a reeling while I am hooking barramundi.As a result
    , I surely coul [続きを読む]
  • 59cm Barramundi #1054 Squidgy Pro Mongrel
  • I spent my holiday in Japan.Now, I'm in Darwin.I had fun fishing for the first time in a month in Darwin.I went fishing to Ch
    annel Island on Sunday morning.Dead leaves strewed the sea surface.That meant that much land water ran into the shallow water in t
    he sea.That was a minus factor for my land based barramundi fishing.Sea barramundi doesn't like a new born land water.I waded
    to look for a good [続きを読む]
  • Crocodiles and snakes were close to me when I realized them.
  • Fishing barramundi by land based is always attended with danger in Darwin.My friends and I have fallen and gotten injured on a fi
    shing spot on the rocks covered with oysters.One side of the foot that I had got stung by a stingray while fishing.There were not
    very many chances to fish by land based in this monsoon season because of many rains and very wavy seas.I still could go fishing e
    very [続きを読む]
  • 81cm Barramundi #1051 Squidgy Pro Mongrel
  • I had sore eyes-ground and a palpitation this afternoon.In addition, I felt nauseous.But I started feeling well when I took medic
    ine after dinner.It just occurred to me that the deadline for the fishing column in Sunday Territorian is tomorrow.I went out i
    n haste.It hasn't rained here for two days. There's no moon.The sea was wavy.The sea water was very clear.I waded in wa
    ter.There was no si [続きを読む]
  • Mullets will be back before long!
  • Mr. Jack Priore is still my very good friend and a person that I respect.These are the pictures of the creek in Channel Point that
    he took.Before the heavy rainsAfter the heavy rainsWe can see view much sand in a sandy beach in nature from being let flow to ca
    use erosion of the sandy beach.This phenomenon should be strongly welcomed by local barramundi fishermen.Of course, we don't
    need to recondi [続きを読む]
  • Bigger lures catch bigger barramundi?
  • The answer is yes!If you want to catch a big barramundi, you have to use a big lure.Even if you had the good fortune to hook a big
    barramundi on a small lure, you wouldn't be able to land the big barramundi in all probability.Of course, a small lure can c
    atch a big barramundi.But it is sheer luck.I know from my experience and my friends' experiences that a big barramundi prefer
    s to take big lures. [続きを読む]
  • This year's first barramundi #1048 for me Squidgy Pro Mongrel
  • Wave after wave surges upon the shore in the rainy season.I can fish only when wind and wave are modest and their effects are smal
    l.In the first place, it's very difficult to fish by land based on a rainy day in my usual fishing locations.Such being the c
    ase, I could go fishing to Mindil Beach after work on January 10 at last.I got soaked to the skin while I waded in a very wavy and
    murky water.Ov [続きを読む]
  • Rockcod #339 57cm Barramundi #1046-1047 Squidgy Pro Mongrel
  • Happy New Year!On the 26th of December. Today was blessed by the weather.But it will probably keep raining tomorrow too. I went to
    Channel Island this morning.There was no wind.That meant that there was no fish-bite.The tide was ebbing.A breeze started blowin
    g and ruffled the water.The first fish was a nice sized rockcod.This strong cod took a 115mm Mongrel.The hook was damaged by this
    strong cod [続きを読む]