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  • Unfinished dream 3
  • Not escapism all; after coming (true cook), and having purified a heart in the world, come back practically. And I go there if tir
    ed to confront reality and play. Such one's time became able to fin... [続きを読む]
  • 善行もどき? その2
  • 間でそれを行わねばならかった。 意図したわけではないがこの半生で数度、路上や出先で財布を拾ったことがある。 最高額で数千円と額はそれほど高くない。 悪心があればそれを物にする事もできたはずだがこれ... [続きを読む]
  • Lucky or what? 7Rare
  • It is in the same Office, are not so close to the shy away from speaking more colleagues to in. Smiled a wry smile who has been in
    forming the. And what hit it with sweets are difficult to acquire. ... [続きを読む]