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Mickさん: No Fagiano Okayama, No Life
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ブログタイトルNo Fagiano Okayama, No Life
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  • At Ajinomoto Stadium on July 9
  • I enjoyed Fagiano's away match at Ajinomoto Stadium, which is the home of Tokyo Verdy. The total attendance was 5,765. I like
    this stadium because most seats are covered by roof so that it is surely comfortable to enjoy a football match even when it is ra
    ining. The stadium can accommodate up to 49,970 people, therefore, it is spacious. Next year, I wish to see Okayama beat the riva
    l at this stadi [続きを読む]
  • Emperor's cup 2017:Defeat by Giant-killing
  • On July 12th, Okayama faced J league division 3 club, AC Nagano Parceiro in the rival's home stadium. At this sec, some playe
    rs such as Takeda, Ito and Watanabe were back from an injury list, therefore the club were expected to beat Nagano.Contrary to exp
    ectations, headcoach, Nagasawa's gameplan didn't work well. During the match, the red-uniformed men struggled to take th
    e initiative of the game. [続きを読む]
  • Emperor's cup 2017:The club advanced to the third round
  • On June 21st, Okayama made a thin victory against Japan football club, Imabari FC in penalty kicks. At the match, some products of
    the club such as Ishikawa, Kato, played as a starter and showed good performances. However, during the game, they couldn't g
    et a game-deciding score.At the next round on July 12th, the red-uniformed men face, J league division 3 club, AC Nagano Parceiro
    in the rival's [続きを読む]