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The chronicle of a New Yorker living and eating in Osaka
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  • Ramen Kuni
  • Today's shop Ramen Kuni replaces shop Bikkuri Gamu Champon in a side street by Daikokucho. Kuni prides itself on Hiroshima ko
    ne, a cut of beef specific to the region. It is from a part of the cow's front legs, and is filled with collagen and gelatin,
    supposedly making it good for your skin. At any rate I was ready to try some so I ordered the standard shoyu.今日の店「ら
    ぁ麺國」は大国町の横道の「び [続きを読む]
  • Kitahachi Tantan
  • The Osaka Ekimae Buildings are always a good place to explore for food, ramen or otherwise. As much as I think I know the scene in
    Umeda, there are always shops in the basements of these buildings that I haven't heard of. Today I visited Kitahachi Tantan,
    a tantanmen specialty branch of the Kitano Hachibantei chain. I ordered their standard tantanmen, the Oriental Noodle.大阪駅
    前ビルはB級グルメの [続きを読む]
  • Ramen Bakappuru
  • I don't make it out of Osaka city very often, and there are a lot of shops in the burbs that I haven't visited. I'm
    always excited, then, when shops decide to move closer to the action. Ramen Bakappuru was technically in the city, but now moved
    to the convenient location of Awaza, where I was able to visit it easily. They had a chicken paitan, but the owner recommended the
    unusual bonito ramen, so [続きを読む]
  • Ramen Kasumi
  • One of the ever changing shops in Nakazakicho has changed again. First it was shrimp tsukemen shop Typhoon Gang. Then it was jiro-
    style shop Ginjiro. Now it's the second shop of fantastic Awaza shio Kasumi. A bit of a difference from the light bowls from
    the first shop, the new branch specializes in thick chicken shio ramen.中崎町でよく変わる店がまた変わりました
    。最初海老つけ麺の「台風ギャング」で [続きを読む]
  • Menya Yamahide
  • Taiwan maze soba shops are everywhere. After showing up in Kitashinchi, Shin Osaka, and Shinsaibashi, they have finally inched eve
    n deeper into Minami, showing up right by JR Namba. Yamahide is a chain, and as far as I can tell this is their first Osaka shop.
    This branch was extremely small, with only five seats and that wonderful feeling like you're always being watched by the mana
    ger.台湾まぜそ [続きを読む]
  • Kikuhan
  • Nakazakicho ramen alert! This little area of town is known for its boutiques and coffee shops, and among ramen otaku like myself,
    for ramen shops too. The chef at Kikuhan comes from nearby local chain Teru. Like Teru, Kikuhan puts forth a rich bowl, but unlike
    Teru, this bowl has no fish, just pork and chicken.中崎町ラーメンアラート!この地区は服屋さんとカフェで
    よく知られていますけど、ラオタの中に [続きを読む]
  • Ramen Expo - Day 3
  • In my previous two trips to the Ramen Expo, my friends and I collected enough stamps to get two free bowls of ramen. I hadn't
    planned on making a third visit, but I guess I had no choice.前回と前々回Ramen Expoに行った時にスタンプを集め
    です。This trip I gave in completely to my impulses. Two bowls of miso. The fir [続きを読む]
  • Mutahiro
  • Fukushima is a place I try to frequent, but there still somehow are a handful of shops that have managed to elude me. Tonight I made an attempt to go to Kineko.福島によく行きますけど、なぜかまだ行けていない店が何軒かあります。今回きねこという店に行こうと思っていました。Time for Plan B. Another shop on my list was Mutahiro, a sardine ramen shop from Tokyo. I had enjoyed the bowl I had at the Ramen [続きを読む]
  • Ramen Expo - Day 2
  • I had already made a trip to the Ramen Expo in 2015, but that was just because the ramen shop I originally wanted to go to was clo
    sed. It was time for my requisite trip to the Ramen Expo, and I was happy to have a chance to try more of the shops.Ramen Expoに
    行く予定がすでにあったのでもっと色々なラーメン屋さんが味 [続きを読む]
  • Tori Soba 145
  • A new shop had just opened on Dotonbori, which is almost too easy to visit. I'm always happy when I can visit a shop on its f
    irst day, as I was able to with chicken ramen shop Tori Soba 145, the last part pronounced "hiyoko". I went with the sta
    ndard tori paitan soba, though I was tempted by the shio and miso versions.新しい店が道頓堀でできたので、すごく
    行きやすかったです。今回に開店日に行けたので [続きを読む]
  • Ramen Expo 2015 - Day 1
  • I had the afternoon off from work, and whenever I have a half day I think about what out-of-the-way ramen shop I can visit. This t
    ime I made my way to Tsumugu, popular shop in Minami Ibaraki.仕事の午後休みを取って、どこか普通にいけないラ
    ーメン屋さんがあるかなと思いました。南茨木の「紡」という店に行ってみました。Unfortunately I
    was way too late. They were long out of soup. Visiting Tsumugu would ta [続きを読む]
  • Rokkun Billy S1
  • When I was in Tokyo I was recommended to go to Rokkun Billy S1, the new shop formed by Junichi Shimazaki, ramen legend and former
    manager of 69'N'ROLL ONE. I'm embarrassed I wasn't even aware of it, but at least it was in Hyogo, where I rar
    ely venture. At any rate, I no longer had any excuse to have not visited, so I took the train to the suburbs of Amagasaki. I went
    with the standard shoyu: the A [続きを読む]
  • Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta
  • Continuing my latest Tokyo trip, my friend kicked me out of his place early on a Monday morning as he went to work. Normally I&apo
    s;d be annoyed, but this was a perfect opportunity for me to visit recently Michelin starred Tsuta. Before they got their star, th
    ey used to just have long lines. Now, though, you need to visit extra early in the morning to pick up a ticket.東京の旅を引
    き続き、月曜日の朝に友 [続きを読む]
  • Bassanova
  • Bassanova will always stand strongly in my mind as one of the early bowls that pushed me along on my quest for ramen. It was one o
    f the great ramen shops I discovered when I moved to Tokyo, and on one rainy day a friend and I ventured out to try it. Living awa
    y from Tokyo so long, it has been hard to try it again, but on one of my semi-regular trips I decided I needed to make an effort t
    o stop by. [続きを読む]
  • Sugoi Niboshi Ramen Nagi
  • On another December trip to Tokyo, it was only right that at some point I had a drunken bowl of ramen. I was drinking in the Golde
    n Gai, which meant that bowl was Nagi, one I've had before and hope to have again, but have never blogged about. Without the
    dexterity required to take notes, I entered and ordered the sardine ramen.12月の東京の旅行に酔っ払いラーメン
    を食べることになっちゃいました。ゴ [続きを読む]
  • Ivan Ramen
  • At the end of 2015, the original Ivan Ramen shop, located in Tokyo, came to a close. Ivan Orkin left to go back to New York for go
    od, and so the shop ended its stay, to be renamed and taken over by an apprentice. I had visited there once before while I lived i
    n Tokyo, and I needed to make one last trip while it was still around. I went for the standard shoyu, with all the toppings.20
    15年末にア [続きを読む]
  • Osugi Seimen
  • Osugi Seimen, a recent favorite shop of mine in Nishinakajima opened up a second shop in Honmachi. It's a branch, so I wasn&a
    pos;t in a rush to make it, but since I enjoyed my trip to the flagship so much I was looking for a chance to stop by. In fact, I
    enjoyed the double chicken soup at the original that I couldn't help but order that one at the branch as well.最近気に入
    りになった西中島の大杉製麺が2 [続きを読む]
  • Ramen Derby 2015
  • I'm always happy when Kansai has more ramen events. The Ramen Derby at the racetrack in Kyoto started in 2014, and of course
    I decided to stop by again in 2015.関西にラーメンイベントが増えると嬉しいです。京都の競馬場のラー
    メンダービーが2014年に始まって、2015年のにも行かなあかんかった。Quite a selectionいろ
    んありますねMy first stop was at Junk Story's booth, where they offered a strong miso [続きを読む]
  • Thailand
  • Normally I focus this blog on individual reviews on ramen shops, and not on what I'm doing. Recently, though, I visited Thail
    and, and while I didn't have ramen, I did try a variety of noodle dishes. This will be a primarily picture post, so enjoy, ge
    t hungry, and go visit.普通はラーメン屋さんに行って、評価します。でも、最近タイに行って、ラー
    メンを食べませんでしたけど、色々な麺料理を食べました。こ [続きを読む]
  • Chuka Soba Niboshiya
  • A while back I had a friend living out in Minami Tatsumi, a place only known for being one end of the Sennichimae subway line. I h
    ave no other reason and therefore chance to go there, so on a visit to my friend, we swung by a shop featured in Ramen Walker: Chu
    ka Soba Niboshiya. Despite being called "niboshiya", meaning "sardine shop", Ramen Walker recommended the spic
    y curry soba.この前、南巽に友 [続きを読む]
  • Ganso Aka Noren Secchan
  • I came to Kyushu for the Saga international hot air balloon festival, but I stayed in Fukuoka. And I wasn't leaving Fukuoka w
    ithout some good ramen. I did some research on the best shop in Tenjin I could find, and the first that came up with famous Ganso
    Aka Noren Secchan Ramen. I'm not sure why I hadn't been here before, but after a long trip through Saga I was ready for
    a full set, complete with [続きを読む]
  • Saga International Balloon Festival (Taromen)
  • Every year in the beginning of November, there is an international hot air balloon festival held in Saga prefecture in Kyushu. A f
    riend had been telling me about it for a while, and in the end of 2015, he convinced me to go.毎年11月に国際熱気球フ
    りました。No Japanese festival experience is complete without a st [続きを読む]
  • Kyo Yasai Festival
  • Just like a couple years ago, at the end of October in Kyoto they held the Kyo Yasai Festival. There was a large selection of rame
    n shops, all made with Kyoto Kujo negi. It was Halloween, and I knew I would be drinking at night, so I had to have a couple heart
    y bowls during the day.二年ぐらい前に10月末に京都で京野菜フェスティバルが開催されました。今
    回もあって、行こうとしました。京都九条ネギが乗 [続きを読む]
  • Kyu Beer Belly
  • I have a few different things I love in life, and only rarely do they come together. A while ago one of the Beer Bellys, the bars
    run by Osaka craft brewery Minoh Beer, moved a few doors down from where it had used to be. In its place, the people behind Mitsuk
    abozu created a ramen shop. Being too lazy to change the sign, they named it Kyu Beer Belly, or "old Beer Belly".Kyu Bee
    r Belly's specialty [続きを読む]
  • Komen Tamaran
  • A new Jiro style ramen shop opened up in Taisho a while ago. I in theory had been meaning to visit, but in reality had been puttin
    g it off a bit. Partially because the new shop replaced delicious Ramen Do, but really because I can only very occasionally handle
    Jiro style ramen. I saw a magazine really pushing Komen Tamaran's miso, though, and that was enough of a reason to actually
    push myself to [続きを読む]