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  • Irrelevant account information (1)
  • Ηellо,Uρ to ?ate an? геlеvant аccоunt infοrmatiοn іs vitаl when usin? РаyΡal, аn onlinе ѕervicethаt аllows іtѕ ге?istеred usеrs tο ѕend оr reсeivе monеу wit?out ѕhагіng finаncіal infоrmаtіоnwіth the гесipіent.Ρlеaѕе ?elρ us кеeр оur rеcor?ѕ ?uггent. ?е nеe? yоu to uρdatе уour ас?οunt гecοr?ѕ tо cleаr outѕome [続きを読む]
  • im a powerful hacker (3)
  • im a powerful hacker, i analyzed IP's of all post from last 3 months on goatfinger[ga], 94% of posts were sent by 3 people. 2
    guys from Boston, one from Helsinki. Most of topics are them talking with themselves. I mean wtf, im a powerful hacker, ive seen
    a lot, but this? Im laughing so hard, reading there inner dialogues is just fantastic. [続きを読む]
  • Think about it! (2)
  • Hey anons, I'm curious- would anyone else be in favor of the 26ch mods removing Loli content from here and instead making a n
    ew Loli board along with ecchi, yuri, and other porn boards? I was just thinking about how much easier this would be as opposed to
    having random Loli threads scattered around threads. Not that we could do anything about it thought, just wondering how many feel
    the same way. [続きを読む]