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  • fighting evil spirits of emerald town IZU
  • Cat's demon live next know.Many evil know.They attack our know.I'm fighting for 4 years.y
    ou know.What is the big devil on the know.What is the strange phenomenon is happening all over the know.why her know.The strange phenomenon area in the mountain is know.This house is know.Who is the evil spirit inside
    the house? you know. [続きを読む]
  • run to run
  • I run.I keep running.Protect harmony with the natural world.I will not quit running with together with my mom.I walk.Hear a variet
    y of sounds. Birds of voice sounds beautiful.I can hear the sound of sorrow.why with why with why.I can not quite walk. Along wit
    h the mom.Sound of leaves, sound of trees, footsteps of disciples.I am walk joy all love's way.disciple is a
    laughing dog wi [続きを読む]
  • happy new year 2017 with love's way
  • Sun and forest trees....What is 2017? Whether subsequent to the spirit world?The world to play with The Hobbit is interesting.
    What is the Lord of the Ring?I like to thinking while laughing. I is like to meet with the spirit while running.I think that it
    is fun to observe humans. meaning????it is a story of my life.running on the sunny days is the best.New Year good light and the f
    eeling of [続きを読む]
  • Japanese demons
  • Japan of the evil spirits that are burned in the light of the sun. you know?Dirty Japanese demons are destroying the forest. you k
    now?Their purpose was to get on the human body. you know?This is where the devil hunts humans. you know?There are many victims, Th
    ere are many victims, very dangerous. you know?I will teach the place where humans and demons live. place is no name here.mean is
    no love.Mo [続きを読む]
  • satan de mykey
  • he's name is SATAN de MYKEY. you know?His work is a murder. you know?Murder everywhere in the world, he laughs. you know?It
    is the Sun that is fighting Satan de Mykey. you know?Satan de Mykey kills trees. you know?The mountain where the staff of Satan de
    Mykey is everywhere. you know?The cursed mountain god is Satan de Mykey of the top Satan. you know?VIe's being targeted by S
    atan de Mykey. you k [続きを読む]
  • Poltergeist and the Evil spirits trees Emerald Town
  • Devil tree in the Izunokuni-city Emerald Town.can you see it????Demons of face our pine trees, the evil spirit to all the trees c
    ling,Poltergeist of the villa ground. Human face to the tree, figure-shaped long period research the treeFor the people of taking
    Haunted mountain to poltergeist demons.Mountain road at the time of twilight zone.Poltergeists who reminds wildfire. Here there
    are many m [続きを読む]
  • story and fairy tale of love
  • Speak with the wind, playing with the wind, running with the wind, I run everyday with fry.I hate noisy human beings, the same tho
    ught mom.Meaning does not interfere with live how the others, important not pressing.Earth population is 700 million do not think
    it's a real story.disciple and me. someone is looking at us. no servants relationship.Living in the nature of a variety of
    creatures to br [続きを読む]
  • Humanistic dog with love
  • What is the stairs of the mountain? I'm always thinking. but also funny smell. do something....Thinking circuit of disciples
    & me are different. U know?Simply get tired and only the image stairs and stairs. U know?that's interesting with love step h
    ahahaha.What is my image?I'm a great guy. and I do not laugh. U know?I'm captain. I'm top. I'm love dog. I&
    apos;m serious. U know?Stair love was above t [続きを読む]
  • The mystery of the universe water
  • Quite different from the things that anyone can believe that my thinking.Mom and I believe the best psychics.Sometimes fool repeat
    s the question. why.why.why.why....Mom and I laugh. Who are you.who.who.who.who....Mom and I is a beautiful creature.Mom and I is
    a beautiful creature. Beautiful or are you?I'm especially thinking the white brain is strange.hahahaha....I have observed the
    ir opponents wi [続きを読む]
  • Song nothing there are no messages
  • Song nothing there are no messages.Unfortunately I want to think on their own feel to the song around the world.For music that eve
    ryone use the language placed on a favorite reason for melody can tell I feel the happiness easier to listen to the ear.As yoursel
    f love music without genre relationship I had always expected in the music world of the artist, not the Japanese.English as the wo
    rld langua [続きを読む]
  • Our journey
  • our journey will continue with that beautiful past time. human beings like the destruction.spirit and play a person eve
    n though there is no ability. incompetent person around the feel funny. what is the day of the happening, it is the s
    ame feeling all the rainbow,you know mean,Is happening is something all over the world.It is also brutal and cruel thing. and plan
    et Earth t [続きを読む]
  • eyes
  • eyes speak. eyes soul conversation. eyes spirits speak....visible invisible with love eyes.truth Eyes of relationship.Improve
    visible eyes.right and left up and down, I'm facing sideways....meaning the speak of the mind's sister has a bad
    eyes, but well was looking at the Magic Mirror.similar to his tree with me with love with friend.I'm alw
    ays listening to his v [続きを読む]
  • elyna with me
  • we live in this world. my sister elyna with me.gentle and kind, and talk with me.close friend in my precious sister.elyna birthda
    y. cake mom made.What happiness of elyna? It was to playing in a dream. meaning was that do not meet the poor devil.Who is the de
    vil? different person of the human shape. I know them.human seems it is fun to kill each other. elyna is always laughing beside m
    e.spirit'r [続きを読む]
  • my Wonderland
  • what is Wonderland?i remember that man. his dancing singing.similar to his land....speak with forest trees.tree is alive.they run
    in the forest.always they pass through.what is our world a different world?can you understand?forests and trees and disciple and
    me.Wonderland is not a movie. story of Wonderland can not see the world.story of the world does not find a human around the world.
    Wonderland [続きを読む]
  • real thing
  • walk a mountain trail.good feeling with good, happy, laughs.Time is running.freely walk disciple and I manners is great.
    you know..manor is important thing.every day to observe the nature.every day to observe the wild animals.Love animals.I'm cap
    tain.I am the messenger of love.I will talk to the soul.I see a real eye.I meet a lot of soul in this way.wonder of the Twilight Z
    one.they are d [続きを読む]
  • I love world
  • It is meaning to all things.I'm laughing and running. Learn the strength in that run and run. Intelligence also know.Learn
    also size of know. I genius of appearance of the dog.My disciples need to study. Anyone trust. Human beings to put the
    poison in the water, human throw the poison balls.The lot of animals have been killed.Presence of many human beings who eat a wild
    boar.It has b [続きを読む]
  • life to live on earth
  • Everyone how are you?I look for the forest of the secret.observe walking every day.nature of creature is my to wa
    lk disciple is healthy today.I'm teaching a lot....strong in my security guard, important meaning is the tenderness a
    nd strength.It is important in nature.Nature is the entrance to the spirit world.the spirit world is a place where truth can be si
    ghtings.we wil [続きを読む]
  • miracle
  • The sun of our forest. Shine of mysterious. mean is shine with nothing shine.Description can not Shine. Humans see every day shi
    ne....This is a miracle of shine.What is the word? Word is a lie, Shine is real.......The Shine illuminate the Earth? No on
    e knows Shine.Shine extraterrestrial shine, do you know?What you feel is human foolish small brain. I laugh, and mourn, and wait
    for a mira [続きを読む]
  • forest with ghost
  • do you know spirit.Very strong power.They play with my friends.Friends believe that the natural world.It will be present in all o
    f the air.It will be common to all of the world.Hot place, cold place, anywhere....Differs with your world.Fairy tale writing is r
    ecommended to friends.Who friends gentle and kind world.The big question, a small question, whose friend.Human beings there is no
    clever a m [続きを読む]
  • wing
  • Couple of pigeons.Peace be seen in the natural world. free and dangerous, survivors, our friend.See their sign every day.Hear the
    voice of the earth's bird. all birds sing love and love.Listening to the Earth's voice.Hear the voice of the tree.Listen
    to the sound of the wind.Feel the sound of rain and secret wing.Sit in your favorite place. best place no place name. Listen to th
    e voice of love. W [続きを読む]
  • Merry Christmas with poltergeist
  • merry christmas....spirit of the forest christmas....i'm watch with love harmony,mean is my is good feeling.t
    his mountain is interesting.tree in front of my eyes and laughing why.i am christmas fun,good feeling for me.poltergeist road is m
    y road, no problem i'm fine.funny image and funny photo,but true story here.merry christmas and love is short and l
    ong, love is forev [続きを読む]
  • love energy
  • loveenergyWhat is human,great for the human,Do human beings kill animals,Humans great,,,,Nice to see the sky.Presence of great en
    ergy. It is the light of the universe.Countless sky of stars.We are small.We are soul.We are weak and strong.We believe in love.T
    he form of humans and animals.The form of dog and horse.Who is a noble creature?We are dream and adventure and the peace-loving pe
    rson.Wheth [続きを読む]
  • us
  • hi everybody, my name is the captain.please do'nt touch my family, here is mountine bad think parson coming,what do you thin
    k,,,,,we want love peace and good harmony,many people big liar,like facebook....facebook is very famous in the world,but many liar
    and liar's site. stupid site,,,,my mom do'nt want facebook liar's. us special,you know philippines site,many l
    iar's only just fool of pr [続きを読む]
  • place of love
  • we love earth.we love life.we love peace.we love good place. mean is peace place.winter and love is beautiful world. the simple
    and clear. beautiful air and nature.our love is forever.our world forever.sing earth,earth sorrow,earth smile,so good.hero is dog
    special dog.and hero is horse hero is bird etc.who is the person of the hero or star?I know one person star. person of love.I liv
    ing togeth [続きを読む]