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ブログタイトルJapanese Scenery and Calligraphy
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  • Singing with ripples
  • Undulation and straight lines whimsy disappear or occur. Girl is alive while entangled in time.難波潟 潮満ち来らし あま衣  田蓑の島に 鶴たづ鳴き渡る読人しらず  古今和歌集She can not notice forever.It is defined.世の中に さらぬ別れの なくもがな  千代ともなげく 人の子のため  業平 朝臣  古今和歌集Where is here?  Where are going?ここにありて 筑紫やいづこ 白雲の  た [続きを読む]
  • Thanks to you all and your works, sincerely
  •    "The Blue Planet Earth"A lot of friends gave me many encounters last year, too.With a lot of wonderful works...
    Those encounters presented deep emotion to me. 霧しぐれ  富士をみぬ日ぞ  面白き     松尾 芭
    蕉 (1644 ? 1694)      fog  and drizzle  can't see  mt.Fuji  quite a good day     
    Matsuo  Bashō (1644 ? 1694)   Here is over Mount Fuji, Yamanashi [続きを読む]
  • ZEN state of soul " Enlightenment " Japanese calligraphy
  • Quest of my own is mysterious. And, it is infinite.I don't know the truth of my own.Obsession. However, it might be incorrect. ZEN State  It is no one knows, never known.The truth is non-existent. If you say saw the truth, it is not true.D. T. Suzuki(1870 - 1966)真実は無い。もし真実をみたというのであれば、それは真実ではない。鈴木 大拙(1870 - 1966)Something feel in the five senses.Desti [続きを読む]
  • Goodbye summer girl with " Go away " Japanese calligraphy
  • Delightful season is gone.Time will not wait for anyone.Even if know to come, a little lonesome.荒磯海(あらそうみ)の 浦と頼めし 名残波  打ち寄せてける 忘れ貝かなよみびとしらず 拾遺和歌集Rough sea resting place relic wave  Washed up forgotten shellfish unknown author  Shūi Wakashū Smile has remained in the mind as impression.Vivid image will be rumination.I will meet her again?髪五 [続きを読む]
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