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  • Week 254 - Cat Dot Shoulder Bag
  • Hi people and kitties. How is your Caturday going? It was fine day and I watched clear sky with enjoying grooming in warm sunshi
    ne. A white cat, my new neighbour came to visit me, but I hissed him to go away as I was not in a mood to welcome him.My human fr
    iend M was making something with sewing machine today. Let's check what M made, shall we?Cat Dot Shoulder BagIt is a durable
    and cute shoul [続きを読む]
  • Week 253 - Painted Mini Bowl
  • Hello humans and attractive kitties, how are you? My human friend M and I have moved our place and was very busy this week. It i
    s still messy in the new place, and I hope M tidies up soon. While M was unpacking her stuff, I enjoyed watching flowers through t
    he window.This week, M painted a mini bowl with porcelain markers.Painted Mini BowlAs M didn't have much time for the project
    , she chose eas [続きを読む]
  • Week 252 - Black & White Resin Cat Earrings
  • Hello humans and fabulous kitties. Are you enjoying September? I like September as I can feel spring most days. My human friend
    M seems to be frantically working. She told me that we are moving the place. What!? I hope I can enjoy sunshine in the new pla
    ce.This week, M made cute earrings.Black & White Resin Cat EarringsFirst, she made cat parts with UV resin. Then she glued it to
    hollow cha [続きを読む]
  • Week 251 - Tiny Cat Book Magnets
  • Hi humans and gorgeous kitties. How are you today? It was cloudy here in Christchurch. I don't mind whether rain or shine,
    but my human friend M was frustrated as she couldn't do the laundry. I hope tomorrow will be fine.This week, M made cute ma
    gnets using illustrations on a magazine.Tiny Cat Book MagnetsThese drawing are Australian artist, Anna Hoyle's work. M cut ou
    t these two cat theme dra [続きを読む]
  • Week 250 - Long Hair Cat Brooch
  • Hi everyone, how's your day? It was warm and fine weather here in Christchurch. I enjoyed watching outside, while my human f
    riend M went to work as a volunteer, planting tree in wetland. She took photos to capture 'spring'. And, this is a proj
    ect for today.Long Hair Cat BroochM made some cat brooches in the past, but this is the first cat has long hair.As same as before,
    it seems to be coming ou [続きを読む]
  • Week 249 - Monotone Resin Cat Pendant
  • Hi people and cute cats. It is Caturday! I felt spring breeze in the fine weather today. I can see blossoms on the plum tree th
    rough the window. Spring is nearly there.My human friend M used this warm bright sunshine to make resin craft. Let's have a
    look.Monotone Resin Cat PendantShe used houndstooth masking tape underneath the cat frame, and pour clear UV resin in. Once the r
    esin become har [続きを読む]
  • Week 248 - Round Vinyl Pouch
  • Hello humans and respective kitties. How are you today? I am fine, but my human friend M doesn't seem to be happy. She for
    got to redeem the pet shop voucher and the points was expired last week. My contribution to earn the points was in vain. Well, I
    will try to consume food more to get points, then M would be happy. Don't you think?This week, M made a cute pouch. Let&ap
    os;s have a look.Round Vi [続きを読む]
  • Week 247 - Colourful Daisy Collars
  • Hi everyone. How's your weekend? I enjoyed nap, nap and nap. It was warm in sunlight. In the morning, it was frosted. My
    human friend M and I stayed in bed until 8 am. It is okay to be lazy in the weekend.This week, M made a very cute collar for me.
    Colourful Daisy CollarsM made usual collars and sewed daisy lace on. It is very colourful, but good on my dark fur.I checked.And t
    ried on. [続きを読む]
  • Week 246 - Felted Angel Cat Doll
  • Hello people and elegant kitties. How are you today? It has been wet and cold here in Christchurch. A heater is on and my human
    friend M uses a heated throw which I can share, but I still miss warm sunshine.This week, M made a lovely Angel Cat Doll with nee
    dle felting.Angel Cat Doll She used a pipe cleaner as an armature so that it can stand. Before added detail, it looks like Michel
    in Man or [続きを読む]
  • Week 245 - Name Tag and Bell Charm
  • Hi people and respective cats. How's your Caturday? I kept myself warm in the sunshine, while my human friend M went to wet
    land for monthly planting for birdies. She seems to enjoy bird watching after planting. I like bird watching too.This week, M ma
    de a name tag and bell charm for my cat collar.Name Tag and Bell CharmShe made these using shrink plastic film. It is fun to watc
    h the film shru [続きを読む]
  • Week 244 - Starry Night Cat Bag Charm
  • Hello humans and great kitties. How are you today? I am happy I had a sunshine day. Clear sky with warm sunshine is precious in
    long wet and cold winter. I'm in Christchurch, NZ. Kiwis seems to be enjoying watching rugby - All Blacks vs. Lions. I do
    n't know much about rugby, but I know Lions is not actual lions. They are humans. Kiwis are also not actual kiwis. Humans
    are annoying.Anyway, [続きを読む]
  • Week 243 - Cat and Daisy Necklace
  • Hello people and lovely kitties. It's July! It is summer in northern hemisphere, but it's winter here in down under.
    Cold and wet...typical winter. Good for crafting in a warm house for humans, and curling up in front of heater for cats.This week
    , my human friend M made a gorgeous necklace.Cat and Daisy NecklaceNormally the toggle part comes on back, but she use it in front
    as the kitty toggle [続きを読む]
  • Week 242 - Kitty Galore Tote Bag
  • Hello humans and pretty kitties. How's your Caturday going? The last Wednesday was the shortest day, and I feel really shor
    t the daytime is. I love sunshine and miss summer. But a good point is, from now on, the day is getting longer.This week, my hum
    an friend M made something with sewing machine. Let's have a look.Kitty Galore Tote BagShe made this tote bag using a gorgeo
    us flower and kitty [続きを読む]
  • Week 241 - Glitter Cat Toggle Button
  • Hi humans and kitties, how are you? Normally, I post a new article on Caturday, but I couldn't do it yesterday as my human fr
    iend M went out for public planting day as a volunteer. She told that she planted several native trees and enjoyed bird watching
    after planting.Anyway, she made an easy project to catch up this week's work.Glitter Cat Toggle ButtonM made this button with
    UV resin. She used [続きを読む]
  • Week 240 - Braided Yarn Collar
  • Hello humans and beautiful kitties. How's your weekend going? It is getting colder here in Christchurch. Daylight is short
    and weak. Even though, it is still good to feel sunshine on my fur.This week, my human friend M made a cozy collar for me.Braide
    d Yarn CollarYou don't need knitting needles or crochet hook to make this. M used six yarns to braid.Then, she attached safe
    ty buckle and bell.I [続きを読む]
  • Week 239 - Trio the Cats Resin Pendant
  • Hi humans and kitties. How are you today? I heard that tomorrow 4th June is a national cat hugging day. It is a fantastic oppor
    tunity for humans to cuddle us. And after hugging, please don't forget to feed us. This week, my human friend M made a cute
    necklace using UV resin charms.Trio the Cats Resin PendantAt first, M made three cat charms using UV resin. Then, made a hole and
    attached the Q [続きを読む]
  • Week 238 - Meow Jewelry Tray
  • Hi humans and mysterious kitties, how are you? It is getting colder here in Christchurch. Sunny, but very windy. My human frien
    d M is worrying about the laundry outside as it might be brown away. Humans seem to have many things to worry. Poor humans.This
    week, M made a cat shape dish tray to put jewelry on.Meow Jewelry TrayShe made this dish with polymer clay. After baking to be h
    arden, she [続きを読む]
  • Week 237 - Bracelet with Cat Face Connectors
  • Hi people and cute kitties. How's your weekend going? Getting colder in Christchurch, I tried to warm myself with clinging
    to my human friend M. M seems to be annoyed, but I don't mind. Because I am cute. Cute cats are allowed to do anything we
    want, aren't we? This is one of cat rules.This week, M made a gorgeous bracelet. Let's have a look.Bracelet with Cat F
    ace ConnectorsI don't know who [続きを読む]
  • Week 236 - Resin Cat Non-hole Earrings
  • Hi humans and beautiful kitties. How is your first weekend of May? It is getting colder here in Christchurch. Hard to get up in
    the morning, but still toasty warm to take a nap in sunshine. My human friend M used such a warm sunshine to make a cute kitty mo
    tif with UV resin.Resin Cat Non-hole EarringsM poured coloured UV resin into tiny silicon mould. Marbled with three colours to ma
    ke amber e [続きを読む]
  • Week 235 - Recycled Knit Kitty
  • Hello humans and cute kitties. How's your weekend going? Here we had a warm sunshine day - cat favourite weather. I slept
    and had enough naps. Feel good. I am going to have another nap after this blogging. This week, my human friend M made a cute kit
    ty doll with recycling old jumper.Knit KittyShe cut out each part from old jumper. In the tail, there is a pipe cleaner so that it
    can be stayed [続きを読む]
  • Week 234 - Scratching Felt Kitten
  • Hello people and noble kitties. How are you today? It was beautiful weather here in Christchurch. I did nap and nap. I was so
    hungry after having a long nap. I ate a can of Fancy Feast and felt still not enough. Autumn makes my appetite big.Now, it time
    for cat craft project. This week, my human friend M made a cute ginger kitten by needle felting.Scratching Felt KittenFirst, she
    made an ar [続きを読む]
  • Week 233 - Decoupage Cat Plate
  • Hi humans and mysterious cats, how are you today? It is Easter weekend but it is normal two days off for poor my human friend M.
    For me, Easter is a festival for bunnies and chicks, not for cats. But any public holidays are welcome.This week, M tried decoup
    age at first time.Decoupage Cat PlateOn the backM used cat shape wood cut. She chose flower print paper to decorate. On the back
    , she writ [続きを読む]
  • Week 232 - UV Resin Tabby Cat Charm
  • Hi humans and respective kitties. How is your weekend going? Daylight saving time has finished last weekend in New Zealand and I
    feel autumn in the air. This week has been wet and cold, but at last I could enjoy sunshine today.Today, my human friend M used
    the sunshine and made a cute charm.UV Resin Tabby Cat CharmShe got a cat shape mould and coloured resin. She poured resin careful
    ly to make [続きを読む]
  • Week 231 - Cat Shape Comfy Cushion
  • Hello people and charming kitties. Today, I made a cushion in stead of my human friend M. Cats can do sewing. Why not?Na, it is
    April Fool. I only be able to make pilling and a fur ball.This cushion was made with different material on each side - border an
    d velvet.Inside is polyester filling. Good for napping.You may see cotton code whiskers on the photo.The photo below is 4 of cush
    ions M mad [続きを読む]
  • Week 230 - Catnip PC Mouse
  • Hello humans and pretty kitties. It is the last Caturday in March. What are you up to? Grey and wet weather here in Christchurc
    h. I miss warm summer sunshine. Rain or shine, I can enjoy taking a nap, though.This week, my human friend M made something for
    me. Let's have a look.Catnip PC MouseM made a patchwork fake mouse for me. Sorry M, but we, cats are taking over the Interne
    t world. We ca [続きを読む]