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  • Week 230 - Catnip PC Mouse
  • Hello humans and pretty kitties. It is the last Caturday in March. What are you up to? Grey and wet weather here in Christchurc
    h. I miss warm summer sunshine. Rain or shine, I can enjoy taking a nap, though.This week, my human friend M made something for
    me. Let's have a look.Catnip PC MouseM made a patchwork fake mouse for me. Sorry M, but we, cats are taking o [続きを読む]
  • Week 229 - Love Cats Photo Frame
  • Hello humans and lovely kitties. How are you today? Yesterday was very warm and lot of sunshine. But it is quiet and cooler toda
    y. My human friend M was out for lunch. I stayed at home by my own. I was wondering what M made for this week's project.Le
    t's have a look.Love Cats Photo FrameThis week, M decorate a plain photo frame with cute kitty lovers.The frame has some [続きを読む]
  • Week 228 - Cat Galore Spring Frame Pouch
  • Hello people and cats. It is Caturday. Are you ready for weekend craft? For me, it is routine to check a cat craft which my hum
    an friend M makes every weekend. As it is really hard work required, I always need enough sleep. Let's check this week'
    s project.Cat Galore Spring Frame PouchM made a unique small pouch this week. The main fabric, Cat print cotton double gauze is ve [続きを読む]
  • Week 227 - Hanging Bird Decoration
  • Hi people and fabulous kitties. How's your first weekend of March? My days are always happy, calm and sleepy. My human fri
    end M is a little bit grumpy as she have to work tomorrow. Poor humans!This week, M made a cute bird decoration, not a cat!Hanging
    Bird DecorationThis is Fantail, one of New Zealand native birds. Real Fantail is about 15 cm length, but M made it much sma [続きを読む]
  • Week 226 - Elegant Crystal Earrings
  • Hello humans and lovely kitties. Are you having a nice weekend? February is short and quick. Only 3 days left. I'm going
    to sleep, eat, groom myself, pee, poo, nap and nap. Too many things to do.Oh, and I have to check this week's project. Let&
    apos;s have a look.Elegant Crystal EarringsThis week, my human friend M made gorgeous earrings. Not so obviously insisting 'c [続きを読む]
  • Week 225 - Gold Bow Cat Crescent Bag
  • Hi people and cats. How are you today? It was a big fire on the Port Hill in Christchurch this week. I hope every cats and anim
    als are safe. Wet today, no sunshine. But, I understand we need rain. Rain or shine, we, cats can get a cozy nap. No big deal.
    Let's check this week's cat craft project, shall we?Gold Bow Cat Crescent BagThis week, my human friend M [続きを読む]
  • Week 224 - Heart & Cat Magnets
  • Hello humans and elegant kitties. How's your Caturday? Sorry for skipping update the blog last week. My human friend M went
    camping and I had to look after our place. She decided to go camping on Friday night and left home on Saturday morning. Came b
    ack at Sunday night. Humans are unpredictable. This week, M made two cute heart magnets.Heart and Cat MagnetsM told me [続きを読む]
  • Week 223 - Felted Cat Topiary
  • Hi humans and lovely kitties. How are you today? It is warm and fine summer here in Christchurch. I enjoyed napping, while my h
    uman friend M was doing housework. She left home for a while and came back with a bag of Fancy Feast and cat biscuits. She told
    me that cat foods are on sale in this weekend. Now I got one month's meal in my pantry.Well, let's check this [続きを読む]
  • Week 222 - Cat Printed Scarf
  • Hello every human and kitty. Are you enjoying your Caturday? Mine is a little bit busy - supervising my human friend M, checking
    M's project, blogging, as well as grooming, napping and patrolling room to room. I've already checked M's project
    . Let's have a look together.Cat Printed ScarfM made a cute cat print scarf. The original scarf is plain pale salmon pink. F
    irst, she [続きを読む]
  • Week 221 - Kitty Handbag Charms
  • Hi humans and kitties. How's your new year going? I have a new year resolution. I decided not to work so hard and try to t
    ake a nap as much as possible. I am getting older. Life is short. Take it easy and enjoy, everyone.This week, my human friend M
    made two bag charms. Let's have a look.Kitty Handbag CharmsShe made silver tabby and tortoiseshell cat with [続きを読む]
  • Week 220 - Two Cat Rings
  • Happy Meow Year, everyone. My year has started very quietly, while my human friend M went to Akaroa and Banks Peninsula on New Yea
    rs day. She seemed to go to a beach or desert as she came back with her stuff covered with sand. She said that she went to a bea
    ch.The first cat craft project in this year is two cat rings. Let's have a look, shall we?Two Cat RingsM made the rings usin [続きを読む]
  • Christmas Week
  • Merry Meowy Christmas!This week, we are off from the cat craft project and enjoying a calm Christmas. I've already had a nap
    , Funky Feast(aka Fancy Feast) and ready to another nap.Hope everyone have a warm and happy meowy Christmas.Hairy Yours,Daisy the
    cat [続きを読む]
  • Week 219 - Holly Kitty Collar
  • Hi humans and kitties. Are you ready for Christmas? I am of course ready for festive meal. This week, my human friend M made a s
    pecial collar for me.Holly Kitty CollarShe made a holly with felt and beads to decorate a collar. It is with a brooch pin so that
    it is detachable.When a festive season ends, I can use it as a normal polka dot collar. Clever idea.I tried it on.Yawn. [続きを読む]
  • Week 218 - Festive Cat Straps
  • Hi people and cute cats. Are you enjoying your weekend? Every year in this season, people seem to be busy to hunt gifts for some
    one special. My human friend M asked me what I want for this Christmas. Honestly I don't know. So I didn't answer. T
    hen, M said that I may need a pair of tweezers. She's so mean.Anyway, this week's project. M made a tiny and [続きを読む]
  • Week 217 - Xmas Cat Brooch
  • Hi humans and incredible kitties. It's the first weekend of December and wonderful weather here in Christchurch - beautiful
    blue sky and warm sunshine. Nothing special happens but all is good.From this week, M, my human friend and I decided to do a proj
    ect related to Christmas. And it is of course, a cat project. Let's have a look.Xmas Cat BroochThis week, M made a super cu [続きを読む]
  • Week 216 - Yoga Cat T-shirt
  • Hi humans and gorgeous kitties. How is your Caturday going? Do you exercise something for your health? My human friend M someti
    mes goes Tai-Chi lesson. I don't do Tai-Chi, but I can say I am a natural yogi. M also does yoga as a very beginner and she
    complains about my yoga pose - lick your bottom pose. What? Isn't it a yoga pose?This week, M made somethin [続きを読む]
  • Week 215 - Bow Tie Collar
  • Hello everybody. How are you today? There was a big earthquake last Monday in New Zealand. In Christchurch, no damage, but some
    areas are still struggling to get back a normal life. Hope all humans, cats and other animals are safe and back normal soon.This
    week, my human friend M made a stylish collar for me.Bow Tie Collar She made a collar for me many times in the pas [続きを読む]
  • Week 214 - Felt Cat in Cup Key Holder
  • Hello people and kitties. How is your weekend going? A news about US election result seems to surprise most people around the wo
    rld. I am also surprised that a cat candidate couldn't win the election. Maybe someday a smart cat becomes a president. Ju
    st between you and me, we, cats are trying hard to conquer Internet world. YouTube and other SNS have already got a good [続きを読む]
  • Week 213 - Black Cat Wrist Pillow
  • Hi humans and luxurious kitties. How are you today? Today is Guy Fawkes Day and I am concerned about fireworks noise tonight. I
    hate Guy Fawkes Day. I really hate it. It's just for crazy people. My human friend M has already bought earplugs. Unfort
    unately, earplugs for cats are not invented yet. Shame.This week, M made a tiny pillow for wrist. [続きを読む]
  • Week 212 - Nap Time Photo Cushion
  • Hello humans and cheerful kitties. What are you up to? It is wet and a little bit chilly here in Christchurch. I couldn't
    get out of my bed in the morning. My human friend M came to check if I am alive or not. It is Caturday. The day for chilling ou
    t.M took my napping pictures and made something with it. Let's have a look.Nap Time Photo CushionShe made a c [続きを読む]
  • Week 211 - Cat Embroidery in Mini Hoop
  • Hello people and elegant cats. It is clear blue sky and gorgeous spring here in Christchurch. I am enjoying this wonderful sunsh
    ine with napping. My human friend M seems to enjoy this weather as well. She has already done three loads of washing with a bran
    d new washing machine. While the washing machine was doing its work, M made this week's project.Let's have a look. [続きを読む]
  • Week 210 - Cute Cat Cuffs Buttons
  • Hi people and kitties. How are you today? It is beautiful spring weather here in Christchurch. The Kowhai tree in front of windo
    ws put yellow flowers. The cacti which my human M friend bought last week has a pretty tiny flower. Everything seems to be livel
    y in this season.This week, M made cute cat cuffs buttons using UV resin.Cute Cat Cuffs ButtonsM found cute cat illustra [続きを読む]
  • Week 209 - Fluffy Cat Cacti
  • Hi humans and beautiful kitties. How are you spending your weekend? My human friend M always tells me that weekends are for rela
    xing. It is pity that she doesn't seem to know how to relax. For me, everyday is for relaxing. I can say cats are the mast
    er of relaxing. Don't you think so?This week M made a bizarre cacti again.Fluffy Cat CactiShe made a tiny cat shap [続きを読む]
  • Week 208 - Flower Embossed Cat Accessories
  • Hello cats and human staff. It's October. In New Zealand it has already started day light saving time. Daytime seems to be
    longer for humans. For cats, not much deference as we sleep whether bright or dark.This week my human friend, M made cute access
    ories using polymer clay.Flower Embossed Cat AccessoriesFirst, M mixed red, blue and white polymer clay to make pale purple. [続きを読む]
  • Week 207 - Birman Kitten Out of Pocket Brooch
  • Hello people and kitties. Are you enjoying your weekend? It is cloudy here in Christchurch. No sunshine, unfortunately. I was
    a little bit bored, so I stalked my human friend M. She seemed to be annoyed. Anyway, she made a tiny cat face with needle felti
    ng. Let's have a look.Birman Kitten Out of Pocket BroochShe made this gorgeous pedigree kitten this time [続きを読む]