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  • [Introducing Hotel] Vol059 Nest Hotel in Osaka, Japan
  • Lately I often go to Osaka, Kyoto on business and I went to Osaka and stayed at Nest Hotel in Osaka last week.In Vol059 of "I
    ntroducing Hotel I Stayed at", I would like to introduce this hotel(Nest Hotel).LOCATION:This hotel is located near(on) Nagah
    oribashi station and it takes within 1min from the station.You can walk to Shinsaibashi station and it takes 10-15mins from the ho
    tel.Please refer to [続きを読む]
  • [Lunch Box] Shao-mai & Fried Rice Lunch Box
  • I have already mentioned that I had gone to Kyoto and bought lunch box at Tokyo station.It was shao-mai and fried rice lunch box.A
    ccording to the dictionary, "shao-mai" means "steamed Chinese pork dumpling wrapped in a thin flour‐and‐water p
    ancake".This is one point Japanese lesson.You can see "海老シュウマイ" and "肉シュウマイ" in
    Japanese at the 1st picture."海老" means shrimp.(I think "shrimp [続きを読む]
  • Lunch Box of Pork Cutlet
  • When I went to Osaka on business last time, I bought lunch box of pork cutlet as the following pictures show.Japanese lecture just starts !"とんかつ" on the picture means "pork cutlet" and "弁当" means "lunch box".Remembering "弁当"="lunch box", when you come to Japan and you see the characters of "弁当", you can easily understand that it is lunch box.As you can buy it at the store of the station, [続きを読む]
  • Lunch Box in the Taiwanese style
  • I went to Osaka on business.Before getting on Shinkan-sen, I bought lunch box at Shinagawa station.It is one of my pleasure I buy
    and have lunch box in Shinkan-sen.This time I bought the one in Taiwanese style as the following pictures shows.The taste is almos
    t the same as the one selling in Taiwan. [続きを読む]
  • Oh! Mt.Fuji
  • I went to Osaka last month on business and took Shinkan-Sen.The following pictures are Mt.Fuji and were taken around Shizuoka pref
    .As it was February, snow on the top of the mountain was remaining.I think Mt.Fuji is so beautiful in all season.I give you one ad
    vise when you come to Japan.(1) In the case you take Shinkan-Sen from Tokyo to Osaka, Kyoto etc. ==> Making a reservation for
    the right si [続きを読む]
  • Lunch Box (Makunouchi Bento)
  • I went to Osaka on business and bought lunch box as usual at Shinagawa station.This time I bought "Makunouchi Gozen"Gozen(御膳) means "meal" that is polite word but I think it is difficult to explain about "Makunouchi(幕ノ内)"...Generally speaking, "Makunouchi" means lunch box that includes rice and several side dishes.When you want to buy this kind of lunch box, you can say to shop-staff, "Makuno [続きを読む]
  • Lunch at Osaka Tsuruhashi (Yakiniku)
  • When I went to Osaka last week, I had time for lunch.Then I got off a train at Tsuruhashi station.I am not sure you know well abou
    t Osaka/Tsuruhashi but there are many Yakiniku restaurants around this station.Looking for good restaurant, I found it.The restaur
    ant offered bulgogi lunch as the following picture shows.The name of it was Ran(蘭).As it was around 11:20, there are a few peopl
    e and I did [続きを読む]
  • Lunch Box: Naniwa Mansai
  • I went to Osaka on business last week.When I return to Tokyo, I bought lunch box at New Osaka station named "Naniwa Mansai"."Naniwa(なにわ)" is old word and means "Osaka"."Mansai(満載)" means "full of".Then "Naniwa Mansai" in Japanese means "The lunch box is filled with the foods in Osaka" according to my direct translation.As the name of lunch box saying, it is filled with Osaka foods,(1) Source [続きを読む]