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Sarah Senseiさん: The Adventures of Sarah Sensei
ハンドル名Sarah Sensei さん
ブログタイトルThe Adventures of Sarah Sensei
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  • Missing in Action No More
  • For a moment, it seems like I’ve forgotten about blogging but I actually didn’t. I just shifted to writing on paper more. It’s a wonder how the seemingly simple task of writing something on the computer has become so distracting. Just to keep one’s self off from browsing unnecessary sites and straying from the task […] [続きを読む]
  • Of Friends & Family in Ise
  • About a year ago, I was struggling to make friends here. It didn’t help that I can hardly speak Japanese and that I lived in a c
    ondominium unit (which the Japanese call a mansion) with a friend. Living in a condominium is good if you want to have some privac
    y. It’s ideal for those who […] [続きを読む]
  • 過去の記事 …