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自由文総合格闘家のTateki "tech" Matsudaです。アメリカのマサチューセッツ州ボストンを拠点にプロで活動しています。



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  • Determination / 決断
  • First thing first, I deeply apologize to all my fans and supporters for being quiet for a while. It has been rough. I had been tr
    aining so hard even before this fight camp. Focused my trianing camp, slept well, and had great training partners, but sometimes s
    cary thing just happnes at random. This happned to me on the first week of my fight camp. Since then, I have been in darkness and
    looking f [続きを読む]
  • Connected to nature / 日曜さんぽ
  • Leaving my blog without updating forever!! How's everyone's Father's Day? Heavy and hard week was over and we had a
    such nice out today.Team practice always gets on fire and many of teammates are preparing for up coming fights. Yes they keep me
    父上今日までありがとう〜ボストンの天気はメチャクチャで今日は快晴に [続きを読む]
  • 13 years
  • It has been 13 years since I came to U.S. on June 1st, 2004. Time flies and I never anticipated myself becoming a pro MMA fighter
    back then. This picture is a scene from a window of my doomroom where I stayed for the first time. Clearly remember that I missed
    miso soup 2 weeks after arrive in Boston. Everyone was playing succer, partying, studying, but I was only [続きを読む]
  • too much paper work / 学生時代には戻りたくないw
  • Feel like I'm back to school. Has been very busy for paper work for my project.Sorry for not updating my blog. I will share what up very soon.学生時代にタイムスリップ?辞書みたいな量のペーパーを2、3日で用意する最近です。何ページもの論文を書かされた日々が懐かしい、、、アメリカの大学で揉まれたのだなと最近実感してます。久しぶりのブログ更新が忙しいアピールすまそMy team is always busy and I am here f [続きを読む]
  • kombucha challenge / 紅茶キノコ
  • Who likes kombucha? What do you do for your gut health? I can't afford $4 for a bottle of fermented tea, so I made it by myself.アメリカでは空前の紅茶キノコブームです。我々の親世代で流行った紅茶キノコが何故今アメリカで?しかもコンブチャ、、、昆布茶ではありません。ボトル一本400円くらいしますwアホか?I brewed tea, which has to contain caffeine and added sugar. Kombucha is produced by fermentin [続きを読む]
  • Tokyo FM / クロノス
  • 「待たせたな。。。」 大塚明夫さんのようなカッコイイ声には一生届かないと思います。どうもビッグボスを意識したタテキです。番宣です。明日の8:30に東京FMのラジオ番組に出演します。外人ではありません。日本出身の自分にとって、番組に招待していただき本当に光栄に思っています。しかも2週連続!御視聴よろしくお願いします!--------------------------------------------媒体:東京FM「中西哲生のクロノス(クロノスPL [続きを読む]
  • Tech on Tokyo-web / 雑草の拳 セレブも魅了
  • I am very honored to be a big part of Tokyo newspaper today in Japan time.This article surprised many people in Japan including my
    family. My mom was really excited. Just let you know I'm from Tokyo! I'm not gaijin (foreigner) lol本日5月2日の東
    事を嬉しく思います。皆さん、是非ご購読のほど宜しくお願いします [続きを読む]
  • Congrats SOS / 5周年おめでとう
  • Congrats my coach Mike Perry for 5 years anniversary! Mike has been teaching skills of strength to many people and I am so proud o
    f myself being his member for 3 years.先週末はストレングス&コンディショニングのコーチがビジネスを始
    めて5周年記念でした。タテキも3年お世話になってます。わーお。I usually do weird thing like this picture
    above...普段はこんな変な事したりKettle bell started from here.ケト [続きを読む]
  • Sketch Now Think Later
  • Too much going on this weekend... earthday, march for science,anniversary, housewarming, and sunny weather. How was yours? Mine wa
    s very interesting because I did sketching for the first time and got taught by one of urban sketchers, Mike Daikubara. It was suc
    h a amazing time!今週末は色々ありましたね。アースデイでは環境問題、マーチフォーサイエンスで
    は研究者の皆さん、知り合いのアニバーサリー [続きを読む]
  • hot and cold / ツンデレ
  • Does spring season make us a little bit weird? My little sparrow is all cold and hot. She attacks me with beak, but sits on my sho
    ulder and gets relaxed there. Does she like or hate me? I think spring makes her different. Sorry... no boy is allowed in my place
    . Rio chan can't find her mate. Too bad季節の変わり目は何かとピリピリしてます。そう、ここにもツ
    ンデレの女子がいます。最近はくちばしで [続きを読む]
  • Easter weekend / 大和魂復活祭
  • Happy Easter to everyone. Hope you guys had an amazing Easter weekend. For me, it was a special weekend. Visited my kimono master&
    apos;s place and she put legit, authentic and traditional men's kimono and hakama(formal version) on me.We had a great tradi
    tional Japanese meal for lunch. Mama's taste here comes the boom!!アメリカでは復活祭で天気も良かった週末
    でした。タテキは着付けの先生宅に御呼ば [続きを読む]
  • Days in spring
  • I haven't updated blog for a while. Didn't feel like skipping it because I tell my people whats up with instagram. Anywa
    y, sorry for not showing up here after came back from Japan. Injury takes certain time to heal, so I make myself busy with teachin
    g and doing other stuff everyday. My troop is growing! 久しぶりのブログ更新です。ちょくちょくインスタで日
    常をお伝えしていたので、放置して [続きを読む]
  • short stay is over / 祖国から発つ
  • Just came back from Japan. Short stay in my hometown is over. Last few weeks were just crazy like my personal life. It was a tough
    lesson, sad, fun, exciting, pleasure, and love. During short stay, I visited Tokyo international forum for Art fair Tokyo.短い
    うに過ごした感覚です。   [続きを読む]
  • Workshop in Ginza / 歌舞伎座タワーでイイ汗を...
  • I have few more days in Japan and try to build my community. It was pleasure to have workshop in Ginzo Tokyo. 日本滞在もあと数日、今日は銀座でワークショップでした。 Thanks Kobe Wellness Science Co Ltd for drink supply. Acai flavor is always everyone's favorite. 神戸ウェルネスサイエンス様よりドリンクの提供がありました。アサイー味は皆んなのお気に入り!WASA-V acai&Protein [続きを読む]
  • Busy life in Tokyo
  • Such a long day... just came back home. I have no time to rest or depress. Get my butt off and move on. I was invited for radio sh
    ow on Tokyo FM. DJ Nakanishi has an amazing show and it was glad to have a talk with him. Hope all listners enjoy my story. さっ
    中西哲生さんのクロノスという番組に出演して [続きを読む]
  • 3DAYS ワークショップ
  • 申し込む 試合が終わって休む暇もありません。明日は収録とインタビューがあって週末には3日間のワークショップを控えています。 試合前でワークショップどころじゃありませんでした。なのでやっと自分のブログで告知。直前ので申し訳ないですが、まだ空きがありますので是非ぜひゼヒ。1日目と3日目は青山で一般公開のオープンセミナーです。 スタイルは予約制で女性限定です。協賛企業とのタイアップ企画 [続きを読む]
  • Pancrase 285 (part3)
  • I would like to introduce my suponsors for this fight. Please check out their products and service. I was so proud of representing
    these brands. Thank you for support!今回のファイトキャンプをサポートしてくれた企業の皆様です。素晴
    すがコラボ、タイアップ企画、卸など調整します。以下順不同PowerplateOnnitkimerakoffee [続きを読む]
  • Pancrase 285 (part2)
  • Tough loss... I can't believe what happened to me. I was feeling good, ready, confident, appreciated, excited, sharp and focused.タフな結果です。敗戦を受け入れるのが辛いです。地震もあったし準備もできてた。そして感謝の気持ちが溢れてて早く金網の中に入りたかった。The legend of Japanese MMA, Josh Barnnet was in the same room with me and we all warm up together.日本の格闘技界では伝説のジョシュが控え [続きを読む]
  • Pancrase 285 (part1)
  • I made weight and faced off against my opponent. I'm ready and hope he is ready, we will see what's up tomorrow.計量を無事にパスし、対戦相手とフェイスオフ。お互いコンディション良さそうなので、ドンパチしましょう。All water was out of my body. I was really strive for water before stepping on a scale.カラカラのスポンジ状態です。早く体重計に乗りたかった。Hooters in shinjyuku were packed. People broug [続きを読む]
  • Open Workout / 公開練習
  • Did open workout today. Thanks a lot for those who were watching my live on Facebook page. I just want to let you know how I am do
    ing during fight week and hope they got what they wanted to see from me.今日は公開練習の日でした。フェイスブッ
    ックネーションの皆さんにお見せできたらと思ってます。I and Andy showed an [続きを読む]
  • my must list / ファイトウィーク必需品
  • Organized my stuff for this week. Flight made me feel sluggish and sucks, but will do my best for condition. Who expected that we
    can buy pasture-raised chicken edd at Narita airport? I got my greens and tons of lemon to cleanse my body and cut last water I ha
    ve in my body.I have no idea how good I am right now, but would say better than last time. Experience always helps our life.Tomorr
    ow I'll [続きを読む]
  • Life is hard / 厄落し
  • Well... thank you so much for those who said "good luck" to me. I thought I didn't need luck because have been prep
    ared, but unwanted situations happen and you never know.I got flat tire a day before flight and lost few hours in my car and outsi
    de was 20F... this absolutely messed up my schedule and condition, but I take it positive and believe that I dropped all negativit
    y and bad luck before l [続きを読む]
  • Next day of B-day / 誕生日の翌日
  • Hey guys!!How are you doing?I'm getting ready for next Sunday! Push myself smart and try to get rid of all fats on my body. C
    heck my weapons with my coaches and sharpen my sword. 誕生日の翌日はいかがお過ごし?来日に向けて調整して
    ック。テメーの刀を研ぎ澄ます!My physical is getting peak and looks good with [続きを読む]
  • 31
  • Thanks everyone for many Birthday wishes. I was almost forget about my birthday because so focus on my upcoming fight.My teammates
    gave me "last beat" for my birthday gift. Toughest sparring is over. I won't say who's blood on my gears... A
    nyway, it was such a nice birthday in a cage ?? たくさんの誕生日メッセージありがとうございました??
    気づけば31歳ですよ。わーお。むしろ試合に集中してて [続きを読む]
  • 2 more weeks
  • Well, trip schedule is settled. My man Andy Cote is coming with me and he will corner for my fight in Tokyo.I appreciate for his w
    ork and the fact that he has coordinated all his schedule. That means, he won't be able to work while we are in Japan. This i
    s reality and how hard fighting oversea is.I launched campaign for him and designed his logo. This is a gift from the bottom of my
    heart. If yo [続きを読む]