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ブログタイトルI live in Japan
サイト紹介文のほほん お気楽 英語日記。あそびば。
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  • The Flu
  • It was beautiful even her end.Maybe I've got the Flu (or something). I'd got a fever till yesterday but I already haven&
    apos;t. I am ok. I'll take care of myself. Like! Click here! ▼▼▼ [続きを読む]
  • Into bloom
  • I walked to a post office to send a gift to Ethiopia.On the way back home I picked them. I said "I'm sorry, but can I ta
    ke you home?" They said "Yes, you can." :) The sky was blue.At the next day I bought her, she came into bloom.I sai
    d " You have a heavy head. Keep it up, keep it up."Strawberries is waking, at Grandma's garden. Lovely.◇◇◇Rea
    d my blog in Japanese ◇◇◇ Like! Click h [続きを読む]
  • Grandma wants to peel DECOPON's thin skin
  • One day's brunch - Organic granola with soy yogurt and cinnamon powder.&Mom's bread with sauteed broccoli, natto-omelet,
    and DEKOPON (orange).After I told my mother that I love granola, she often sent it to me with lots of food from Hokkaido. But, so
    rry mom, I rarely have it, so I always had lots of them in my fridge. haha. I thought "I have to eat it hard because they are
    dying." I tried to put i [続きを読む]
  • Moon Prism Power Make A Wish
  • Instead of three days worth of food.They killed my nightmare.She waited for me to say goodbye.I bought a peony and went back home.
    Grandma said "do you love a flower?" I said "I love a flower." I thought "I love a flower..."Grandp
    a, who passed away, said " The time will come when you will bloom." like a poet. He said so when I met him last. I say &
    quot;Good morning" to 2 grandpa, who passed [続きを読む]
  • Lucky me.
  • The flowers for this week - two yellow roses and ...10 red roses! So happy that is 453 yen in total! Lucky me.◇◇◇Read my blog in Japanese and Romaji◇◇◇ Like! Click here! ▼▼▼ [続きを読む]
  • Let's get "Hatobus" | An incredible show at Roppongi Kingyo
  • It's me in excitement at Roppongi "Kingyo" when my friend and I were on Hatobus tour.On Sunday afternoon at Shibuya
    , two 'girls' (31)(41) had beer cheerfully at cheap-izakaya. One said "we have to go get Hatobus", the other s
    aid "yes we have to go." One said "we have to go see "a transvestite show(?) (drug queen show?)". "Y
    es we have to go" the other said. We got two tickets for it almost immediat [続きを読む]
  • Don't hold it back
  • There are magazines I bought but haven't read. I read one of them as taking a bath. Then, I found a thing.I remembered I admi
    red living with flowers and plants when I was younger. It made me happy, because I always do it now. Also "don't think,
    just feel" is true, I thought. And now I realized that I pretended not to notice I want to grow flowers and plants.------I wa
    tched the TV show (I don't lik [続きを読む]
  • In her garden
  • Mom's bagel with a fresh asparagus from Grandma's garden, and half boiled egg. They look feel so good.I asked her whethe
    r I can pick them in the morning. She said "Sure, why not?!". She and a man who lives next to me, told me " Here it
    is! Here it is!" "Here!" "Here!Here!" haha.There are a little Muscari in her garden that she would get r
    id of, so I asked her that whether I can take it home t [続きを読む]
  • Talkative / A good baker
  • I think I may need to write my blog even if it's a silly little thing or an useless thing for people. When I didn't wri
    te this, I wrote a diary to write how I was sad, angry, disappointed, depressed, etc. I think I needed to do that, but it was not
    positive. If I want my life or myself to increase, I would need to write about a good thing or a happy thing as much as possible,
    I guess. T [続きを読む]
  • Welcome to Hokkaido | Susukino, Sapporo.
  • - 10 days after I left Tokyo -I waited for my friend at Shin-Chitose airport at 8:30 a.m. like this. - Where's she?When I fou
    nd her. - She came. She came!When she passed through a gate and came to me. lol "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!"------------I&ap
    os;m grateful to her for coming to Hokkaido TO SEE ME :) Thank you so much. We spent two days together as we did in Tokyo. She was
    supposed to ta [続きを読む]
  • PP will last forever | Change the wall
  • The flowers look very nice in that new white bright wall : Roses, peonies.One good thing in the country I live is that I found a f
    lower shop I can buy it cheaper than a flower shop in Tokyo. Those are quite stronger than I thought (and Tokyo's), so I can&
    apos;t resist buying a lot of them. It's also fun to pick out good one by myself. I'm so sorry for me who lived in Tokyo
    .I don't think it's essential [続きを読む]
  • I am born again
  • This is the flower for this week - a great red rose... So, I started writing this post as I was doing, but, I think I have to say
    "Hi! Everyone! How hove you been? It's been a long time since I wrote my blog! I'm alive anyway!":)I'm gr
    ateful to you guys for caring about me and giving me some messages with your love. Thank you so much. Yes, of course, I've re
    ad all of them with gratitude.  [続きを読む]
  • Wishing you a healthy year
  • [ Wishing you a healthy year ]I didn't know 2017 has already started... Just kidding.I spend this holiday in Hokkaido and ate
    a lot. (or slept a lot.)They were all wonderful.Wishing you a healthy year.◇◇◇Read my blog in Japanese and Romaji◇◇◇
    Like! Click here! ▼▼▼ [続きを読む]
  • When I looked up to the sky
  • [ When I looked up to the sky ]I thought it was too beautiful.I felt so sad.I felt nothing. lol◇◇◇Read my blog in Japanese and Romaji◇◇◇ Like! Click here! ▼▼▼ [続きを読む]
  • Bento
  • [ Bento ]The bento for this week : squash salad sandwiches using wazawaza’s bread.: potato salad sandwiches.: potato salad sandwiches again. It’s just the same. hahamorimoto ハスカップジュエリー (6個入)I love the sweet made in Hokkaido.The weather is fine. The air is crisp. Today is a karaoke day. Have a great day :)◇◇◇Read my blog in Japanese and Romaji◇◇◇ Like! Click here! ▼ [続きを読む]