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  • WHAT'S THIS? (これは何でしょう)
  • In the shade garden, narrow cone-shaped plants are growing. After several days, pointed leaves appeared from the cones. What do yo
    u think it is? (10 March)(19 March)シェードガーデンに今、細い円錐形の植物が伸びてきています。数日
    後には中からとがった葉がでてきました。いったい何でしょうか?It is Arisaema ringens, which is a kind o
    f the Genus Arisaema, and it is native in the [続きを読む]
  • Sun rises much earlier in March, and we’ve resumed taking a walk every morning. We looked at a sunrise this morningfrom a small
    astronomical observatory in the neighbourhood. The sun rose from the top of the Mt. Kaya. Doesn't it look just like an erupt
    ion of a volcano? 三月は日の出も早くなり、毎朝の散歩を再開今朝は近所の小さな天文台から日の出
    をみました太陽は可也山の頂上 [続きを読む]
  • New leaves of box hedge are growing in the potager.Its light green colour look so beautiful.We planted several kinds of herb in th
    ree raised beds last autumn.Winter vegetables such as sprouting broccoli and red cabbage are growingin two pentagonal raised beds.
    We planted potatoes in raised beds and felt containers last week.Roses have started to bud, however, apple trees show no sign of [続きを読む]
  • THE NEW GARDEN NOW (新しい庭の今)
  • Today I post photos of our new garden. 今日は新しい庭の写真を載せましょうLooking at the part of new garden through the gazebo windowガゼボの窓から新しい庭の一部が見えていますThe narrow path leads to the compost bin at the end of the new garden.狭い園路が新しい庭の一番奥のコンポスト容器に続きますAgain, looking the new garden from the gazebo.The blue oval table is a mini-stage on the tree stum [続きを読む]
  • LIGHT PINK CAMELLIA (淡いピンクのツバキ)
  • A year ago, I transplanted camellia 'Nioi-Tsubaki (means scented camellia)'from the border to a upper end of the main ga
    rdenbetween the retaining wall and the wooden white fence. The camellia seemed to like this place and bore a number of flowers.Lig
    ht pink colour of the flowers look so neat and innocent.一年前、匂い椿をメインガーデンのボーダー花壇から
    庭の一番上にある擁壁と白いフェンスとの間 [続きを読む]
  • February has almost finishedand we are preparing for new season. Two nest boxes have washed and fixed; one on the post of the gaze
    bo, and another on the branch of cherry. 2月もほとんど終わり、新しいシーズンにむけて準備を進めていま
    す2個の鳥の巣箱を洗いガゼボの柱の上と、ヤマザクラの枝に取り付けましたSeedlings of fox glove have
    planted in the central flower bed and the border [続きを読む]
  • PRUNING OF ROSES (バラの剪定)
  • The main garden job in February is pruning roses. (2月の庭仕事の中心はバラの剪定ですSome of the roses bears flowers even in February. Blueberry shrubs have still red leaves. 2月でも花をつけたバラもあり、ブルーベリーにはまだ赤く色づいた葉が残っています Shrub roses beside the sleeper steps were pruned first, and added compost and fertilizer. They were mulched with hor [続きを読む]
  • A strong cold wave have hit the west part of Japan since yesterday,and it's very cold in our area.This morning, there was a s
    now fall,and our garden was covered slightly with snow.強い寒波が昨日から西日本を襲いこの辺りもとても寒く
    なりました今朝は雪が降って、庭もうっすら雪化粧ですThe pisky looks so cold at the rim of the peony bed.
    ピスキーもシャクヤクの花壇のふちで寒そうですThe mountains are [続きを読む]
  • February has come and it is time to sow seeds of flowers in early summer. We bought several kinds of seeds in England last summer,
    and our friend gave us two kinds of seed when we met her in England.They include two kinds of Oriental poppy, California poppy, We
    lsh poppy, white borage and green manure (Phacelia) 2月がきて、初夏の花の種まきの時期です昨年の夏、イギ
    リスで何種類か種を買い友人からも [続きを読む]
  • We went to a riding club to get horse manure yesterday. Two women were riding in a riding ground. We got about twenty bags of man
    ure. (The bags are for sandbag.)昨日、馬糞をもらいに乗馬クラブに行きました乗馬場で二人の女性が馬
    に乗っていました20袋ほどの馬糞を頂きました(袋は土嚢用です)A half of horse manure was stored in the c
    ompost containers (a left bin). The center bin [続きを読む]
  • NARCISSUS (水仙)
  • Narcissus is now in full bloom here and there in our gardens.They scent and I feel a sign of early spring. According to the old ca
    lendar, today is Setsubun; the last day of winter,and spring season begins tomorrow. 水仙がいま庭のあちこちで満開、
    早春の香りがします今日は節分、そして明日から暦の上では春がはじまりますThere are several varieti
    es of narcissus. Each of them is beautiful. [続きを読む]
  • REPAINTING THE GAZEBO (ガゼボのペンキ塗りなおし)
  • I've finished repainting of the gazebo today.今日、ガゼボのペンキ塗りなおしを終えましたA week ago, I removed peeling paint of the gazebo. And I masked the floor and the lattice before painting.一週間ほど前にガゼボの剥がれかけたペンキをはがし塗る前に床やラティスを養生しましたI mixed 1.6 litre of gray paint with 0.2 litre of blue paint to make blue-gray paint. Mixing the whole conten [続きを読む]
  • PLANTING NEW ROSES (新しいバラの植え付け)
  • We've welcomed two varieties of shrub rose in our garden.Bare root plants were delivered a couple of days ago from David Aust
    in Roses Japan. The first one is 'Geoff Hamilton'.Warm, soft pink rosettes, and light old rose fragrance. It was named a
    fter the late Geoff Hamilton.(I really like him, as you know, and translated his book 'The Ornamental Kitchen Garden' in
    Japanese and you can rea [続きを読む]