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  • Sunny and dry weather is continuing. Weather forecast says there will be rainfall in a few days and cloudy days with some shower f
    ollow. It's time for taking soft cuttings of dentata lavender in the herb bed. In the morning I took cuttings of the lavender
    .I sat in the gazebo and making soft cuttings and planted in plastic cells. I covered the gazebo with a movable awing to avoid bur
    ning sunshine. [続きを読む]
  • Though a couple of weeks has passed since July began,We've had little rain, just 5mm. Weather is dry and not so hot and we ha
    ve less mosquito than usual.So, it is comfortable even in the rainy season.However, watering is necessary every day.It takes an ho
    ur in our garden.六月に入っていすでに2週間が過ぎていますがほとんど雨は降らず、たったの5ミリだ
    け天気は乾いてそう暑くはないし、蚊も例年より少ないの [続きを読む]
  • HYDRANGEA AND ROSE (アジサイとバラ)
  • Now is a season of hydrangea. It looks much beautiful in the rain, however, we have little rain fall although the rainy season has come. アジサイの季節です雨の中で美しく見えるアジサイですが梅雨に入ったのにほとんど雨が降っていませんToday we arranged flowers of hydrangea and rose, which is our annual event since 2014. 今日はアジサイとバラでフラワーアレンジをしました2014年からの恒例行事ですHydrangea [続きを読む]
  • Double chameleon plant flowers with single one beside the compost binsin the new garden.八重咲きのドクダミが一重の花と一緒に新しい庭の堆肥置き場横に咲いています. And just front of the compost bin, a gardenia plant has started to flower. It has strong fruity sweet scent. 堆肥置き場のすぐ前にはくちなしが咲き始めています.フルーティーな甘い香りです. At the entrance of the new garden, heavenly bamboo a [続きを読む]
  • CLEMATIS FLOWERS (クレマチスの花)
  • Three kinds of clematis have been flowering since late May.五月の後半から三種類のクレマチスが咲いています.The first one is 'Princess Diana'. It bears single tulip-shaped reddish-pink flowers with cream stamens. 最初は「プリンセス・ダイアナ」一重のチューリップ咲きの赤桃色の花で、クリーム色のしべがあります.The next is Clematis 'Rooguchi'. It bears bell-shaped bluish purple flowers. It was produced b [続きを読む]
  • COOKING ARTICHOKE (アーティチョークの料理)
  • Globe artichoke was an unexperienced food for us. And we tasted it for the first time in our lives. We harvested an artichoke,its
    diameter was about 8 cmand weighed 181 g.アーティチョークは私たちには未経験の食べ物で生まれて初めて
    味わってみました.一個収穫、大きさは直径8センチほどで重さは181グラムでしたMy wife cooked the artic
    hoke according to how to cook written on internet. At first, cut of the ti [続きを読む]
  • MAKING MULBERRY JAM (マルベリージャムづくり)
  • Last weekend, we harvested mulberries and posted pictures. As there was a comment to the post recommending to make mulberry jam,we made it this weekend. 先週末、桑の実を収穫してその写真を紹介しましたが、ジャムを作ってみたらとのコメントがあったので、今週末作ってみました. The new label made for mulberry jam jars桑の実ジャムの瓶のために新しく作ったラベルThis time we took much more mulberries than las [続きを読む]
  • Sunny days are continuing almost for three weeks. Leaves of potato are dying in the raised beds of the potager. So, we harvested p
    otato today. We had grown 'Kita-Akari', and we had a good crop. 晴れた日がほぼ3週間続いています. ポタ
    ジェのレイズドベッドでジャガイモの葉が枯れてきています. そこで、今日はジャガイモの収穫
    をしました. 育てていたのは「キタアカリ」たくさん取れました. Potato keeps green lea [続きを読む]
  • MEMORIES OF MAY (五月の思い出)
  • May is the best month for our gardens.I post photographs taken in this May with appreciation to plants,especially roses. 五月は我が家の庭の最高の月です. この五月に撮影した写真を、植物たち、とくにバラたちに感謝してここに掲載します. In the middle of May, roses are in full bloom. 五月の中旬、バラは満開になります. Pierre de RonsardMary RoseScarborough FairConstance SpryGertrude JekyllTeasing GeorgiaPa [続きを読む]
  • THE NEW GARDEN NOW (新しい庭の今)
  • Shrubs and vegetables are growing in the new garden. 低木や野菜が新しい庭で育っています.We planted many young pla
    nts of Hydrangea, which we had grown from cuttings, two years ago. They are growing well and some bear flowers now. Delicate colou
    r of blue and white gradation of the flower is cool. 挿し木で育てたたくさんの苗木を2年前に植えました. そ
    れがよく育ってきて、中には花をつけているものもありま [続きを読む]
  • Fruits of mulberry are ready to harvest now. The tree has grown large in an empty plot in our neighbourhood. 今、桑の実の収穫時期になっています. 近所の空き地に桑の木が大きくなっています. When we walked to the plot in the morning, two badgers and a crow was eating mulberries on the road. The crow flew away at once , however, one of the two badgersdidn't run away and looked at us at the entrance of [続きを読む]