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  • Reading Skill
  • I read an article about taking TOEFL by an English teacher. She said that you should start with reading section. Reading skill is
    the fundamental thing. While studying reading section with a work book, she said, you should memorize all of unfamiliar words in t
    he text. Lack of vocabulary produces bad result.I don't think I take the test, but it would be worth to get a good numbers of
    vocabulary. [続きを読む]
  • Online Shop
  • I have an online shop site. I wanted to sell some sea products on the site. I made it one year ago, but it doesn't work so fa
    r. That is because I haven't advertised it in public. I know I have to do that near the future. [続きを読む]
  • Goes to Osaka
  • My younger son left for Osaka for Japan's high school table tennis competition. The games takes place at Osaka Municipal Cent
    ral Gymnasium. The gym is in Minato-ward. When I was a university student, it was in Chuo-ward, near Osaka Castle. I hope he will
    enjoy the event. [続きを読む]
  • Playing Table Tennis
  • I enjoyed playing table tennis with my friends today. The last time I played table tennis was two months ago. I was afraid if I co
    uld play table tennis well.There ware ten people there. We were divided into two groups and started team competition. Lost team ha
    d to pay for lunch. Our team won the game, I also won, and had lunch for free. It was good. [続きを読む]
  • A Bus Tour
  • My wife and I applied an one-day bus trip. The trip included cherry blossom viewing with riding JR Sanko-sen train. The local line
    will end next year because of its endless deficit. Few residents there, but the line is popular for its beautiful scenery from th
    e windows of the train. Once our apply was rejected because the trip was soon overbooked. But today, the agent asked us if we coul
    d join t [続きを読む]
  • New Apartment
  • My son and I went to a house agent to find my son's apartment. He is going to come back my city becaus of his work. A staff o
    f the agent showed us several apartments. We were searching so called 1K apartment. Finally, we found a suitable apartment.The new
    apartment is near my house. His new position would be hard. My family can help him more than before. [続きを読む]
  • Japan Defeats Cuba
  • Japan won over Cuba tonight! I'm not a big fan of baseball, but I couldn't resist to watch tha game. Internatiinal compe
    tition is really thrilling.Yamada didn't performed well at first, but he did a big role today. He made two home runs in this
    game. He would be a key person for Japanese national team in this championship. [続きを読む]
  • My Son Comes Back
  • My son is going to be transferred in the present personal changes. He is going to return to my city this time. He can live with us
    , but that's not possible. He has too many household Goods to live with my family. He has to find a new apartment, but it wou
    ld be hard in this season. [続きを読む]
  • WBC Now
  • I'm watching WBC baseball game now. It's already 10:30 pm, but full of audiences in Tokyo Dome. It's the bottom of
    8th inning. Japan leads the Netherlands with 6-5. I'm thrilled. Go, Japan! [続きを読む]
  • Six Years
  • Six years ago today, it happened. A historical massive earthquake hit the east part if Japan especially Tohoku area. The quake and
    tsunami took a heavy toll of lives. Nuclear plants were destroyed and it made tens of thousands of evacuees. Many of them still c
    an't back home.We mustn't forget about the disaster and have to help more until it be settled. [続きを読む]
  • My Old Car
  • I have my car inspected. The car is for my work. I had to repair the car here and there these years because it is 12 years old. In
    fact, the car didn't work once in the morning this year. I had to change its alternator. Alternator is an AC generator for c
    ar engine. [続きを読む]
  • A Video by Kim Jong Nam's Son
  • The son of assassinated Kim Jong Nam bravely posted a YouTube video and said that his father was killed. He also said he was with
    his mother and sister.He didn't show where he was, but he is really dangerous situation now because of the video. Some anti N
    orth Korean government group has been protecting him, but spies might be everyware. Is he working with the group? Is this the star
    t of the coun [続きを読む]
  • New Ultraman Book of Akio Jissoji
  • Akio Jissoji was a writer and director of Ultraman series. He died in 2006 at age of 69. I liked his works especially the episode
    of Alien Metron. Sitting across a dining table, the alien discussed with Dan Moroboshi, Ultra Seven. It was a memorable moment in
    the story.His illustrate book will publish today, but Amazon said I have to wait for a month ot two to buy it. There might be a ru
    sh to ge [続きを読む]
  • Four Missiles
  • North Korea fired four missiles toward Japan. Three missiles reached Japan's EEZ zone. That North Korea's behavior was r
    eally crazy, unforgivable. Their leader Kim Jong Un should be removed from politics. He's just insane. [続きを読む]
  • Post Cards Exhibition
  • I went to an old post cards exhibition. These post cars were related my city Matsue and were printed from Meiji to Showa. Matsue.
    I enjoyed watching old my city there. Many post card publisher were in Matsue at the time. They made not only beautiful landscape
    photograph cards but also major incidents cards such as fires, floods or sports events.The owener of the post cards made a lecture
    and he [続きを読む]
  • Busy
  • I've been busy more than I thought. I don't have enough time to read Murakami's new novel. Some people criticized h
    is novel because he described Nanking Massacre as a historical cact. If so, you shouldn't believe it. But that's ok. It&
    apos;s just one of a fiction stories. [続きを読む]
  • Monsieur Kamayatsu
  • I heard that a Japanese musician Monseiur Kamayatsu died in cancer on March 1. I'm not a big fan of him, but I liked some of
    his songs, like Waga yoki tomoyo or the theme song of Gyatoruzu. He looked very popular for Japanese musicians. R. I. P. [続きを読む]