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  • The city in the snow (Matsumoto city/松本市)
  • The snow changed the city a little bit.Ordinary things seemed little different.This is the flog statue made by students of Shinsyu University (信州大学)There are three flogs, two flogs are holding swords. If you visit Matsumoto city, go to Nawate street (縄手通り).Nawate streetYou will see this statue.At the middle of Nawate street, there are Yohashira shrine, that I have introduced in my blog fe [続きを読む]
  • Castle in the snow (Matsumoto castle)
  • In middle of January, heavy snow fall in all around Japan.It was Monday morning, what I saw was white world.Cars, houses, building
    s, and roads, every thing were covered with snow.In the weekend of this week, I went to Matsumoto castle to see it with snow.Howev
    er a week had passed since the snow fall, there were still lots of them were left. That week was so cold, the temperature were aro
    und -5 deg [続きを読む]
  • Lion dance at festival day. (Ame-Ichi festival/飴市)
  • In January 9th and 10th, a festival called "Ame-ichi" held at Matsumoto every year.As these days are at end of New Year&
    #39;s holiday, people seems happy and relaxed every year.To wish this year's health and luck, I visited Yohashira shrine.Lucky
    I was, the show was just starting when I reached there.I could see Lion dance there. This lion dance is called Shishi-mai (獅
    子舞), and it is believed that [続きを読む]