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  • Vs Shimizu S Pulse (away) 16/9/17, J-League match 26
  • Shimizu S Pulse 0 - 3 Kawasaki FrontaleWhat a difference a few days makes. After the despair and disappointment of Wednesday night
    when we slid out of the ACL without really putting up much of a fight (at least from an attacking point of view anyway…), we go
    t back to winning ways away at Shimizu. This ground was voted the ground with best scenic views in the J League and I would probab
    ly have to [続きを読む]
  • Vs Ventforet Kofu (away) 27/8/17, J-League match 24
  • Ventforet Kofu 2 - 2 Kawasaki FrontaleLast season this game was a cracker. In fact both games against Kofu last year were 4-0 vict
    ories for us. This year we've ended up with two draws and perhaps this game has signaled the end of our title ambitions, at l
    east until (fingers crossed), Kashima implode. We're now 6 points behind them, a team who it seems we can beat easily but no
    one else can, and [続きを読む]
  • Vs Urawa Reds (home) 23/8/17, ACL Quarter Finals
  • Kawasaki Frontale 3 -1 Urawa Reds My first game back after my holiday and it was a cracker. We were back on ACL duty again, although this game didn’t have quite the usual exotic excitement of an ACL tie, what with us being up against familiar opponents Urawa Reds. Since we last faced them (and totally demolished them I should add!), they have had a change of manager and had gone on a decent run, [続きを読む]
  • Vs Consadoe Sapporo (home) 19/8/17, J-League match 23
  • Kawasaki Frontale 2 - 1 Consadole SapporoThe last match I will miss due to my holiday and it was another win, perhaps not as convi
    ncing and exciting as the Kashima one, but a decent result against a team that frustrated us at their place earlier in the season.
    I was on the plane as the game was taking place so everything I know, I know from the brief highlights video and the game stats.
    There were [続きを読む]
  • Vs FC Tokyo (home) 5/8/17, J-League match 20
  • Kawasaki Frontale 1 - 1 FC Tokyo Another game I missed and it seems like I missed another disappointing performance. I haven'
    t even seen the goals yet. I'm just putting this up here as there's probably nothing I can say that you won't know
    equally from watching the highlights video. By the way, thanks to Kaoru for the photo. From the sound of it on twitter, both team
    s thought they could/should ha [続きを読む]
  • Few photos and videos from the Supporters Day
  • Had a great time at the Supporters day today. Not going to bore you with the details, but had an interesting tour behind the scene
    s in the main stand and enjoyed the entertainment and the nice atmosphere. If this is how we throw a party mid-season, still havin
    g won no titles or trophies, I'd love to see what happens if we do win something.Jubilo Iwata at home next weekend. Let'
    s hope the good feel [続きを読む]
  • 2017 season halfway round up Part 2
  • This is part 2 of my first half of the season round up. Part 1 is here. Here are some stats from the season so far, including my p
    ersonal and highly subjective man of the match awards. These are obviously just my opinion and I started halfway through the seaso
    n so there's not a whole set of them, but I thought it would be interesting to see who I've given most to. Also, for you
    r information, I'm c [続きを読む]
  • 2017 season halfway round up Part 1
  • I thought I'd write a post rounding up the first half of our season with some stats and how I think it has gone. There certai
    nly have been some ups and downs, but on the whole I think we can be pretty positive. We're still in all the competitions, we
    're third in the table and we're in pretty good form. Or at least we were until the summer break started. Let's hop
    e this continues when we start play [続きを読む]
  • Vs Sagan Tosu (away) 8/7/17, J-League match 18
  • Sagan Tosu 2 - 3 Kawasaki FrontaleThe good run continues, although it looked in danger at half time. This was probably the most ex
    citing Frontale experience I've had. It's always good to stage an improbable comeback, and we really did that in this ga
    me. We never seem to have gave much luck in Kyushu and we definitely had a few decisions go against us in this game. But we prevai
    led! The Stadium was [続きを読む]
  • Vs Urawa Reds (home) 5/7/17, J-League match 13
  • Kawasaki Frontale 4 - 1 Urawa RedsThe fun continues! After a 5-0 demolition of Kobe at the weekend, few could have expected us to
    dismiss Urawa with almost the same ease. But that's exactly what happened on Wednesday night at Todoroki. At times like this,
    it's a real joy to be a frontale fan. Not only are we winning, but we're winning in style against teams we'd expec
    t to be strong, and on this oc [続きを読む]
  • Vs Vissel Kobe (home) 1/7/17, J-League match 17
  • Kawasaki Frontale 5 - 0 Vissel Kobe Last weekend saw us back at home and once again up against opposition from Kansai, this time V
    issel Kobe. I feel that the away game against Vissel last year was one of last season’s darkest hours. It was a tough trip from
    about 5 minutes into the game. Away games are usually a joy, sometimes in spite of the result or performance, but that was a stink
    er. So Satu [続きを読む]
  • Vs Gamba Osaka (away) 25/6/17, J-League match 16
  • Gamba Osaka 1 - 1 Kawasaki FrontaleThis seems to be the season of inconveniently scheduled away games. A 7pm Sunday night game in
    Osaka is not exactly the most convenient of trips, with only a slim chance of getting a Shinkansen back afterwards. Consequently,
    the away end wasn't full, but we took a decent amount of fans to what I still think is probably the best stadium in the J Lea
    gue (at least t [続きを読む]
  • Vs Tochigi UVA (home) 21/6/17 - Emperor's Cup 2nd round
  • Kawasaki Frontale 2 - 0 Tochigi UVA Ah! The magic of the Emperors cup! I can safely say that now we're through to the next ro
    und. This year's second round saw quite a few upsets and whilst we were facing a team from way down the leagues and we were e
    xpected to win, its always nice to actually get the job done. I had great hopes that this might be the game we finally got to see
    Tabinas do his stuf [続きを読む]
  • Frontale Songs Part 4, Team Songs
  • This is the fourth and final of a few posts with romanized lyrics of Frontale songs. You can see all of the parts here. Hopefully
    this is of some use to somebody other than me! Oh, and apologies for my unique way of writing some of the Japanese words in Eng
    lish. My method makes sense to me as it kind of seems a bit confusing to write words like 'goal' as 'goru' s
    o I've stuck with the English [続きを読む]