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  • 7/20 復習  フリートーク
  • I took an online English lesson tonight and it was free-talk lesson.Today's teacher was one of my favorite teachers, Gez: she
    is a twenty years old university student.Today's our topic was a little unusual because we talked about breast cancer and LG
    BT. It turned out that my wife has an initial breast cancer the other day. Her doctor said it's really early stage. That&apos
    ;s why I don't worry about it [続きを読む]
  • 7/20復習
  • We had a discussion based on the article today.Study reveals Brain Activity can Re-create FacesIt is about the new technology for
    re-creating facial images from analyzing of monkey's brain activities.Q. What other industries can benefit from facial recogn
    ition technology or image reconstruction from brain activity? Basically facial recognition technology is very useful, for examples
    , it can be a [続きを読む]
  • 伸び悩みに悩む
  • 少しだけ悩んでいます。最近思うのですが、どうも自分の英語力が伸び悩んでいるような気がしてなりません。でも実を言うと最近でもないです。この1年半くらいです。今はオンライン英会話を月20レッスン受けていて、それ以外にも動画を見たりしてチョコチョコ英語に触れるようにしていますが、新しい知識を入れていくのと忘れて出ていくのがほぼ同じスピードのような気がしています。まさしくバケツに水は注いでいるのですが、 [続きを読む]
  • 別ブログのご紹介
  • 今年の3月くらいからFC2で別のブログを書いています。よろしければぜひご覧ください。オンライン英会話ですぐ使えるフレーズ集フレーズ集と言いつつ何でもあり状態に若干なりつつあります。(笑) [続きを読む]
  • disappear
  • 消えた一生懸命書いた長文の記事が!!書き終わって公開ボタンを押したらエラーリニューアル「タグ編集エディタ」の公開テスト中だから?ヘルプを見ようと して解決されなかったからウインドウを閉じたらそれは記事のウインドウと同じだった。すべて消えてしまった。下書き保存しない自分が悪い?アメーバ嫌い!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!エディタ画面中での操作はすべて別ウインドウで開くよう [続きを読む]
  • A terrible day
  • As you know, it was terrible weather today.I was scheduled to visit my parents' house by bus, however I was late for the bus
    which I booked in advance.Because I had to go to Nagoya station by Tokaido-line railway at first, but all trains were delayed for
    more than 30 minutes due to heavy rain and extremely strong winds. The delay was beyond my expectations. That's why I gave up
    visiting my parent [続きを読む]
  • Martial law in Mindanao
  • Some of my favorite English teachers at Eigox are living in Mindanao Island, the Philippines.Speaking of Mindanao, the martial law
    is still ongoing because of the conflict between Muslim terrorist group and local police at Malaui city. Many refugees from Malau
    i have fled to Illigan and Cagayan de Oro. Those are the cities in which my teachers are living.Acording to my teachers, the gover
    nment set [続きを読む]
  • manual work
  • I engaged extremely hard manual work today. I've registerd with a human resource dispatch company and today's job was th
    eir recommendation.I worked at a distribute center of local supermarket chain. I handled with a lot of heavy cardboxes of softdrin
    ks and bottled tea, and finally countless heavy packs of rice.I brought two water bottles, but I perspired a lot today. So they we
    re not enough to st [続きを読む]
  • アラフィフの悩み
  • I guess everyone aged around 50 has same trouble like mine.These days I can't see small letters due to aged eye. My nearsight
    endness makes me wear glasses in my daily life, however I often have to take off glasses to focus on small letters. For examples,
    reading news aricles on smartphone is really irritating to me. And I can't change the date of a date stamp at office during m
    y work. Furthermore [続きを読む]
  • 英語がだんだん仕事になってきた
  • I wrote many articles about oversea youtube videos in my other blog.I've already stopped updating this blog, but recently I g
    ot new job related to watching youtube videos.The job is to choose intresting and inspiring videos and to leave short comments for
    recommendation. My experience of watching many English youtube videos has really paid off these days. すでに今は中断し
    ているのですが、以前に海 [続きを読む]
  • Lancers
  • Do you know "Lancers"?Lancers is a crowdsourcing platform which connects clients and freelancers.I'm really into La
    ncers now and often write articles about how to learn English, my experiences during oversea trips and my job experiences etc.The
    other day, I got an order for another article from a client in person, who got interested in my other articles.The fees of writtin
    g articles at Lancers ar [続きを読む]
  • Get New Job
  • It is decided that I'm going to start work at the new workplace from next week. It is a tourist information center job.I migh
    t use English to entertain foreign visitors occasionally. I'm excited.However it is not that I'll become a full time wor
    ker. It means I'll only work 15 days every month. Fortunately, I'm going to be entitled to join the company's healt
    h insurance and a pension plan. I'll be [続きを読む]
  • Naoko
  • Naoko/Vertical¥1,755Amazon.co.jp東野圭吾の本です。ドラマ化もされたようです。私は全く知りませんでしたが。秘密 (文春文庫)/文藝春秋¥価格不明Amazon.co.jpI've finished reading "Naoko" writtern by Keigo Higasino. This is the English version of "the secret(秘密)" Sammary(以降、ネタバレです)Heiske was a factory worker providing for his wife Naoko and daughter Monami. He was really happy and satisfie [続きを読む]
  • タケノコ掘ってきました
  • I digged up some bamboo shoots today.今日はタケノコを掘りました。It was very difficult to get out bamboo shoots from the ground in perfect shape.完全な形でタケノコを地面から取り出すのはとても難しいです。Bamboo shoots were broken into two easily by hitting my hoe accidentally.タケノコは誤って鍬をあててしまうと簡単に二つに折れてしまった。Bamboo shoots grow rapidly in this season.この季節タケノコは [続きを読む]
  • いろいろオンライン英会話
  • Weblio Eikaiwa has implemented new video system since March 1st. This new video system annoyed me because sometimes tutors weren&a
    pos;t able to hear my voice. Of course I checked all my settings, but I couldn't find any problem and also Weblio customer su
    rvice center didn't give me any solution. So I decided to quit Weblio.I tried free trial lessons at some online English schoo
    ls. Native Camp adopted [続きを読む]
  • 伊藤和夫著―英文解釈教室―
  • 英文解釈教室 改訂版 Amazon 先日、この本を購入しました。 私はエスカレータ式の中高一貫校に入学し、無受験で系列の大学に進学したため、中学受験以外の入試試験の経験がなく、第1〜第5文型と言われもわからないくらい受験英語に疎いです。(あまりまじめに英語の勉強をしなかった) 40歳を過ぎてから英語の学習を再開しましたが、その後の会話力向上を目的とした取り組みでは、難 [続きを読む]
  • replacement
  • I'm a student at Weblio online English school. All lessons have been served by skype up to now, but the company is scheduled
    to introduce new video system from March 1st, so just tomorrow. This is a big change for all students and tutors. My teacher Mon a
    nd I discussed this change during today's lesson. "The school is trying to observe our&n [続きを読む]
  • うますぎる話 too good to be true
  • I had a sales phone call from a mobile WiFi company this afternoon. Although I didn't know the company, I spared a few minute
    s to answer the phone because I was not busy that time. A woman said "you can use a new pocket WiFi with cheaper monthly fee
    compared to UQ Wimax and we will give you a tablet PC. Furthermore, we will pay a penalty for bre [続きを読む]
  • I bought a new computer.
  • 私の住む愛知県は今日はけっこう雪が降りました。北の地方の人には笑われるかもしれませんが寒くて死にそうです。築30年のアパートは断熱がよくないのか暖房しても寒いです。かじかむ手でブログ書いてます。 久しぶりにPCでamebaのマイページを開こうとしたら、ログインIDとパスワードを尋ねられ、それって何だったけ?と開くのに一苦労しました。もちろんAmebaさんにメールで問い合わせたのですが、私はもう [続きを読む]
  • General Cleaning
  • Good morning, everyone ! 毎日更新、私の別ブログの最新記事はこちら I don't have work today, so I'm cleaning my room. I've decided to discard all English text books related to TOEIC except for Tokkyu-series. I feel it's Mottai-nai. However I will not take TOEIC test again. If I should take it again, I would buy new [続きを読む]
  • What is Amazon go ?
  • Have you ever heard the news about Amazon Go? It was announced three days ago, online retail giant Amazon will open their brick
    and mortal store in Seattle. It will be very different from other conventional stores, because it will not have any cashiers in i
    t. It sounds interesting. When I took an online English lesson with teacher Mom yesterday, we talked abou [続きを読む]
  • Weblio語彙力診断テスト
  • ↓↓私のメインブログはこちらYoutubeで10倍楽しく学ぶ英会話年中無休、毎朝6時に更新しております。 半年前くらいに真剣に語彙を増やさなくてはいけないと感じ、Weblioの有料会員になってサイト内でオリジナルの単語帳を作って、たまに復習テストをしてできるだけ単語を覚えるようにしています。 本来なら例文の中で覚えないといけないのですが、そうも言っておられずけっこう集中的にゴリゴリ覚えていま [続きを読む]
  • ブログ引越しのお知らせ
  • 皆様おはようございます。 普段は私のブログを見ていただいてありがとうございます。 このたびFC2ブログで新しいブログサイトを立ち上げました。 Youtube無料動画で10倍楽しく学ぶ英会話 です。 私は最近Youtubeを使って英語の勉強をすることが多いので、勉強の記録と実益を兼ねて新ブログを作りました。 英語関係、特に真面目な英語学習に関する記事はFC2ブログで毎日更新していこうと思い [続きを読む]