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  • CVE-2017-0167 Detail
  • CVE-2017-0167 Detail【外部リンク】
    urity-guidance/advisory/CVE-2017-0167 Patch; Vendor Advisory External Source CONFIRM
    ity-guidance/advisory/CVE-2017-0167【外部リンク】 [続きを読む]
  • CVE-2016-3326 Detail
  • CVE-2016-3326 Detail【外部リンク】 Resource Type Source Name External Source BID 92287 Mitigation; Patch; Vendor Advisory External Source MS MS16-095 Mitigation; Patch; Vendor Advisory External So [続きを読む]
  • COM Error Codes (UI, Audio, DirectX, Codec)
  • COM Error Codes (UI, Audio, DirectX, Codec)【外部リンク】 object could not be created.UI_E_SHUTDOWN_CALLED0x802A0002Shutdown was already called on this object or the object that owns it.UI_E_ILLEGAL_REENTRANCY0x802A0003This method cannot be called during this type of callback.UI_E_OBJECT_S [続きを読む]
  • COM Error Codes (WPN, MBN, P2P, Bluetooth)
  • COM Error Codes (WPN, MBN, P2P, Bluetooth)【外部リンク】 notification channel has already been closed.WPN_E_CHANNEL_REQUEST_NOT_COMPLETE0x803E0101The notification channel request did not complete successfully.WPN_E_INVALID_APP0x803E0102The application identifier provided is invalid.WPN_E [続きを読む]
  • COM Error Codes (VOLMGR, BCD, VHD, SDIAG)
  • COM Error Codes (VOLMGR, BCD, VHD, SDIAG)【外部リンク】 DescriptionERROR_VOLMGR_INCOMPLETE_REGENERATION0x80380001The regeneration operation was not able to copy all data from the active plexes due to bad sectors.ERROR_VOLMGR_INCOMPLETE_DISK_MIGRATION0x80380002One or more disks were not fully migrated to th [続きを読む]
  • COM Error Codes (FWP, WS, NDIS, HyperV)
  • COM Error Codes (FWP, WS, NDIS, HyperV)【外部リンク】 DescriptionFWP_E_CALLOUT_NOT_FOUND0x80320001The callout does not exist.FWP_E_CONDITION_NOT_FOUND0x80320002The filter condition does not exist.FWP_E_FILTER_NOT_FOUND0x80320003The filter does not exist.FWP_E_LAYER_NOT_FOUND0x80320004The layer does not exi [続きを読む]
  • COM Error Codes (TPM, PLA, FVE)
  • COM Error Codes (TPM, PLA, FVE)【外部リンク】 DescriptionTPM_E_ERROR_MASK0x80280000This is an error mask to convert TPM hardware errors to win errors.TPM_E_AUTHFAIL0x80280001Authentication failed.TPM_E_BADINDEX0x80280002The index to a PCR, DIR or other register is incorrect.TPM_E_BAD_PARAMETER0x80280003One [続きを読む]
  • COM Error Codes (COMADMIN, FILTER, GRAPHICS)【外部リンク】 DescriptionCOMADMIN_E_OBJECTERRORS0x80110401Errors occurred accessing one or more objects - the ErrorInfo collection may have more detailCOMADMIN_E_OBJECTINVALID0x80110402One or more of the object's properties are missing or invalidCOMADMIN_E_KEYMI [続きを読む]
  • COM Error Codes (Security and Setup)
  • COM Error Codes (Security and Setup)【外部リンク】 DescriptionERROR_AUDITING_DISABLED0xC0090001The specified event is currently not being audited.ERROR_ALL_SIDS_FILTERED0xC0090002The SID filtering operation removed all SIDs.ERROR_BIZRULES_NOT_ENABLED0xC0090003Business rule scripts are disabled for the call [続きを読む]
  • COM Error Codes (STG, RPC)
  • COM Error Codes (STG, RPC)【外部リンク】 DescriptionSTG_E_INVALIDFUNCTION0x80030001Unable to perform requested operation.STG_E_FILENOTFOUND0x80030002could not be found.STG_E_PATHNOTFOUND0x80030003The path %1 could not be found.STG_E_TOOMANYOPENFILES0x80030004There are insufficient resources to open another [続きを読む]