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My hobby is to play the keyboard and band.
In this blog, i want to write about myselfe, my dairy life and my hobby in order to enhance the ability of English.

Best Regards
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  • About self - confidence
  • Today, I went to daycare and attend the program called Cimba.Today's discussion was about how to make confidence.Some tends t
    o be in difficulty of handling himself when he felt negative emotion against what the speakers say something to him.When this happ
    ens, his brain are filled with the negative thought and it lasts until the end of the day.Sometimes he can forget about it, but th
    e case that he [続きを読む]
  • I select a house that I will live
  • Today, I went to hospital to select a house that I will live.There are three places we should see.The place where I selected in ad
    vance was not better than the place where real estate appraiser introduced me.But whether or not I can set my piano is a problem.I
    f I can't set my piano, that means the place is not for my living.Room was wide and there was a closet.And toilet and bathroo
    m was seperated [続きを読む]
  • Akebono mountain park
  • Today, I and my parents went to Akebono mountain park.There blassom some flowers to and fro.I took a omikuji. And in there, bad th
    ing were written.But, this time, I didn't take a omikuji by my self.Vester takes a omikuji for me.That is a difference.After
    we went to the park, we ate sushi and bought major.I need a major in or der to gauge the longevity of my furniture.I am supposed t
    o move to anoth [続きを読む]
  • Daycare
  • Today, I went to Daycare.We had a program that is about how to walk.We set something like fence on the floor.We must walk lest we
    step on the part of grid.There are several patterns of walking.For example, we step from the left foot and stamp three times there
    and step from right foot next.By repeating the motion that has a rule, we can develop our ability of cognitive function.It is a
    good thin [続きを読む]
  • Original Song "I'll wait for you"
  • I always make a song. It's my hobby.I want to introduce a song titled "I'll wait for you".When I made this son
    g, I was falling into one sided love.Although the love was not fulfilled, this song was made by this experience.She is now engaged
    to someone, so I gave up her completely. There are a lot of songs in my Youtube.If you don't mind, please listen. [続きを読む]
  • Restart to study English
  • I want to restart to study English.Although I can't say the words in front of the one who speak English,it is not the reason
    for me not to study English.I just was not accustomed to talking with foreigner, so it is neccessary for me to try to talk in Engl
    ishif I want to be a good speaker.But, I investigated for my heart why I want to study English.The reason why I want to study Engl
    ish is to sing [続きを読む]
  • A Discussion between me and staff
  • Today, I went to train to work.The amount of my working was little and my speed was slow today.I can't do a good performance
    today.There is one problem of myself when I work.I heard to the poeple what I should do too much.So I must cut their work and they
    must spend their time on teaching me the way how to do.Tommorow, I must serve Bentou to the people of Daycare.I decided to get a
    every call tomm [続きを読む]
  • About Rumination
  • Today, I stayed at home except for runnning.I was thinking where does the reluctance to study come from when I keep on studying to
    some extinct.I think this problem has relation to ''Rumination''.In Tojisyakenkyu, I have heard about the &ap
    os;'Rumination''.Mr, Mukaiyachi always uses the term 'Rumination'' in order to explain why people ge
    ts to have bad feelings.People worry one thing and biegin to clin [続きを読む]
  • What kind of job should I choose?
  • Today, I stayed at home and practiced excel work.I decided to do excel work from now on.I wondered what kind of job I should choos
    e.I want to get a job which uses English.The reason why I think isuch a thing s that I can enhance ability of English by working.I
    t's synergy.Working time is long.So, I want to choose the thing which makes me grow in that sense of ability.Off course, I ca
    n have the spac [続きを読む]
  • Labor Practice
  • I went to Coopus to train the workingm, today.Today , we don't have work to do ,but there was a conference.I attend that conf
    erence.It was set in order to make the way of working more efficent.We had 4 topics today.I concentrated on the discussion at firs
    t, but bagan to be lack of itand forget now what we did today.What I remeber is as follows...First, we decided who do the duty of
    serving Bentou, [続きを読む]
  • I wondered what I want to do by using English
  • I made a plan for job.My object is to get a job which uses English.But I wondered why I wanted to use English. Perhaps it will be
    cool. This is one of the reason.But I thoguht that the my strong point is limmited to using English.That is the only point I can c
    ompete with other.Off course, there are several kind of disabled people who can use English.But, my strong point on on the labor m
    arket is t [続きを読む]
  • Tojisyakenkyu in Daycare
  • Today , I went to Daycare to take part in Tojisyakenkyu.Today's presider was Ikuyoshi Mukaiyachi, who is a university proffes
    sor, and owner of Bethel, andI did Tojisyakenkyu with him.In Daycare, the one who always do Tojisyakenkyu is Noriaki Mukaiyachi, w
    ho is a son of Ikuyoshi Mukaiyachi.But today, he was absent because one of the parents of his spouse die and he must go to funeral
    .I explained ab [続きを読む]
  • Plan to do job
  • Today, I went to Daycare and discussed the plan to keep on doing the job.My Plan・Doing the part time job for 3 or 4 days a weak to earn money for living on my own・Studying English to get a job which English is used, working part time job・Being a musician officially somedayAt first, I decided to live on my own. So it is necessary to earn money for that.So, I want to start to work from 3 or 4 da [続きを読む]
  • A Happy New Year !
  • A Happy New Year !A Happy New Year !Today is the first day of 2017 year!What do you want to do in this year?I have a lot of things
    to do in this year.1. Living on my own2. Working to do 1.3. New Band4. A band with my friend in daycare5. Perfprming for the aud
    ience in DaycareI' m in 大殺界 from this year.大殺界 means the time when you don't have good fortune.The period
    of 大殺界 is for 3 years.I [続きを読む]
  • Practice and Singing
  • Today, I went to clinic to practice the song which we will play at 11. 22.I took personal computer, keyboard and amplier.So, It wa
    s too heavy to take them to the place.I decided to go by car which is driven by my father.At first, we practiced Okonomiyaki song.
    Next, we recorded Okonomiyaki song.Finally, we played 4 songs.These songs will be played at Disney hotel on 11.22 for the annivers
    arry of th [続きを読む]
  • Lecture at Seitoku Univercity part 2
  • Today, I went to Seitoku university to have a lecture.It was 2 times scheduled in a week to go to Seitoku university for that purp
    ose.Today we had a lecture before about 50 students.It was more than prvious time we went.After the class, we had a tea time at Ma
    tsudo.We talked about a lot of things.I said I would like to quit the job as a staff of the Okonnomiyaki store.Then, Mr Nakata, wh
    o is the s [続きを読む]
  • Working
  • Today, I worked at Okonomiyaki store.Tioday was a banquet .So people drink alchol, even though it was lunch time.The way how to se
    t the lunch was different from the ordinary one.People could not select foods, but could order drink only.I served customer bringi
    ng the drink.It was ver busy to come and go from side to side in the store.It was about 3hours.After working, I went to a city hal
    l to take [続きを読む]
  • Lecture at Seitoku Univercity
  • Today, I went to Seitoku Univercity to lecture.Although I say lecture, it is not for me to teach something but to speak about my s
    ymptom.As usual. I use PPT to take a lecutre. So I did that today, as usual.I am used to speaking about my symptom.It is easier to
    expliain about myself than to do the presentation about something.At the company where I had gone about 1month ago, I was poor at
    presentat [続きを読む]
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