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サイト紹介文Our Daily Life in Turkey with two cute rabbits.
自由文I just married Turkish man and started living in Turkey with him. While staying here, I encountered lots of cultural differences and wanted to share my life.
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  • Day 160: Çanakkale ( Gallipoli Campaign )
  • Merhaba !In this morning,we went to city centre to buy rabbit hay. Centre was fullwith Turkish flags and Denizli government flag for Çanakkale (Gallipoli campaign, cerebration forWWI victory).First time when I saw those flags, I thought it is one of campaign for upcoming Turkey referendum on 16th, April. Honestly, I am a foreigner here so Ihave no right to vote. However it will infl [続きを読む]
  • Day 155: Minimalist in Turkey
  • Merhaba ! It has been 3 years since I became minimalist. When I was junior in university, my room was full with my stuff. I used t
    o like collecting broken glasses on the beach andflyer paper relating to art information. I decorated my room with my collections.
    One day I dropped one of my favourite glass collection by mistake. It broke into small pieces and I suddenly thought "tangib
    le things can [続きを読む]
  • Day 153: New bunny came !
  • Merhaba ! Again andagain....... We bought another bunny. Almost 2 weeks ago, we just bought brown bunny. This time was black one.
    We named this black bunny Çikolata (chocolate in Turkish ).That means we have 4 bunnies in our home.-----------------------------
    --------------------------------------------------------------------??Whıte bunny ?? Şeker ( Sugar )??Grey bunny ?
    ? Kura [続きを読む]
  • Day 151: Epoch making online business
  • Merhaba ! Today I was spending my time forone websiteCOCONALAThis Japanese website offers users any kinds of service on online. Th
    is is epoch making !!Registration was free so I made my site. I chose my service as language teacherand artist. Being an artist wa
    s one of my dreams. On this website I became artist !!!There were few people offering weird services too. Just looking at this w [続きを読む]
  • Day 150: DELL? ASUS? MSI?
  • Merhaba ! Today I went to his university butweather was so bad !Heavy rain continues until afternoon. Both of us became completely
    wet. While he was taking a class, I was drawing. He had two classes so I drew two pictures.I have other drawings and my works on
    -- [続きを読む]
  • Day 147: Turkish women and Handmade
  • Merhaba ! Today we went to my favourite shophand craft store.This shop deals with wide range of producrts such as colourful tassel
    s, buttons and anything you need. In my view, especially Turkish women love hand-making. I saw lots of local people enjoying from
    crocheting to sewing. So this kind of handcraft shop is always crowded with local people looking for something they need.I went co
    uple [続きを読む]
  • Day 145: Sunny day
  • Merhaba ! In this morning, weather was so nice, so we went walking in big park near university. Since it was weekend, there were l
    ots ofpeople enjoying spending time with their family, friends or couples. We found a quiet place under the huge trees.When we wer
    e walking around, we saw cherry blossom already started blooming. The contrast of blue and white was really beautiful.Grass was wa
    rm and [続きを読む]
  • Day 144: Denizli
  • Merhaba ! Today I wanna show you my favouriteplace in Denizli.... especially for someone got tired of city life.Vali recep yazıcıoğlu barajı ( Denizli Dam )This place is bit far from city center. We had to take a bus from Otogar( Bus terminal ).( This it the map you can check this location... ) [続きを読む]
  • Day 143: Beads ornament
  • Merhaba ! These two days I was concentratin on handicraft. Yesterday we managed to find a small craft store in intricatestreet.Ins
    ide of storewas mountain of treasures ! There were wide rangeof handicraft products which attract so many local people to come in
    this store. I wanted to make pink beads ornament for hanging in salon.That is all what I bought from craft store;awhite thread [続きを読む]
  • Day 140: Pink
  • Merhaba ! Last night we drunk a white wine together. After we married, we decided to have some romantic time to keepourlove intens
    e. This morning, I felt nausea,so I ate strawberries and small bread for breakfast.I found pink glitter nail polish in a market. S
    ince spring has come here, I wanted to put spring colour on my nails.At grocery store, he was looking at mechanic section ( That&a
    pos;s s [続きを読む]
  • Day 137: Turkish breakfast
  • Merhaba ! Finally we found rose jam in market. I heard Turkey has some rose products in market. This is the first rose product I f
    ound in Turkey.Since we got something we were looking for, we tried to make small part of Turkish breakfast today. Normally,Turkis
    h breakfast consists of bread, black tea, various kinds of cheese, olives, salad, boiled egg, and fruits jam. Our home had olives,
    bread [続きを読む]
  • Day 136: New bunny
  • Merhaba ! Today new member joined our family. Her name is '' Biskuvi'' ( biscuitin English ) It was not planne
    d to buynew baby bunny. Our plan was going to market and buy grocery. After we finished buying food, we went to pet shop to buy bu
    nney hay for our bunnies. Then we found this adorable small baby bunny. Now we have 3 bunnies at home. Completely white one, navy
    and white one and this bro [続きを読む]
  • DAY 135 : My Collection
  • Merhaba ! Today I wanna show you one of my collection. :: Panda Chocolate:: Take a look these pictures.When I saw this panda choco
    late, I run to my husband and asked him to buy this for me. One for each shopping.Price is cute too. They are just 0.25TL ( 7cent
    ), 0.50TL ( 14cent ) and 0.25TL ( 7cent ). This chocolate is combination of white and milk chocolate but not so sweet. That means [続きを読む]
  • Day 134: Cooking
  • Hello again ! This is what I chose as my first journey of cooking..... Omlet !My motto incooking is looking cute. So don't ex
    pect you can get well detailed recipe from this blog.Taste should be second thing I have to think. I just want you to focus oncute
    ness.The outstandingpoint of this omlet is crybaby face ! ( Don't eat me face) I expressed destiny all human beings have to f
    ace [続きを読む]
  • Day 134: Shopping
  • Merhaba ! I have a big news......Finally I start cooking !( We were sharing house works andcooking was his job.) When I was readin
    g various recipes on internet, I was curious about cooking and started cooking. Before I lose my motivation, we went to supermarke
    t to buy vegetables and fruits. But I had not so many experience for cooking, so I didn't know what to cook. But since my 201
    7 goa [続きを読む]
  • Day 132: Defeated my enemy
  • Merhaba ! Today I beated my enemy since childhood....TomatoBefore, I detested eating raw tomato. The odour, the flavour made my ap
    petite less... But after I tried one salad sauce today, I could enjoy eating raw tomato !This is the magic salad sauce ( powder )
    helped me a lot.This powder is made by Basil, garlic, vinegarand more ingredients .( Plus you have to pour olive oil at last.) [続きを読む]
  • Day 131: Receive baptism
  • Merhaba ! Last2days I was suffering from nausea, diarrhea, headache, losing appetite and fever.... Combination of major sickness I
    got all within 1day. On 16th at 3am, I felt strong stomach ache and couldn't hold myself. I run into bathroom and vomited ev
    erything. After that all symptopms started. I couldn't eat and drink until night. My husband took good care of me so I recove
    red within 1 day [続きを読む]
  • Day 128: Home Interrior
  • Merhaba ! Today we werechecking online shop for interrior. 4months passed since I came here, so I wanna start organizing our home
    from now. I already finished organizing bed room, but salon is still not organized. This chair I decorated last month but now weat
    her is getting warmer, I put fur back into closet.Now again start thinking how can I make our room more organized. Soon here will
    be summe [続きを読む]
  • Day 127: Valentine Day
  • Merhaba ! Today we went to register my residence at government office. Since I already got foreigner's ID card, I was require
    dto register my address officially. No surprise, there were long queue as usual. Turkish ID changed its system from this yearand a
    ll Turkish are required to renew their ID. My husband's appointment is next month..... We have to come back here again.....An
    yway, we finis [続きを読む]
  • Day 126: Fuzzylogic
  • Merhaba ! Today he had a presentation in school, so I went to school wıth hım. His major is computer engineering and presentation was all about fuzzylogic. ( My major was international relations, so I had no idea what he was talking about.) But he and his friend did great job ! I can say their presentationgotaudience attention until end of their presentation. I was happy to see he was work [続きを読む]
  • Day 125: New discovery "Lime flavoured cookies"
  • Merhaba ! He isstill suffering from strange stomachache... But thanks to medicines, he getsappetite back andcondition is getting b
    etter. Now he is playing with Nintendo Wii as if he is a small child. ------------------------------------------------------------
    -----------------------------------When I go travelling, I used to like to finding something cute. So here in Turkey, I resumed tr
    easu [続きを読む]
  • Day 124: Hospital
  • Merhaba ! I wanna show you something I got today...Piles of medicines !!!! Let me explain what happened to us.....In this morning,
    my husband had strongnausea and prolonged diarrhea, so we decided to goto hospital for checking. I didn't have any outstandi
    ngsymptoms, but we were eating same foods, just in case I also needed to go to hospital. We have different insurance, private one
    and p [続きを読む]
  • Day 123: About myself
  • Merhaba ! Finally I resumed my old rutine "yoga". Since I came to Turkey, my mind was always covered with thick fog and
    couldn't find what I wanna do here. But after I entered into myself and facedmyself, I could find what I wanna do here. Regar
    dless of consciousnessunconsciousness,I was constantly feeling invisible pressure from my parents, his parents and myself. Even th
    ey kindly toldme [続きを読む]
  • Day 122: My works
  • Merhaba! These days I am busy with arranging room interior. I am planning to organizesalon with blue and white and bed room with p
    ink and grey.Today when we went to market, we just found blue couch cover and that colour was light blue which is exactly I was lo
    oking for, so we bought this and covered our couch. It changed salon's atmosphere dramatically ! I am so satisfied.Since our
    budget is l [続きを読む]
  • Day 121: Spring has come.
  • Merhaba !5 days passed since we came back.These days wehad lots of things to do. On 4th wedeparted from Kocaeli at 3 am andarrived
    at8 am. After we arrived, we went to pet shop to pick our bunnies (Theybecame bigger [続きを読む]