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  • What is despicable me minion mayhem (new ride of USJ) like?
  • What is “despicable me minion mayhem”?It is new ride attraction in the minions’ area which opened on April 21th in 2017 of Universal Studios Japan.I’ll introduce some details about “despicable me minion mayhem”.・waiting timeThis ride was just opened recently so waiting time is very long. Especially on weekends and public holidays you have to wait for a long time.We waited there for 3 hours [続きを読む]
  • How to cook Tonkatsu (Deep-fried pork cutlet)!
  • When we want to eat a lot of meat in Japan, one of good choices is Tonkatsu (Deep-fried pork cutlet)And Tonkatsu’s ‘katsu’ is as same pronunciation as ‘win’ in Japanese language.So some people eat Tonkatsu when they want to win something.Let’s cook Tonkatsu. It is easy.・Ingredient (4 servings):4 Pork (Loin) (each weight is about 130g)a suitable amount salt , pepper 1 egg a suitable amount [続きを読む]
  • There are various types of vending machine in Japan.
  • If you visit Japan, probably you see the machine like this:This is a vending machine.There are various things are sold by vending
    machine in Japan.For example: beer, Japanese sake(Japanese alcohol), non-alcohol beverages, Snacks, Ice creams,cup noodles (hot wa
    ter is served for noodle by the machine), tobaccos (cigaretts), newspapers, certificate photograph, ‘Print club’ (sticker phot
    os), toys, d [続きを読む]
  • Enjoy hiking in the marshilands of Oze National Park.
  • Oze national park, which extends over Gunma, Fukushima and Niigata prefecture, is the largest highland marsh in the mainland of Ja
    pan. It is 1400m above sea level and surrounded with about 2000m high mountains. You can see spectacular sights and rare plants th
    ere.We went on a guided hiking around Ozegahara on a 2-day package from Osaka. I’ll introduce the experience.We stayed at the ho
    tel near Oz [続きを読む]
  • In Japan tanabata (star festival) is held on July 7 .
  • When you look up at the sky at summer night, you’ll see the Milky Way.There is a romantic story about two stars near the Milky W
    ay.Tanabata legend is like this:Orihime (Shokujo-sei, Alpho Lyrae) lived in the East of the Milky way. Orihime, the Lord of heav
    en’s daughter, weaved heavenly garment every day.The Lord was sorry for his daughter because she was a single. So he married her
    to Hikoboshi [続きを読む]
  • Kamishibai_picture card show, picture story show
  • 紙芝居:Kamishibai (picture-card show, picture-story show) is Japanese original culture.Kamishibai (picture-story cards) are l
    ike a picture book divided into each page.These are pictures on one side.These are stories on the other side. (for story teller)Th
    e same pictures as which audience are watching is shown in the yellow square.Kamisibai(picture-card show) is a little similar to r
    eading aloud p [続きを読む]
  • Bonsai_the Origin, types of Bonsai, Musium, super-mini-Bonsai
  • ・What is Bonsai(盆栽) ?Bonsai (盆栽) is potted plants or trees. But pot is also an important element in Bonsai.The image of
    the world of nature is expressed in Bonsai. People try to create natural landscape into a small world by means of Bonsai.In this p
    oint, Bonsai is different from usual potted plants or trees.Bonsai is living plant and there is no “completion”. People who lo
    ve Bonsai spend d [続きを読む]
  • Teriyaki Chicken_Let's cook one of Japanese popular dishes!
  • Teriyaki Chicken is a Japanese home cooking. It is one of popular dishes.Let’s cook Teriyaki Chicken!・Ingredients (1-2 servings)1 chicken thigh (200g)※ 1 tablespoon (15ml) soy sauce※ 1 tablespoon (15ml) mirin(sweet sake)If you use 300g chicken thigh, increase ※ to 1.5 times1/3 tablespoon (5ml) salad oilred hot pepper powder, as needed1. Poke into the both surfaces of the chicken thigh with [続きを読む]
  • Akiyoshido Cave_You will admire its size and mistical beauty.
  • 秋芳洞(Akiyoshido Cave) is limestone cavern formed by erosion of the lime stone.The cave is in Yamaguchi Prefecture. There are
    a lot of caves around there, but Akiyoshido Cave is the largest, and it is also the Orient’s best large limestone cavern. It was
    designated a Special Natural Monument in 1952.This cave’s broadest point is 100 meters and the height of its highest is 80 mete
    rs!The temperat [続きを読む]
  • Tango no sekku_Boys' Day_Childrens' Day (5 May)
  • May 5 is ‘Tango no sekku’ 端午の節句 (Boys’ Day).・Decoration and meaningAt homes with sons, we display a samurai warrior doll which is called ‘Gogatsu ningyou 五月人形’.Recently the armor and the helmet have the meaning of protecting the boys’ body rather than tools for battle.And we raise a carp-shaped flag called ‘koinobori’ in the garden.Koinobori for balcony is also sold.Carps jump o [続きを読む]
  • Let's taste Oden(hot pot)_one of the Japanese winter tradition
  • If you come to Japan in winter, you should eat Oden (hot pot). Oden is a traditional Japanese winter dish which consists of severa
    l ingredients. It is stewed in a soy-flavored dashi (broth) in a big pot. Each family or area uses different types of ingredients.
    (It depends on their custom or preference.) As an example, satuma-age (deep fried fish paste), gobo-maki (burdock roll), konnyaky
    u (pase ma [続きを読む]
  • Toba aquarium rears most numerous species in Japan
  • If you have a chance to visit Ise Shrine in Mie Prefecture, and you have one more day there, Toba aquarium is one of best choices.
    It is not just aquarium. It rears most numerous species (=about 1200 kinds of creatures) in Japan. It has a wide site and especial
    ly it keeps many sea mammals like Dugongs, Africa manatees, Sea otters, Indian porpoises.Official site (URL:
    .jp/) is w [続きを読む]
  • Kotatsu-Japanese traditional heating system
  • I love Kotatsu. Kotatsu is a kind of Japanese traditional heater.During warm season, we use it as a usual low table (the height is
    as same as or a little higher than a coffee table.)Kotatsu seems a usual table but it has some unique features. Kitatsu is divide
    d into two parts. One is table top (the shape is square or rectangle), and the other is base frame.An electric heater is attached
    to the und [続きを読む]
  • Chinka Bashi Bridge-The bridge which sink under water during flood
  • 沈下橋(Chinka Bashi, meaning Sinking Bridge ) are unique bridges.They sink into the water during the rising of a river flooding
    , so people can’t cross them at the time.Why were these type of bridges built?Please look at this photo.Because the height of Ch
    inka Bashi is very low, construction cost is cheaper. It doesn’t need long distance bridge girder and bridge pier. In addition,
    it doesn’t nee [続きを読む]