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サイト紹介文World travel in 2015
自由文I traveled around the world by myself in 2015 to change my life. Definetely,it changed my life although it's just 6 months. I quitted the job and spent all of my saving for this travel. Besides I made a debt for this world travel. But It's worth it.
Having experience is much worth than having money!!
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  • Turkey last day, Princess Island
  • 13.07.2015 I went to Princess Island. It takes about an hour to go from Istanbul. It’s the place where prices was confined here many years ago. Now it’s popular resort to relax for turists. This plan to go to Princess Island came to my mind in the morning on the day when I passed by...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Turkey fifth day, Cappadocia second day, Rose valley
  • This day ,new roommate came to the host’s home.He wore dreadlocks and tatto. It’s typical Brazilian!! Just in my opinion. We w
    ent to Goreme museum together. We can see Rock hewn churches there who was build by christians. They fled the persecution and sett
    led in Cappadocia and built it. The coloful frescos are drawn in...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Life changing story
  • Now I’m struggling to build my ideal life. I don’t want to work in company anymore. I don’t think that I’m suitable for working for a company. I want to be freelancer as a blogger and writer,and translator in near future. Although I’m already writer and blogger as I already started writing articles on the...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Turkey third day adventue with roommate Eva
  • In the morning, we went to Topkapi palace.It’s one of must visit place in Turkey. A sultan has lived here between mid-15century
    and 19century. Sultan means a honorary title of monarch in Isramic world. It’s said that Sultan collected huge wealth around the
    world. Here, we can see his luxurious life. It’s so big that...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Turkey, second day, Kadikoy
  • This day, I went to Kadikoy which is in Asian side of Istanbul. When I arrived in the station of Kadikoy,there was a sea in the pr
    esence and many ships were at anchor there. There were less tourists and it’s smaller compared to Europian side. But there were
    many turkish restaurants and cafes stand by...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Turkey, Istanbul, First day
  • Next day ,I woke up at about 4:30 in the morning and prepared quickly to go for Turkey from Greece. Then I went to the metro stati
    on carrying heavy luggage and then, I got on the plane and was arrived in Turkey.My host in Istanbul, Duygu was supposed to be hom
    e at around 18:00 ....Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Greece, last day
  • Last day in Santrini, I walked along the beach and had a breakfast in a cafe beachside until departure. Then, I got on the car and
    went for the port to go back to Athens.The ship I’ll get on was supposed to arrived at 12:30. But it was late and arrived at ar
    ound 14:00. It’s...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Greece, third day, Meteora
  • I went to Meteora which is a abbey stands on the cliff. It’s designated as a unescorted world heritage. Monks of christian say a
    prayer to approach God in the abbey. My host drove me to the nearest bus station to go to Meteora in the morning. I couldn’t st
    ay up and slept like a...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Power spot in Osaka,Inunakisan
  • There is a power spot called “Inunakisan“ in Osaka. It’s famous for the sacred place of Syugendou. Syugendou is one of Japan
    ese unique religion which aim at attaining enlighten by being confined to a mountain and training so hard. I went for Hiking here
    recently. Walking here, I felt such a mysterious atmosphere. I may...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Greece, second day. Kerameikos
  • On second day of Greece, I went to the heritage named Kerameikos. This is one of Athenian heritage. We can see ancient cemetery he
    re. This is much smaller compared to Acropolis and not so famous. I just came here as I could visit here using common pass. There
    wasn’t so many tourist here it’s minor...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • Greece, first day Acropolis
  • I arrived in Greece after the flight of four hours. This country didn’t make good impression to me at first. Because, when I tal
    ked to some people here, the attitude was not good. Almost all passersby was rush, frown and looked angry.The air in Greece was re
    ally negative.Maybe it’s related to the economic situation at...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • The change of my life through a blog
  • More than one month passed since I’ve started writing a blog. So I’ll show you some changes through writing a blog 1,Cast away
    negative feeling, Get positive feeling in my mind While wiring a blog, I concentrate on it all the time. So even though the day w
    as a little tough, I can forget about...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
  • My happy project
  • Everyone want to be happy.Some people are happy,the others are not. The reason is the difference of their attitude. When some unex
    pected thing happens in our life and make us depressed, some people just complain the situation and will be under the impression t
    hat life is full of sadness. It’s normal reaction almost all people...Continue reading → [続きを読む]
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