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  • The Classification of Common Hydraulic Valve
  • Hydraulic valve is a kind of component used in hydraulic drive to control the pressure, flow and direction of liquid. The type tha
    t controls pressure is called pressure sanitary regulating valve. The type that controls flow is called flow regulating valve. The
    type that controls the flow direction is called direction regulating valve. [続きを読む]
  • The Use of Pneumatic Butterfly Valve in Different Medium
  • When sanitary butterfly valve is used for control of solid materials, it’s often used at the bottom of cans as discharge valve. Since dust materials mostly contain particles large and small, the wear on the valve sealing surface is a sure thing. Improper selection of the model will greatly reduce the service life of the valve, or soon lead to leakage within the valve, affecting normal use. [続きを読む]