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サイト紹介文Life in Denizli,Turkey
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  • Menemen
  • Merhaba ! Today we were so tired and outside was so hot, so we couldn't hang out. We just walked around our home. One neighbo
    ur's garden has beautiful blue flower tree. We didn't know what kind of flower though. One of my husband hobbies is coo
    king. Every meal, he is the one cooking in kitchen. Whenever someone learns our way of dividing housework, everyone gets shock. Es
    pecially, here in Turkey, [続きを読む]
  • Pub in Izmir
  • Merhaba ! Yesterday night, Babaanne came to our home and cooked dinner and ate together. She cooked cold Cacık ( yogurt soup ) and ( yeşil fasulye ) green beans.?? While we were eating, she told me how adorable my husband was. We enjoyed bit early dinner at porch. Tonight, with his cousins, we went to pub near beach. That pub had live music. Singers were performing on stage. I and husband orde [続きを読む]
  • This year it will be different
  • Merhaba ! Today we woke up early and went to beach. Water was so clear enough to see under the sea. Surface of water was reflectin
    g sunlight an shining. While my husband was fishing ( again ), I was reading a book. His mother Looked for English book and sent i
    t for me. ?? I read almost half of this book. It consists of 20 different short stories and every story has astonish ending. O
    nce you star [続きを読む]
  • Bayram
  • Merhaba ! Today was Bayram. Bayram is the day for cerebrating end of fasting. People have to visit elderly people especially relat
    ives and neighbours. We also went to see his babaanne, aunt, uncle, neighbours and more. Bayram will last 2 more days so we will v
    isit more relatives. Yesterday night, We bought rose wine and drunk wine at beach. We brought some small candles and sat near be
    ach. In da [続きを読む]
  • Night Life in Izmir
  • Merhaba ! Here in Izmir, apart from beach, fishing and swimming, night bazaar is also choice to enjoy your holiday. Before night c
    omes, night bazaar district is so quiet but when night comes, that district comes alive. You can see various kinds of shops on the
    street including foods, clothes and crafts. My husband bought me blues agates and handmade necklace. I have small collections of
    agates in [続きを読む]
  • Fishing
  • Merhaba ! Today as we planned yesterday, we went fishing. ?? Fortunately, his parents love fishing, they had various things for fishing. We carried everything by bicycles. ????Couple days ago, we went to fishing store to buy bait. This time we bought shell bait. My husband cut shell into small pieces. These are his secret weapons. I'm not familiar with these fishing tools, but I can see they [続きを読む]
  • Teşekkür ederim ??
  • Merhaba ! In this morning, we got lots of presents from his parents. They sent us lots of things for summer vacation. They are pin
    k shoes, olive cream, lipstick, two books and couple clothes. I am really appreciated his parents. Also, they sent us another big
    package. Inside of package was full with snacks. ??Since, supermarket is far from this home, it was so hard to going shopping.
    For a while [続きを読む]
  • Knick Knack store
  • Merhaba ! Today we went to centre to buy daily commodities. While we were walking on street, we found one Knick Knack Store. Insid
    e of store had variety of products including my favourite blue eyes. Each costs 2 TL ( 0.6 USD ). The yellow moon thing is plastic
    wine cork. It was 1.5 TL ( 0.4 USD ).After shopping, we went to Migros ( supermarket ). In Migros, I bought strawberry donut. ?
    Soon, Ramad [続きを読む]
  • ??=??+??
  • Merhaba ! Today we went to play tennis.???? Last time when I played tennis was high school PE class. It took a while until
    I remember how to play. We were too serious to play tennis and I smashed so hard. One ball went beyond the court. After all we co
    uld find the ball. It was on grape tree. ??Today weather was so hot. So after playing tennis, we went to eat Turkish chewy ice
    cream. They hav [続きを読む]
  • Swinging hammock
  • Merhaba ! Today we spent all the day outside for organizing our garden. Since here is vacation home, we have to organize everythin
    g by ourselves. First thing we did was cleaning porch. ??My husband told me his parents just bought this flower swinging hammo
    ck. Whenever I'm sitting here, this makes me sleepy. Here is good place for taking a nap. ( If you don't mind you'l
    l get a tan. ) As you may [続きを読む]
  • Intense relationship with relatives
  • Merhaba! In this morning, relative called us and invited for dinner.This was one of culture shocks since I married Turkish man. In
    Turkey, the relationship with relative is much closer than people think. At summer home, almost every night, relatives invite eac
    h other and gather in one place and spend time together until midnight. First time, when I was invited at night, I was wondering i
    sn't it ru [続きを読む]
  • New Blog
  • Merhaba ! From today, my blog will resume at Blogger ?? If you have interest about my old blog, visit here http://pamukhelva.w week, we went to an island close to Greece. This island was used to be Greece territory. In this
    island, I could find my favourite blue eyes tree ! ?? We are planning to stay Izmir until end of July. [続きを読む]
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