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  • Bye bye Photoshop
  • Some time ago, my PC decided it had enough and broke, taking my copy of Photoshop down with it. After switching to Apple, subscrib
    ing to Adobe's CC felt a step too far so I decided to purchase Affinity Serif. A far more reasonable option. Do I like it? We
    ll, it's OK. I wish it worked as seamlessly with Lightroom and Google Nik as Photoshop but it is much cheaper (and gets updat
    ed for free) so I ca [続きを読む]
  • Just a diary
  • It's been such a long time since I've updated this blog. Perhaps no one cares but I write nevertheless.Autumn is here ev
    erywhere. Proper chill, lots of birds around the feeders, and leaves are turning. Very pretty. The arty side of me has been touche
    d by the season, too. I've just started a new book - "The Nose" by Nicolai Gogol. Bizarre. It's as weird as Do
    stoevsky's "The Double" or Kafka's "Meta [続きを読む]
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