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  • glider
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。She walked back through the big room that ran the length of the first floor. In the living room section there was a pair of overstuffed couches, their upholstery clawed by long-dead cats, and another table for playing cards or board games. The bookshelves were full of law journals and stained, water-bloated paperbacks--the romances and Agatha Christie [続きを読む]
  • pinprick
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。When she couldn’t stall any longer she walked down the hallway and knocked on the door of Richard’s office. He was sitting behind his desk, in his good suit, one knee bouncing up and down. A pinprick of shaving cream clung to his jaw, and she found herself automatically reaching for a tissue before making herself stop. Maybe his girlfriend can wipe i [続きを読む]
  • feathering
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。With neighbors calling hellos and a pleasant afternoon awaiting her--Milo w
    ould nap, or read, or play with his Legos, and Gary would zone out in front of the television set with his laptop, leaving Diana w
    ith a few hours for a long run and a soak in the tub--she would think, happily, even a little smugly, that she’d gotten exactly
    the life she’d want [続きを読む]
  • jerky way
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。She looked at him and wondered what he saw when he looked at her--a girl wi
    th droopy blond hair and an ice-cream-soaked skirt; a damsel in distress, when the truth was that Lizzie was more like a Trojan ho
    rse. She might look okay, like the kind of fancy, pretty thing you’d welcome into your city or your home, but inside, she was tr
    ouble. Jeff seemed l [続きを読む]
  • trot out
  • The Japan Times 9月24日付のNews Headlineからの引用です。Abe trots out tax hike issue again before snap election to boost LDP chances"trot" に馬の速足や小走りで走る意味があるので "trots out" だと阿部首相は税の問題から逃げたように思えますが、消費税を10%に上げる話を持ち出したのですよね。辞書で "trot out" を確認します。・Oxford English Dictionary: Produce the same information, story, or explanation th [続きを読む]
  • in spades
  • The Japan Times 9月24日付のオピニオン記事 "Juncker’s road map for European disaster" から引用します
    。In short, Juncker’s plan to accelerate eurozone accession threatens to re-create in spades the chaos of the past decade, which
    started with a bubble in Southern Europe and culminated in the Greek sovereign-debt crisis."in spades" は "2/5/20
    14" に取り上げ、"2/8/2014" に由来を補足しました。 [続きを読む]
  • splinter group
  • 私の好きな作家、Kazuo Ishiguro氏のノーベル文学賞受賞が決まり、今日はとても気分がいいです。Th
    e Japan Times Sept.13の記事の抜粋です。Bodyguard shot dead in apparent Kobe yakuza feudA man believed to be a bodyguard o
    f the head of a yakuza splinter group linked to the largest crime syndicate in the country was shot dead during a violent ambush T
    uesday in Kobe, police said."l" と "r" の区別が苦手な私は [続きを読む]
  • misbegotten
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。The doors slid open on the tenth floor. Sylvie stepped into their apartment
    , her heels clicking on the floors, seeing it as if for the first time and realizing that she’d created, over the years, a versi
    on of those fancy hotel rooms in which she and Richard stayed. Everything was correct, everything was attractive, everything was i
    n its place and as i [続きを読む]
  • purchase
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。“Ow,” he said, startled. “Ow, shit!” His legs were splayed out in f
    ront of him, his socks drooping, his pants legs riding up, exposing his hairy calves. She grabbed his hand to pull him upright but
    couldn’t get enough purchase with her silly high-heeled shoes, so she wound up on top of him, her chest pressed against his, bo
    th of them on the wintry [続きを読む]
  • ripe T-shirt
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。"I'm fine." She crossed the room and opened her locker. Ther
    e were her running shoes, a pair of shorts, a sports bra, and a ripe T-shirt that she'd shucked off after a lunchtime five-mi
    ler two days before.想像力の乏しい私には何故Tシャツが "ripe" で形容されるのか分かりませ
    ん。辞書を見ます。・Oxford English Dictionary: (of a smell or flavor) rich, inten [続きを読む]
  • brook
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。She tapped at her assistant's shoulder. "I really need to stop."Clarissa turned. Her eyes were so wide that there was white all the way around the blue-green irises. Her cheeks were flushed, and her honey-colored hair, normally smoothed into the sleekest chignon this side of the ballet barre, was sticking out in a tuft over her left ear."Please," she s [続きを読む]
  • immune to shame
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいますが、そうだよなと思う箇所がありました。He’d have simply bounced the baby in his arms and sung “New York, New York” to her, loudly and off-key, impervious to the stares and rolled eyes and loudly heaved sighs of his fellow travelers. You couldn’t embarrass Richard. He was immune to shame the same way some people never caught colds. It was why she thoug [続きを読む]
  • white-bread life
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。"I'm on the New Jersey Turnpike. What's going on?" Sylvie settled more comfortably into the seat, readying herself for the soliloquy Ceil would doubtlessly deliver about New Jersey. Ceil hated suburbs and conformity and any place where people lived that wasn't the right neighborhoods of Paris or Manhattan, even though she, herself, was leading as white [続きを読む]
  • shift
  • Jennifer WeinerのFly Away Homeを読んでいます。"So you're rich?" Ceil had asked, in her guileless way.Sylvi
    e winced. Ceil's mother, elegant and blond in a Lilly Pulizer shift and pearls, and her blue-eyed dad, who'd worn a cott
    on sweater tied around his shoulders, had just left the dorm, looking as if they were on their to lunch at the country club.上に
    出てきた "shift" は私の知らない意味に違いあり [続きを読む]
  • backup
  • 地元の図書館から多読シリーズの本 "The Seventh Scroll" と "Titanic"を借りて読みましたが、特に取り上げる様な知らない単語や表現はありませんでした。Kazuo Ishiguroの "The Buried Giant" を読みたいのですが、貸出中でいつ読めるか分かりません。 そんな時、インターネットに「洋書初心者が読むべき最初の10冊」のサイトを見つけたので、そこで薦めている本の内図書館にあるものを読むことにしました。10冊の内既に読ん [続きを読む]
  • Speaking American
  • Reader's Digest July/Aug Issueに "Speaking American" と言う本の紹介記事がありました。Some words are like out-of-state license plates--they're dead giveaways that you're not from around here.米国でも地域によって使われる単語が異なることを調査した本で、例として次の単語が挙げられていました。Fireflies vs Lightning bugsGarage Sale vs Yard Sale, Rummage Sale and Tag SaleSoda vs Pop, CokeSoft drink and Co [続きを読む]
  • television fodder
  • The Japan Times Sept 6, 2017 FILM / REVIEWSコラムの記事 "‘The Third Murder’: Director Hirokazu Koreeda triumphs wit
    h a trial drama that keeps the focus on character" の冒頭文を引用します。Murder mysteries are popular film and tel
    evision fodder in Japan, but most revolve around puzzle plots that hold as much real-world probability as the cases of Sherlock Ho
    lmes."fodder" は飼葉の意味しか知りませ [続きを読む]
  • dirigible
  • Reader's Digest July/Aug Issueの記事 "First Drafts of History" はラッシュモアの歴代大統領の石像、SFのゴールデンゲートブリッジなどの現在の姿は最初の構想とは諸々の事情で違っている話です。The spire atop New York's Empire State Building was not built solely as a hangout for King Kong; it was originally pitched as a zeppelin dock. In 1929, investors announced that the already 1,050-foot-tall tower wo [続きを読む]
  • The Best Comeback
  • Reader's Digest July/Aug号の "A Day's Work" コラムからの引用です。The best comeback I've eve
    r heard occurred at our store. A customer was complaining to my supervisor about the employees. He was spouting off about how terr
    ible we all were and insisting our company hired only idiots. That was when my boss looked him in the eye and asked, "Would y
    ou like an application?"このボス冴えていますね。とこ [続きを読む]
  • smartphone thumb
  • 先日NHKの番組「ためしてガッテン」を見ていたら、スマホの使い過ぎで手首が痛くなる病気を英語で "smartphone thumb" と呼ばれていることを知りました。早速この言葉が辞書に載っているか調べましたが、まだ普通の辞書には載っていませんでしたが、オンライン辞書の "netlingo" に次の説明がありました。The name given to the soreness in one's thumbs and hands from excessively using a smartphone or other handheld dev [続きを読む]
  • BIC Pen
  • Reader's Digest July/Aug号に出ていた投書です。"Worked fine with my right hand, but when I used my left hand m
    y writing came out looking like the work of an imbecile. I assumed BIC created a right-handed-only pen."そう言えば最近
    BICのボールペンを見かけない気がします。 [続きを読む]
  • mother lode
  • Reader's Digest July/Aug号の記事、"Take Me Out to the Blackberry Patch"、野球少年だった筆者が思い出すのは野球の試合の中身ではなく、試合の途中で見つけたブラックベリーを食べたことでした。As it turns out, the ball had come to rest in plain sight about ten feet past the fence. Out two missing outfielders had seen it. But they had also discovered a blackberry bramble. It was filled with a mother lode o [続きを読む]
  • op-ed
  • 改正民法が国会で可決したことに関する同志社大学の先生のコメント記事(op-ed?)がThe Japan Times Sept
    ember 4に掲載されていました。How Japan got new contract law it neither wants nor needs One possible explanation for the
    inexplicable change in contract law: It is a giant experiment driven by academic hubris and bureaucratic ambition.法律は全く
    勉強したことがなく疎いので、この先生の意見が適切かどうか全く [続きを読む]
  • sine qua non
  • The Japan Times September 4の記事 "The key to winning in Afghanistan" からの抜粋です。Islamabad's proxy
    jihadis cannot be defeated with half measures. And yet, we have coddled Pakistan as an important ally in the war against al-Qaida
    and the Taliban, even though it is essentially an enemy that has acted in ways fully inimical to the coalition’s troops, its Afg
    han allies and the aims of the Afghan [続きを読む]
  • cold feet
  • The Japan Times Online August 25の記事から引用します。Toshiba gives chip bid dibs to Western Digital after INCJ gets co
    ld feet Toshiba taps a consortium led by Western Digital as the favored bidder for the embattled giant’s memory chip business.&q
    uot;dibs" は 7/10/2009 に取り上げました。"cold feet" は初めて目にする気がする表現ですが
    、記事の状況を知っているので、及び腰の様な意味であると推測できます。辞 [続きを読む]