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  • The Omar Khadr Settlement Reaffirms Canada’s Values
  • (Published in the HuffPost, July 17, 2017).Much has been written both for and against the recent Khadr settlement, in which the Ca
    nadian government provided Omar Khadr with an apology and a $10.5 million payment. But the debate has largely focused on the wrong
    issue. Much of the discussion revolves around what Omar Khadr “deserves”―whether he deserved the treatment he received beca
    use he is a [続きを読む]
  • Canada’s Support of U.S. Strikes on Syria Harms International Law
  • (Published in the HuffPost, May 1, 2017.)In the immediate aftermath of the American missile strike against Syria, Prime Minister T
    rudeau announced that Canada “fully supports” the U.S. in its “limited and focused action to degrade” the Syrian governmen
    t’s chemical weapons capability. Many Canadians appear to think that this was the right call, given the heinous nature of the ch
    emical weapons [続きを読む]
  • Why and How to Amend Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution
  • In April I published an article on why supporters and defenders of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, the war-renouncing prov
    ision, should be developing proposals for how to amend the provision. The article was published in the Ritsumeikan Journal of Peac
    e Studies, in both English:Change It to Save It: Why and How to Amend Article 9, 18 Ritsumeikan J.Peace Studies (2017), and in Jap
    anese: [続きを読む]
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