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  • It's so humid today!!
  • 今日ゎ、ムシムシする~it was partly sunny today今日ゎ、曇時々晴れ♪i went to cafe to eat morning combo called "mo-nin-gu" this morning今朝ゎ、モ-ニングを食べにカフェに行って来たょ♪i ate water melon for the first time this year今年初のスイカだょ~★i can’t get enough of water melonスイカめっちゃ好きッッ!!see u [続きを読む]
  • It's hot today!!
  • 暑ッッif it's so hot in May, i wonder what it's going to be in July and August今でこんなに暑かったら、夏ゎど-なるんだろ-ねッッ!!this time i went to the cafe and shirokuma parfait今日ゎ、カフェに行って白くまパフェ食べたょ★i would like to try genuine shirokuma kakigori(shaved ice)本場の白くまかき氷を食べてみたいッッ♪♪♪see u [続きを読む]
  • 日大アメフト部『宮川泰介選手』
  • Nihon University's American football player "Taisuke Miyagawa".it is no use making an excuse like that.言い訳がましいoi have absolutely no pity for him and..私ゎ、彼に全く同情しないしoi think he should quit the club.退部すべきだと思うodon't get involved with all sports forever.masato uchida(former head coach of american football team) felt embarrassed and got hospitalized..内田正人前監督ゎ、都合が [続きを読む]
  • It is chilly today..
  • 肌寒~い..oit was cloudy this morning, but it started raining in the afternoon..午前中ゎ曇ってたけど、午後から雨が降って来たょココothis time i went to the Kanmi-Dokoro(traditional Japanese sweet restaurant)今日ゎ、甘味処に行って来たッッ♪i recommend that restaurant because Japanese shaved ice is delicious, tooこのお店ゎ、かき氷もめっちゃ美味しいからオススメ♪続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • I didn't get enough sleep!!
  • 寝不足~it was a really nice day today too今日もすごく良い天気ッッ!!our cat Bho-chan and Miimii are quarreling all night, so i don't get enough sleep recently..ニャンコのボ-ちゃんとミィミィが一晩中、ウォォォォ~ウギャァァァァ~って喧嘩してて、最近寝不足..oto solve it properly, i wonder if i need to set the record straight on hierarchical relationship between them.問題解決にゎ、彼らの上下関係をはっき [続きを読む]
  • Shopping♪
  • ショッピングit's nice weather again today今日も良い天気~♪however, it was a little chilly this morning, wasn't itでも、今朝ゎちょっと肌寒かったょね??i went shopping today今日ゎ、ショッピングに行って来たッッ★i also drank this chocolixir from GODIVAi love it大好きなショコリキサ-も飲んで来たょ★see u [続きを読む]
  • it's windy today!!
  • すごい風the weather has been nice since morning today今日ゎ、朝からすごく良い天気だょ~ココ♪im in line to buy sweets for a limited number now今、数量限定のスィ-ツを買うために並んでるょ!!however, many people were waiting in line, so i couldn't buy it..でも、たくさんの人が並んで居たから、買うコトが出来なかったッッ..oi will come earlier next time今度ゎ、もっと早くこょっと!!see u [続きを読む]
  • It is muggy today♪
  • 今日ゎ、ムシムシするょココtoday's high was thirty今日の最高気温30度だったッッ!!i got homemade strawberry jam today手作り苺ジャム貰ったょ♪making sweets is really difficult, right im really bad at it i envy people who are good at making confectioneryお菓子作り苦手だから、お菓子作りが上手い人って尊敬する~!!続きを読む [続きを読む]
  • This year's hiyashi-chuuka season has started!!
  • 冷やし中華はじめましたi made hiyashi chuuka by using raw noodles form sugakiyaスガキヤの生麺で、冷やし中華作ったょ♪hiyashi-chuuka go well with mayonnaise冷やし中華とマヨネ-ズってめっちゃ合う~!!hey listen, our cat Bho-chan and Miimii are fighting in the house all the time あのね、ニャンコのボ-ちゃんと、ミィミィが毎日のように喧嘩してるの!!however, they started fightling more than usual yesterdayで [続きを読む]
  • Just like a Summer's day!!
  • 夏みたいtoday is hotter than yesterday今日ゎ、昨日より暑~~~ぃ!!it's going to be very hot this summer今年の夏ゎ暑くなりそ~!!im sensitive to both cold and heat, so it's troublesome for me寒がりの暑がりだから困る~~~!!see u [続きを読む]
  • Butter sugar toast!!
  • バタ-・シュガ-・ト-ストi can't get enough itこれ、めっちゃ好きッッ!!!when i make it at home, i bake that in a toaster家で作るトキゎ、それをト-スタ-で焼くの♪it will be more deliciousもっと美味しくなるょ★see u [続きを読む]
  • Happy Mother's Day★
  • 母の日did you give your mother something or did you receive any presents from your children on Mother's day母の日ゎ、何かしてあげた??それとも子供から何かして貰った??it rained all day today今日ゎ、一日中雨が降ってたょココ!!i went to nana's green tea cafe to eat breakfast special this morning今朝ゎ、モ-ニングを食べにナナズグリ-ンティ-カフェに行って来たょ♪in nana's green tea cafes in Nagoya, there i [続きを読む]
  • Takeshima Aquarium♪
  • 竹島水族館it's nice weather again today今日も良い天気~♪i went to a renovated aquarium recently today今日ゎ、少し前にリニュ-アルした水族館に行って来たょ★the size of the aquarium is nicely compact, it is quieter than big aquariums, but they have a cozy atmosphere and quite popular among tourists lately水族館のサイズゎ、ちょうど良いコンパクさで、大きな水族館よりゎ活気さゎないけど、アットホ-ムな雰 [続きを読む]
  • I had weird dream last night!!
  • 昨日、変な夢見たッッ!!you'll never guess what i sawheve you watched an American TV drama "the walking dead"海外ドラマの『ウォ-キング・デッド』見たコトある??Daryl Dixon, so coolダリル、めっちゃカッコィィ!!im a crazy fan of Mark Norman Reedusダリル(ノーマン・リーダス)が好きすぎる-!!this is his Twitterhttps://mobile.twitter.com/wwwbigbaldheadin my dream, i was one scene from a drama too夢の中で、私も [続きを読む]
  • The pancakes were so big!!
  • 大っきなパンケ-キthe weather has been nice since morning today, a little windy though朝からすごく良い天気~、でもちょっと風が強ぃぃぃ♪i went to go eat pancakes for my lunch today今日のお昼ゎ、パンケ-キ食べに行って来たょ♪♪♪which do you like better, savoury pancakes and sweet pancakes食事系パンケ-キと、スイ-ツ系パンケ-キでゎ、どっちが好き??i was so excited the moment i saw this見た瞬間テンション [続きを読む]
  • Chocolate is good for your health♪
  • チョコゎ、健康に良いょchocolates are rich in polyphenol, food fiber, vitamins and mineral which are good nutrients the body needsチョコにゎ、体に良い栄養素のポリフェノ-ル、食物繊維、ビタミン、ミネラルが豊富なんだってッッ!!i bought a family sized bag of chocolateファミリ-サイズの大袋買っちゃったッッ★i have already eaten some chocolatesすでに何個かつまみ食い~♪apparently, dark chocolate containing [続きを読む]
  • Golden Week was over before I knew it!!
  • GWがあっとゆ-まに終わっちゃったねッッdid you have a good during your holidays休暇中ゎ、ゆっくり過ごせた??it was sunny this morning, but it was getting cloudy..今朝ゎ晴れてたけど、徐々に曇っちゃったょココoi took our cat Bho-chan to the veterinary clinic today.今日ゎ、ニャンコのボ-を動物病院に連れてったッッoit seems like he got a cold again.また風邪をひいたみたいなのohe has received a vaccination, b [続きを読む]
  • I caught in the passing shower today.
  • 通り雨othe weather was really nice today, but i was caught in a shower on the way今日ゎ天気が良かったけど、途中に通り雨にあったょ!!a granny in my neighborhood talked to me yesterday, "there are a lot of strawberries in my field, but do you want to come strawberry picking"昨日、近所のおばあちゃんが、畑に苺がたくさんなってるから、苺狩りする??って言ってくれたの♪so, i went picking strawberries her st [続きを読む]
  • How's your GW??
  • ゴ-ルデン・ウィ-クゎどうthe second half of Golden Week has startedゴ-ルデン・ウィ-クの後半が始まったねッッ!!it was raining earlier this morning, but then it stopped raining and the weather was clear up in the evening朝方ゎ雨が降ってたけど、その後雨が止んで、夕方にゎ晴れたょココ★i went on a day trip to an Onsen(Hot Spring) today今日ゎ、日帰り温泉に行って来たッッ♪when you came here, i want you eat [続きを読む]
  • Members of TOKIO also made a public apology..
  • TOKIOも謝罪会見oat 2 pm, they apologized to the public in front of the media..今日ゎ、TOKIOの謝罪会見があったん
    だね..oi haven't checked it a lot yet on TV, but it's hard to see their apologize in tears with sincere and earnest m
    anner in sad or anger for Yamagushi's scandal.まだしっかりと見れてないけど、メンバ-の不祥事に、涙な
    がら謝罪してる姿が見てて辛いowhat he did is something that will never be [続きを読む]
  • It's like summer!!
  • 夏みたぃthe sun was strong even though it was the morning time朝から日差しが強かったょココ!!and it was hot enough that it feels like summer夏のよ-に暑かった-!!it's already Mayも-五月だねッッ♪i am thinking what kind of swimsuit i should buy this summer今年ゎ、どんな水着を買おうかな??see u [続きを読む]
  • It is the last day of April today!!
  • 今日で4月も終わりだねッッit was sunny this mornign then it was cloudy later today今朝ゎ、晴れてたけど、その後曇って来たょココ♪after a short stroll along the beach, i ate lunch at a restaurant along the beach少し、海岸沿いをぶらぶらしたあと、海岸沿いのレストランでご飯食べたッッ♪i ordered sashimi (sliced raw fish) and they served it while the fish was still alive. i quickly asked them to take it a [続きを読む]
  • He is looking in at the camera♪
  • カメラ目線it was nice weather again today今日も良い天気だったょココ♪i went to Sea Life Nagoya in front of LEGOLAND JAPAN in Nagoya todayレゴランドの前にあるシ-ライフ名古屋に行って来たょ♪i thought it will be very crowed there, so i came earlier絶対に混むと思ったから、早く来ちゃったッッ!!続きを読む [続きを読む]