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  • Pizza Toastピザトースト
  • Growing up in Japan, pizza was not a big part of our diet, particularly a few decades ago.I don’t even think there were any rest
    aurants that served pizza in our little town when I was a child; now pizza has become a lot more popular and there is even an awes
    ome Italian restaurant a few blocks from my parents’ house that specializes in pizza.However, what I remember is a pizza toast t
    hat my mom s [続きを読む]
  • Lemon Herb Tempehレモンハーブテンペ
  • I usually flavor my tempeh with Teriyaki sauce, but this time I wanted to try something different.I marinated tempeh cubes overnig
    ht.This is how it looked when cooked the next day.It turned out to be DELICIOUS!!It’s funny that I say this, but it was so much
    better than I had hoped for (lol).I know some people would name this “vegan lemon herb chicken”, but I’m sticking with my de
    cision to hono [続きを読む]
  • Matcha Oatmeal抹茶オートミール
  • I’m new to the oatmeal scene.It was not something on my breakfast list for many many years, even after I came to the U.S.But I s
    tarted eating oatmeal more, mostly because I realized it’s an easy to prepare “hot” meal.I mostly like my food/drinks hot ra
    ther than cold.I go for hot coffee vs. iced coffee (even in summer), I’m not a big fan of ice cream or sorbet, and I rather “e
    at” my fruits t [続きを読む]
  • Spinach Bagelsほうれん草ベーグル
  • My first bagels were so successful that I couldn’t wait to make more.This time I decided to make something green.Yep, this is a spinach version.I used to love bagels, but I didn’t eat bagels for many many years.The plumpness and the chewy texture…I feel like I’m falling in love with them all over again!These homemade bagels are okay when frozen and re-heated, but they are definitely the best w [続きを読む]
  • Deep Dish Pizzaディープディッシュピザ
  • Deep dish pizza, y’all.During our recent trip to Chicago, we had fabulous deep dish pizza at Kitchen17.So since then we’ve bee
    n making deep dish pizza more often at our house.This deep dish pizza oven was gifted to Terry by his dad.We press the dough on th
    e dish.Spread homemade cheese, then red sauce.And then place vegetables.It’s hard to see what’s all on there because the spina
    ch leaves are [続きを読む]
  • Kon-Sai Soup根菜汁
  • This soul-warming vegetable-packed soup definitely reminds me of home.Kon-Sai means root vegetables in Japan.One of the root veget
    ables in this soup is Daikon radish.I found this beauty at the local farmers market.This is called konjac and it’s a popular ing
    redient of this type of soup.Konjac is not a root vegetable but it’s a product made of a root vegetable, Konjac potato, and it h
    as a very un [続きを読む]
  • Bagel Veggie Sandwichベーグル べジサンド
  • This was probably one of the freshest-tasting sandwiches I’ve ever had!When I made these bagels, I knew I wanted to make a sandwich using the homemade bagel.When we were traveling through Wisconsin we stopped at a cafe in one of the college towns, and we had an awesome bagel sandwich.It just had a lot of fresh/raw veggies inside and that really inspired me to make this.I happened to have these be [続きを読む]
  • Vegan Mayo豆腐マヨ
  • This was created without a lot of thoughts or plans, but the result was amazing.I liked it so much that I decided to share it here.Well, this is how it started… I had some tofu in the fridge that I needed to use up.I was initially thinking about making some kind of sweet cream with it, but at the last minute I changed my mind, and I thought why not trying to make mayo.I was actually thinking abou [続きを読む]
  • Matcha Toast抹茶トースト
  • A homemade whole wheat toast, Matcha bean paste, melting butter, crunchy walnuts, and sweet maple syrup…What not to love?!This is like the king of toast for me.The bread we eat at home is mostly homemade, simply because it tastes better.Since we bought the Kitchenaid stand mixer, making bread has become so easy and fun.My dough is so much smoother than before and this seems to lead to the better [続きを読む]
  • Miso Eggplant Stuffed Oyaki味噌茄子お焼き
  • Oyaki is a traditional Japanese snack which is basically a thick chewy dumpling with filling inside which can be sweet or savory.T
    his was actually the first time I made Oyaki, and it quickly became my favorite!Oyaki is an awesome snack for many reasons; 1) you
    can eat it with a hand; 2) it doesn’t contain much fat or sugar; 3) it’s filling and satisfying.They were surprisingly easy t
    o make, and [続きを読む]
  • Bagelsベーグル
  • The first time I had a bagel was when I home-stayed in Riverside, California, as part of a summer ESL program organized by my Chri
    stian college in Japan.I was probably 18 years old at that time, and it was my first time to visit the U.S.The bagle served for br
    eakfast at my host family’s house came with cream cheese and various jams, and I fell in love with this chewy wonderful bread.It
    was over 2 [続きを読む]