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  • Those who seldom get angry
  • I found an article about those who seldom get angry. Some reasons are shown and one of them isthose who seldom get angry don'
    t expect others.I think that is true.I've been betrayed by some people around me,so now I don't expect others to be kind
    to me.I feel nothing even though I'm treated coldly or made fun of by others,so I don't feel anger.Moreover those who s
    eldom get angry feel troublesome to [続きを読む]
  • Making stories
  • Some people love making stories about others.I've been impressed by their stories many times.They can tell their stories abou
    t othersas if they were talking about something true,but actually they are making those stories by themselves.It's amazing!I
    think those people could becomes a good novelist.Then they can make the most of their ability.As long as they are telling their st
    ories about people a [続きを読む]
  • Little and often fills the purse.
  • They say little and often fills the purse,but in case of some people, little and often empties the purse.They go to a bakery to bu
    y a little more expensive bread.They often go to a convenience store to get drinks and sweets.They buy expensive chocolate when th
    ey feel tired, saying,"I deserve such treatment because i've worked so hard."Of course if they earn enough money to
    lead such a life,it's al [続きを読む]
  • Too good to believe
  • Nowadays there're a lot of advertisements,which seem too good to believe.If we think carefullywe can realize there are not fa
    ntastic things such as a skin cream which makes us much youngertea which reduces our weight easilypills which cure our health pro
    blems instantly, etc.We see those advertisements again and again on TV, magazines and everywhere.Then, we are gradually made to be
    lieve them.I th [続きを読む]
  • Hyenas
  • Some children are just like hyenas.They say,"I couldn't go to a private college like everyone did,because we were poor.T
    hat's why I cannot find a good job now.It's your faults!""I'd like to live alone like everyone does,but I
    cannot rent a room because you don't pay for me.All of my friends live in an apartment andthe rent is paid by their parents.
    ""I cannot have my child take English lessons,beca [続きを読む]
  • Plastic bags for umbrellas
  • I see some people get more than one plastic bag for an umbrella.They put their umbrella into a plastic bag,and get several bags in
    to their bags.What are they going to do with them?I know a person who always get several bags.She says,"I put this bag in my
    car,so that i can put my wet umbrella into the bag on a rainy day."In the pocket of her car, there're always several pla
    stic bags,but I've never [続きを読む]
  • A thermometer is gone!
  • The other day I had a thermometer under my armto take my temperature.It was a conventional mercury one,so I had to put it under my
    arm for 3 minutes.In the meanwhile I was reading a book,and went to a bathroom.I completely forgot having it under my arm.while I
    was in the bathroom,it seemed I heard something dropping.At that time, I didn't care.Then after that I remembered I was che
    cking my temper [続きを読む]
  • Katakana English
  • I'm afraid it would be impossible for me to overcome Katakana English.Even though I practice reading English again and agin,s
    till each word is not connected well with each other.I can read a sentence fluently,but it sounds like Katakana English.Even thoug
    h I try to read with intonations,my English sounds flat.As long as I can make myself understood in English,it would be all right t
    o communicate w [続きを読む]
  • Your life is your choice....
  • They say your life is your choice.You should live your own life.I can understand that is true,and we should live that way as long
    as we are here.It's said we live to enjoy our life,However, life is not always so enjoyable and brilliant.Sometimes we'r
    e so tired to keep living.We'd feel we don't want to live any longer for ourselves.Then we'd think we have to live
    for someone we love.We don't want t [続きを読む]
  • Going to see performances
  • Some people love going to see performances,such as movies, plays and concerts.Others don't like to see them.They say,"Oh
    , I don't want to see something that others makepaying money.I'd like to do something by myself if I pay money."I k
    now one of them, who is over 80 years now.She is active mentally and physically and lives alone.She loves studying,so she takes cl
    asses at the community center near [続きを読む]
  • Keeping an otter?
  • I've heard that a girl was going to take 10 otters to Japan from Thailandand she was caught in the Bangkok airport.It's
    obvious taking any living animal out of any nation without a permitis illegal.She put them in a basket and put the basket into her
    suitcase.She said,"I saw them at a market in Bangkok,and I felt really sorry for them,so I was going to take them to Japan.&
    quot;Omg! Putting them in a b [続きを読む]
  • Once we get used to it.....
  • I've heard she has been doing house chores for her sonwho lives separately.She goes to his apartment once a week,while he is
    at work,and it takes several hours to do the laundry, clean the room,iron his shirts and so on.The other day I met her, she said,&
    quot;My son's going to get married with a career woman.I've heard she works for a big companyand comes home late at nigh
    t every day.She has no time to [続きを読む]
  • Women can eat for free...
  • There're restaurants where women can eat for free.,while men should pay for foods and drinks.Women go to the restaurant to me
    et men,and men go there to meet women.It's win-win situation, maybe.While I was young, such restaurants didn't exist,so
    honestly, I cannot understand why people go to those restaurants.If I were a man, I wouldn't want to go out with those womenw
    ho want to be treated all the [続きを読む]
  • You should buy a bigger one!
  • The other day I went shopping with Ms.X.She's always very careful about spending money.She says,"You know what?We should
    spend money wisely,so when you buy something,you should consider whether you really need that or not."I'm not sure she
    is right or not,because it seems she buys something just because they are cheap.She buys what she would use in the future,because
    she has already owned more th [続きを読む]
  • Animation voice
  • I'm sick of animation voices.While I'm walking on the street,young girls are talking in animation voices.When I enter a
    bank,I hear its mascot talking about its service in an animation voice.Again and again.I'm fed up with that.Not only animatio
    n characters but also peopleare talking in animation voices.Why do they talk in that way?It seems they think they would sound cute
    and pretty if they talk [続きを読む]
  • Accuracy
  • How can I improve accuracy in speaking English?This is my biggest problem.When I try to speak more,I cannot pay attention to accur
    acy.If I try to speak without mistakes,I won't be able to speak what I want.The fundamental problem is I'm not sure what
    I should talk.It takes time to find out what I'm going to talk even in Japanese.If I'm going to talk about something in
    English,I have to find the co [続きを読む]
  • Don't they need any advice?
  • There're some people who complaining about their troubles one after another,about their health problems, relations with their
    family members....Then, we give them some advice,but they won't listen to us.They just say,"Oh, you don't understa
    nd me at all.""That's not so easy.".....Maybe they'd feel refreshed just by complaining about their troub
    les to others.I feel that is not constructive at all.I [続きを読む]
  • Whether you do what you can do
  • I think there's a big difference about what people think they can do.I don't think of difficult things.I mean very simpl
    e things.For example, some people think they cannot go shopping without a car,even if they can go to a supermarket on foot.They ha
    ve never thought of bringing a heavy bag from the store to home.As a result they have to depend on someoneif they cannot drive a c
    ar any longer.Some p [続きを読む]
  • The grass is always greener
  • I cannot believe why she envies others.She lives alone and works part-time, four days a week.Her husband lives separately because
    of his work,and he sends her money every month,so she can do whatever she likes.She travels a lot, goes to movies, concert.....I d
    on't think there're so many people as lucky as she.However, strangely, she says,"Oh, I'm not as happy as you.I
    have a lot of worries, concer [続きを読む]
  • Suffering from stomachaches
  • The other day I was talking with some friends.One of them said,"I have a terrible stomachache once a month or so.Sometimes I
    woke up because of a terrible ache."We're very surprised and said,"Oh, you'd better go to see a doctor."S
    he said,"I've suffered from a stomachache for decades,so I'm kind of used to it"We couldn't say anything.
    She works hard until late at night, so sometimes skips meals.On e [続きを読む]
  • Too kind people
  • When we're going to have lunch together at a certain restaurant,I think we can go there directly.If we use the same station,
    or the same train,we could go there together.However, some people would like to go out their house earlier,drip in at some place
    and go for lunch.I think we can go directly to the place and meet there.However there're too kind people all the time.They th
    ink we should go to [続きを読む]
  • i cannot go out on a rainy day
  • They say,"I cannot go out on a rainy day."What?They're healthy enough to go not on a rainy day.They can walk in a r
    ain with an umbrella.It seems whenever they go out on a rainy day,they go out by car.If they have no car or nobody to drive for th
    em,they say," I cannot go out on a rainy day."They have never thought of going out holding an umbrella on a rainy day,an
    d luckily they don't have to do so. [続きを読む]
  • Living for someone else
  • There're people who are always worried abouthow we're thought to be by others.They're always concerned about others
    ' feelings.The other day we went to a restaurant,and a waiter asked us if we'd like to drink something.It was a lunch ti
    me, so we said, "No thinks,"Then one of us said later,"Oh, we should have ordered something to drink.The waiter mus
    t have thought how miser we were."Omg!Then she sho [続きを読む]
  • "Muri, muri!"
  • Nowadays we often hear people say,"Muri, muri!"I think more women use this phrase than men.I feel some women use this ph
    raseso that they would be thought cute or pretty by others.For example, while we're talking about cockroaches,someone says,&q
    uot;Whenever I find one, I crush it to death immediately."Then some women say,"Muri. muri!"They open their eyes wid
    e and waved their hands exaggeratedly.Maybe t [続きを読む]
  • Well paid, nothing to do
  • I have a friend who is always saying,"I have nothing to do at the office every day."She is working for a company part-ti
    me,four days a week, seven hours a day.I think she is well paid as a part-time worker.At the office there're only three worke
    rs,and what she has to do every day is very limited.However, there're a lot of things if she wants to do.The company is organ
    izing various events,so she ca [続きを読む]