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  • Unique supermarket
  • A supermarket near my house is very unique.That store is rather small,so the items are very limited.They sell only basic items,and
    the prices are always much lower than fixed prices.The store is very near to the stationand open early in the morning and late at
    night,so lots of working people drop by the storeon their way home.We go to the store to buy cheap items,so we don't need an
    y extra service [続きを読む]
  • How she keeps her youth
  • Whenever I see her, she looks younger and younger.Her wrinkles become less and less.Her cheeks are shining.I've wondered why,
    I've known she has been working as a translator and she has translated a clinic's pamphlets about cosmetic surgeriesand
    anti-aging methods from Japanese to her native language.Nowadays lots of tourists come from her home countryand undergo those surg
    eries,I've heard she has [続きを読む]
  • Those who are always busy
  • There are those who are always busy.They send us mails such as,"Today I enjoy a piano recital in Shibuya.She is the greatest
    pianist I've ever heard.""I'm in Hokkaido now!You cannot eat such delicious seafoods outside Hokkaido."&q
    uot;I'm in Nagoya now.I've never seen such a beautiful building.You should come here!"It seems they don't have
    to look after anybody,so they can go wherever they like at any t [続きを読む]
  • Hair treatment for 30,000 yen
  • Some people pay as much money as they can to keep beautiful.Actually now we can be beautiful if we pay a lot of money.I've he
    ard about some special treatmentso that we can make our hair shine.It costs 30,000 yen once.It will last for a month or so,that me
    ans we have to pay 30,000 yen every month just for the special treatment.I'm sure there are tons of peoplewho can spend a lot
    of money to keep be [続きを読む]
  • As long as she doesn't mooch off of them
  • Nowadays is it a common casethat adult children don't contact their parents any longer?They won't read messages from the
    ir parents.They just ignore them.If their parents have abused them,I can understand their feelings,but I know a case that the pers
    on graduated from college and now works for a company.She hates her parents because she had to borrow money while she was a stude
    nt.I hear nowadays a [続きを読む]
  • In my country...
  • They say,"In my country, everyone retires around 55 years old,and enjoys doing what they like.All of my friends travel around
    the world,do some gardening and so on."I've said to them,"If your parents cannot live by themselves,who takes care
    of them?"Then they say,"Usually they hire someone who takes care of their parents.In my country parents don't live
    with their children.They visit their parents [続きを読む]
  • Exercises
  • Actually I don't like doing exercises at all.I've thought doing house chores every day would be enough.I walk to the sta
    tion and supermarkets near my house.I've been healthy and have no pain at all.I can sleep well.However, I am told I should do
    some exercises so that I can keep walking until my last day.I remembered some exercises some of my friends recommended.I checked
    them online,and I tried s [続きを読む]
  • No carbohydrates
  • Today I was chatting with one of my coworkers,and she said,"I usually eat nothing for lunch,so I can make the most of my lunc
    h break.I can go shopping!"I said to her,"Aren't you hungry without eating lunch?"She said,"Not really.Ac
    tually I seldom feel hungry.For breakfast I eat vegetables and sausages.For supper I eat some meat. I love meat!"I said to he
    r,"Don't you eat bread or rice?"She said,"I d [続きを読む]
  • Worn-out underwear
  • They wear worn-out underwear all the time.They even wear underwear with holes.They don't care.Their way of thinking is that w
    e should look nice,but we should not spend any money just for ourselves.When they go out to meet their friends or relatives,they w
    ear holiday clothes.At home they wear worn-out clotheswhich they bought many years ago.They have never thought we can feel better
    if we wear our [続きを読む]
  • TV says...
  • They always say,"TV says...."I cannot believe why they think TV is always right.Commercial broadcasting stations are spo
    nsored by private cooperations.That means those companies pay money for each program,so I don't think those programs are prod
    uced without any biases.It's obvious that each program reflects each sponsor's opinions.I think NHK reflects the governm
    ent's reflections.Generally speakin [続きを読む]
  • They just do what they like
  • They just do what they likeand expect us to do what they expect us to do.They won't think of our situation.They just imagine
    our life is just like theirs.They think working out is a good way to kill time.At home there is nothing to do except watching TV.T
    hey think we can stay at home in the eveningand we are always happy to be given some presents.They have never thought we have to g
    o on a business [続きを読む]
  • All the diseases cannot be cured
  • I think we should remember all the diseases cannot be cured.Nowadays some people blame othersthat they should have been treated ea
    rlier,then they would have been cured or something like that.I don't think it's not so simple.In some cases, we won&apos
    ;t be curedeven if we go to see a doctorwhen we have an early symptom.Even though we don't smoke, eat properly,do exercise ev
    ery day,we would get sick.It's [続きを読む]
  • Even though they seem to be sick all the time
  • Whenever I see them, they seem to be sick.In spring, they suffer from hay fever.In summer, they often have a coldand keep coughing
    for a couple of months.In fall, they have hay fever again.In winter, they have a cold again.I've seen them for more than 10
    years,and as far as I know they seem to be sick all the time.They are not interested in eating,so they don't have breakfast.T
    hey have a curry and [続きを読む]
  • Grumpy people
  • They get grumpy so easily, so suddenly.I've been watching them to find the reason,and I've discovered it at last.That is
    related to money, yes, always money.They are so greedy and stingy,so they don't want to spend money on anything, anybody.If
    they find one of their family members has spent their money,they get grumpy instantly.They just keep their own money,so they depos
    it their money in their b [続きを読む]
  • Wha a nerve!
  • There are some people who are so modest thatthey won't start working using English even though they can speak it very well.On
    the other hand, there are other peoplewho are so bold that they are working using Englisheven though they don't understand i
    t well.They don't care even though they cannot understandcustomers' English.They say,"I cannot understand you.Pleas
    e speak more slowly." in English w [続きを読む]
  • They sound like an native speaker
  • Some celebrities are admired onlinethat they can speak English just like a native speaker.Even though they speak only a few words,
    a lot of people comment on them,"Oh, great! She is just like an American.""How can she speak English so fluently?&
    quot;They look like speaking English fluently,but actually they say,"Oh, great!"".....sounds like....like....oh, aw
    esome!"".......you know? Oh, cool!....... y [続きを読む]
  • Prestigious areas
  • They believe they live in a prestigious area,so they always look down on us.Actually our area is much more convenient than theirs,
    but they just imagine their area is much more sophisticated,and only rich people live there.That means they want to say they are r
    ich as well.They say,"We live near the station of the prestigious railway line,so the value of our condominium will never dec
    rease.We can sa [続きを読む]
  • Criticism
  • I cannot believe why some people criticize others' English so harshly.They say,"Her English is terrible.Nobody'll u
    nderstand what she's talking.""What a terrible pronunciation!I cannot believe she has studied abroad.""Oh
    , what a typical Japanese English!I'm disappointed at her.""She should have memorized her speech."I think it&a
    pos;s tough to speak in front of many people.A lot of people read a draft e [続きを読む]
  • Her lips are trembling
  • When we were chatting, I noticed her lips trembling.I'm not sure she notices it or not by herself,but she is always concerned
    about trifle things,so I guess she herself feels that.She is always trying to be nice to everyone,and makes every effort to do so
    .I think she has a lot of stress every day,and that is one of the reasons of her trembling.In addition, she wants to be considered
    by othersthat [続きを読む]
  • "You should not have a baby!"
  • I've heard a couple has separated after about 30-year marriage.The eldest daughter has a boyfriendand is going to get married
    to him in the near future.I've heard her mother said to her,"You should not have a child. Never!"I'm not sure
    whey she said to her such a thing,but I know she hates her ex-husband from the bottom of her heart.So, maybe, she doesn't wa
    nt to have a babywho is related to her e [続きを読む]
  • I know better than you!
  • Why do some people want to show off their knowledgeabout brand name goods, Michelin-starred restaurants etc.?They seem to think th
    ey are superior than othersbecause they know those things.They look down on us,"Oh, you know nothing about that shop!I cannot
    believe that!"They buy brand-name bags, purses, watches and so on.I don't think they have much more enough moneyto buy
    those expensive things on [続きを読む]
  • Washing hands too many times
  • I know some people who wash their hands too often.They wash their hands with soap for a few minutesand rinse them for a few minute
    s.They say they follow an instruction of how to wash your hands.As a result, their hands are dry and rough.After washing their han
    ds, they apply some cream on their hands.They repeat washing and applying some cream every hour or so.It's obvious they wash
    their hands too [続きを読む]
  • Performing ceremonies
  • I've just imagined I could hold family ceremonies just like others.However, I've realized it's not so easy.If there
    's something abnormal among family members,it would be impossible to hold family ceremonies just like others.Even though we
    have enough money to do so,we could not change others' way of thinking.If they are so stubborn that they won't wear appr
    opriate clothes,we cannot force them to [続きを読む]
  • Ceremonies!
  • They love ceremonies.They live every day for ceremonies.They save money every day for ceremonies.Are those ceremonies so worth?
    Just for a day.If we lead a fruitful day every day,we are too busy to think of a ceremony which has past away.They have nothing to
    do very dayso they talk about a ceremony which has past away again and anon.As a result, they think ceremonies are very important
    because ev [続きを読む]
  • Devious people
  • There are people who cannot appreciate our favors simply.They are always wonderingwhat we say is different from what we think.Even
    though we tell them to come to our house,they think we are just being polite.They say to us they are too busy to come to our ho
    useand say to others they don't think we are inviting them actually.What?We are telling them to come to our houseand ask them
    when would be [続きを読む]