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  • When we are told something terrible
  • Year ago we were supposed to endureeven if we were told something terrible by our seniors or superiors.We were not allowed to talk
    back to the person.When we were married, we were supposed to followour husband's family rules unconditionally.At work, bosse
    s usually asked their subordinates a lot of private questions.Now we are protected by rulesand we can talk back to our seniors an
    d superiorsif w [続きを読む]
  • She never goes outside on a fine day.
  • She has incredible fair skin and no wrinkles.She takes care of her face very very carefully.She uses very expensive cosmetics ever
    y day.She never goes out on a fine daybecause she doesn't want to get sunlight.She doesn't like hot days, cold days, rai
    ny days, windy days...It seems her biggest interest is to keep her face young.Of course, she is very particular about what she eat
    s.She believes we s [続きを読む]
  • Malicious words
  • I think we have to deal with malicious words as long as we live.There are always people who are so mean and nasty.They are always
    finding faults with othersand gossiping about others.How should we do?I think the best way is to ignore themas long as we get no a
    ctual damage.We should remember we cannot change what they are.Actually it's really tough not to care for their malicious wor
    ds,especially w [続きを読む]
  • Gluttons
  • Mr.X says,"Oh, I must be sick,because I don't feel hungry today."However he eats much more than ordinary people.Al
    l of his family members are gluttons,so he doesn't realize he eats much more than otherseven if he doesn't feel like eat
    ing.I wonder he has never heard of the storythat we may get sick if we eat too much.He just believes he has to eat 3 meals a dayto
    keep healthy.His family members ea [続きを読む]
  • Why do they explode in anger?
  • They explode in anger so often.I'm afraid they have some mental problems.When people around them speak loudly,they lose their
    cool and shout,"Shut up!Why do you speak so loudly?"When they have to wait for their order,their patience snap so easil
    y,"How long do you make me wait?What are you thinking?"Even though they have nothing to do,they are not patient enough t
    o wait.Even though they can ignore [続きを読む]
  • How can they forget others' favors so easily?
  • Surprisingly they don't remember what others have done for them at all.First of all I'm afraid they cannot recognize oth
    ers favors.For example, when they get a package from someone,they just receive it and never say thank you to the sender.Their clos
    e relatives have told them to call the senderwhen they receive some gift.However, I don't know why they have never ever thank
    ed any senders.I can admi [続きを読む]
  • Committing a crime
  • I feel there's a possibility that everyone would commit a crime.I myself would like to be very careful not to get so mad at a
    nythingand snap.Nowadays there's a lot of things in the worldthat make us depressed and desperate.Sometimes we would want to
    do nothing and stay at home.Maybe it'd be better than we get mad at someoneand feel like destroying everything.Thinking of so
    me guys I know,I feel no [続きを読む]
  • "I won't speak to them!"
  • The other day I talked with my friend,who works for a small office.There're only three female workersand she is one of them.S
    he says,"The other day, my two coworkers suddenly stopped talkingjust I came back to my desk from the restroom.I felt so unco
    mfortable that I said to them,'Why did you stop talking?You are so rude!'They must have been speaking ill of me.I felt
    so angry that I haven't talked [続きを読む]
  • Those who are allowed to do nothing
  • When we get old and don't want to do house chores,some people are allowed to do nothing.Luckily they live with their family
    membersand they are fully taken care of.They are just sitting in front of TV and dozing every day.They don't have to do anyth
    ing,so they're getting more and more fragile physically and mentally.If they feel a backache, they are taken to a hospital i
    mmediately,and get a lot [続きを読む]
  • Don't take that tone with me
  • I have a friend who comes from a foreign countryand has lived in Japan for more than 20 years.Her husband is Japanese, so she spea
    ks Japanese fluently.However, Japanese is not her native language,so sometimes people around her feel uncomfortable about her tone
    .She always takes a high tone with everyone,so a lot of people think, "Don't take such a tone with me."I guess she
    speaks that way in her na [続きを読む]
  • Cast pearls before swine
  • Some people just ignore our gifteven though we selected that gift for them.They are interested in what they like,and won't ac
    cept others' opinions,so they tend to be trapped in a vicious cycle.If I didn't have enough money to buy foods,I would a
    ppreciate whatever foods I were given.I'd do my best so that I could appreciate the foods.However, they just throw away what
    they don't like.No wonder they [続きを読む]
  • Even though he's working with non-Japanese people
  • I cannot understand why he is racisteven though he's working with non Japanese people.He has lived in America and he loves Am
    erica.He speaks American English fluently and confidently,and actually he thinks he is a good English speaker.So when he speaks wi
    th non native speakers in English,he speaks more loudly than usualand sometimes says,"Oh, I cannot understand YOUR English.&q
    uot;He says,"I think chil [続きを読む]
  • After all, none of us are perfect
  • Even though some people are very strict to us,I've realized they are not perfect themselves.They say to me,"You should
    be dressed properly all the time."They themselves keep tons of their clothes in a closet,so all of them are wrinkled and look
    shabby,even though the closes are very expensive.They say to me,"I've always received medicines more than I need from m
    y doctor and keep them just in case [続きを読む]
  • Even though I have enough time
  • Today I have a lot of free time,but I don't feel like doing what I should do.Strangely when I have only limited time,I feel
    I should deal with what I should do one after another,so I can finish doing them.However, I have a lot of free time,I think over v
    arious things,and end up doing nothing.It's true those who have nothing to doalways make trouble.They talk about others, blam
    e others,feel enviou [続きを読む]
  • Why are they so particular about everything?
  • I cannot believe why they are so particular about everything. When they see me using a wrapping cloth in polyester ,they say,"
    ;Oh, you should use a cloth in silk.Polyester looks cheap.Your mother should have given you a silk one."Omg!Are they blaming
    my mother?I'm sure I'm old enough to be told off.When I visited them wearing a casual jacket,they said,"When you vi
    sit someone's house,you should be d [続きを読む]
  • How many clothes should we have?
  • They say we should have minimum number of clothesand we should throw away the clothes which we haven't worn for 2 years or so
    .I think we should know all the clothes we haveand organize them so that we can take outthe clothe we'd like to wear instantl
    y.As for the number of clothes,I think we can keep as many as we like.Some people have a large space to keep clothesand others hav
    e only a limited spa [続きを読む]
  • Living witout a car
  • I know very well that we cannot live without a carif we live in a rural area,but I think a lot of us can live without a car,becaus
    e most of us don't live in a rural area, actually.I know a lot of people drive to a supermarket on weekdays,buy foods and dai
    ly items more than they need,because they are "cheap".Eventually they throw away some of them,because they buy more than
    they need.Then, I think [続きを読む]
  • Translation of section names
  • It's very difficult to translate section names from Japanese to English.I think we can translate in a couple of ways,and all
    of them are correct.Maybe we can check various examples onlineand choose the most common one.Some sections are quite unique and o
    nly exist in Japan,then it cannot be helped that the English translation sounds like Japanese English.Or we can translate the role
    of the section [続きを読む]
  • Promise which will not be kept
  • I wonder why some people keep a promisewhich they're not going to keep.I know a girl who always says to her grandparents,&quo
    t;I'll come to see you next month." or something like that.She has seldom done what she says.She visits her grandparents
    whenever she needs money.She sweetly speaks to them and get some money skillfully.I'd say she is a fraud by nature.I think t
    here're people like herwho tell a l [続きを読む]
  • Why do they find a solution?
  • It's very interestingthat some people are always complaining about somethingand won't find any solutions.Are they getti
    ng rid of stress through complaining?Sometimes it seems they are boasting through complaining.They say,"I feel gloomy when sp
    ring comes,because I have to weed my garden every day.In summer it's worse. Weeds grow rapidly, one after another.I hate wee
    ding.I wish there were no gard [続きを読む]
  • Behavior
  • We cannot change our behavior easily.We do a lot of things without realizinghow we look by others.I think our each behavior determ
    ines what we are.Even though someone speaks as if she were a noble person,it doesn't work.How we behave when we are alone wou
    ld lead to creating what we are.I know a person who looks down on usbecause we are poor and live in a small house.She always says
    people are dete [続きを読む]
  • What to do next
  • Some people are thinking what to do next all the time.They say,"You should plan everything beforehand,""You should
    keep extra things at home.""You should prepare for emergency."......As a result they keep a lot of extra things at
    home,and have to eat foods past the best-before date.They own too many things here and there,so they cannot find when they need so
    me of them.They always say,"Do you under [続きを読む]
  • I got nothing from my parents-in-law
  • She always says,"I got nothing from my parents-in-law.My husband is the youngest child,so when I got married, his parents ha
    d passed away.We got nothing from his parents."She says her husband worked very hardand bought a house for them.Yes, her husb
    and is great!However, I think they were lucky.I know some people have to pay back moneywhich their parents had borrowed.I know so
    me people who gift m [続きを読む]
  • Less than minimum wages
  • Even though he is working as a regular worker,he can get less than 100,000 year a month.That amount is after tax, health insurance
    etc.However, that amount include a full attendance allowance.That means, if he takes a day off,he can get only 90,000 or so.I hea
    r he even works overtime sometimes.It's obvious his salary is less than minimum wages.I think he can contact the Labor Standa
    rd Supervision [続きを読む]
  • Presents are going from one person to another
  • When they receive a present from somebody,they say,"Oh, thank you very much. I really love this!" or something like tha
    t.However, they are always thinking,"I wonder how much this is.I should give a return gift for her.What should I give her?Oh,
    I've received a present from B san this morning.That is about 2,000 yen,so I'll give that gift to her now."As soon
    as they receive a gift,they uncover tha [続きを読む]