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  • アンの青春17章68
  • "It seems to me, Anne, that you are never going to outgrow your fashion of setting your heart so on things and then crashing
    down into despair because you don't get them." outgrow:〜から脱却するfashion:方法,やり方set one's heart
    on:〜に望みをかける,〜に決めるcrash down:大きな音を立てて倒れるdespair:失望,落胆 「私にはね、
    アン、あんたが何かに望みをかけては、手に入らなくて絶望に打ちひしがれ [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章67
  • "You'll probably have a good many more and worse disappointments than that before you get through life," said Maril
    la, who honestly thought she was making a comforting speech. disappointment:失望get through life:世間を渡るmake a speech:
    一席弁じる,話をする 「生きていくとこれ以上に沢山のひどい失望を経験するだろうよ」と、マリ
    ラが言う。慰めの言葉をかけていると本気で思っているのだ。 [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章66
  • And I suppose the events of today have a funny side too. Perhaps when Diana and I are old and gray we shall be able to laugh over
    them. But I feel that I can't expect to do it before then, for it has truly been a bitter disappointment." funny:おか
    しいdisappointment:失望 それに今日の出来事には面白い面もあったわ。ダイアナと私が年を取れば今
    日のことも笑えるでしょう。でもそれまでは笑えないと [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章65
  • But there . . . that speech sounds as pessimistic as Miss Eliza Andrews and I'm ashamed of making it. After all, it was NOT t
    oo good to be true . . . things just as good and far better are coming true for me all the time. pessimistic:悲観的なashamed:
    恥じてcome true:実現する で、こうなの……こういうのはエリザ・アンドリューズと同じように悲観
    的に聞こえるわね、恥ずかしい。結局出来すぎてるわ [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章64
  • "Well," sighed Anne, laying the letter down on the red sandstone step of the back porch, where she was sitting, while th
    e twilight rained down out of a dappled sky, "I always thought it was too good to be true that Mrs. Morgan should really come
    . sigh:ため息をつくlay down:下に置くsandstone:砂岩back porch:裏口twilight:たそがれrain down:雨あられと振
    り掛けるdappled:まだらの 「そうよね」裏口 [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章63
  • "And oh, Anne dear," wrote Priscilla, "I'm so sorry, but I'm afraid we won't get up to Green Gables
    at all now, for by the time Aunty's ankle is well she will have to go back to Toronto. She has to be there by a certain date.
    " get up to:〜まで行くankle:足首「アン、アン」プリシラは書いている、「ごめんなさい、今私
    たち、どうしてもグリーンゲーブルに行けないの、というのも、叔母さんの足首が良くなる [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章62
  • Then Diana went home with a headache and Anne went with another to the east gable, where she stayed until Marilla came home from t
    he post office at sunset, with a letter from Priscilla, written the day before. Mrs. Morgan had sprained her ankle so severely tha
    t she could not leave her room. headache:頭痛,頭痛の種sprain:〜を捻挫するankle:足首severely:ひどくダイアナは
    それから頭痛をおして帰って [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章61
  • The guests went away soon after, feeling that it was the most tactful thing to do, and Anne and Diana washed the dishes, talking l
    ess than they had ever been known to do before. tactful:気を利かした気を利かして帰るのが一番いいわと思い
    らず皿を洗う。 [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章60
  • "Don't blame Davy," said Anne, gathering up the fragments with trembling fingers. "It was my fault. I set that
    platter there and forgot all about it. I am properly punished for my carelessness; but oh, what will Miss Barry say?""W
    ell, you know she only bought it, so it isn't the same as if it was an heirloom," said Diana, trying to console.gather u
    p:拾い集めるfragment:破片,かけらtrembling fingers: [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章59
  • "No, I never did," whimpered Davy. "I was just kneeling here, quiet as quiet, to watch you folks through the bannis
    ters, and my foot struck that old thing and pushed it off . . . and I'm awful hungry . . . and I do wish you'd lick a fe
    llow and have done with it, instead of always sending him upstairs to miss all the fun." whimper:泣き声で言うkneel:ひ
    ざまずくfolks:人々,家族bannister:=banister, [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章58
  • At the bottom of the stairs lay a big pink conch shell amid the fragments of what had been Miss Barry's platter; and at the t
    op of the stairs knelt a terrified Davy, gazing down with wide-open eyes at the havoc."Davy," said Marilla ominously, &q
    uot;did you throw that conch down ON PURPOSE?" conch:巻き貝shell:貝殻amid:〜に囲まれて,〜の真ん中にfragment:
    破片,かけらplatter:大皿kneel:ひざまずくterrifie [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章57
  • Just as Mr. Allan had finished returning thanks there arose a strange, ominous sound on the stairs, as of some hard, heavy object
    bounding from step to step, finishing up with a grand smash at the bottom. Everybody ran out into the hall. Anne gave a shriek of
    dismay. ominous:不気味なbound:バウンドするgrand:壮大なsmash:粉砕,強打shriek:悲鳴dismay:狼狽,驚愕アラン
    さんがお礼を述べたちょうどそのと [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章56
  • There is an old proverb that really seems at times to be inspired . . . "it never rains but it pours." The measure of th
    at day's tribulations was not yet full.proverb:ことわざat times:たまにinspired:見事なIt never rains but it pours.:
    ることわざがある……「弱り目にたたり目」 その日の災難はまだすべて終わっ [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章55
  • Anne tried heroically to bear her part in the conversation for the sake of her guests; but all the sparkle had been quenched in he
    r for the time being, and, in spite of her love for the Allans and Miss Stacy, she couldn't help thinking how nice it would b
    e when everybody had gone home and she could bury her weariness and disappointment in the pillows of the east gable.bear:持つ,
    担うfor the sake of [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章54
  • It cannot be said that that dinner was a notable success socially. The Allans and Miss Stacy exerted themselves to save the situat
    ion and Marilla's customary placidity was not noticeably ruffled. But Anne and Diana, between their disappointment and the re
    action from their excitement of the forenoon, could neither talk nor eat. notable success:注目に値する成功socially:社交
    的にexert oneself:奮闘する [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章53
  • "Well," said Anne, sobering down again with a sigh of recollection, "we have the salad anyhow and I don't thin
    k anything has happened to the beans. Let's carry the things in and get it over." sober:冷静になるrecollection:想
    った、「とにかくサラダはあるわ、それと豆がどうなったかは考えません。料理を運んで終わら [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章52
  • The guests in the parlor heard peal after peal of laughter from the kitchen, but they never knew what the fun was about. There wer
    e no green peas on the dinner table that day, however.parlor:応接間peal:大きな響き,とどろきgreen peas:グリーンピ
    白いのかはわからなかった。しかし、その日の昼食のテーブルにはグリーンピー [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章51
  • "It's a case of too many cooks, I guess," said Marilla, who had listened to this dialogue with a rather guilty expr
    ession. "I didn't think you'd remember about the sugar, Anne, for I'm perfectly certain you never did before .
    . . so _I_ put in a spoonful."dialogue:会話guilty:有罪のexpression:表情「料理人が多すぎるときに起こる
    ことだね」と、二人の話を聞いていたマリラが少しばかりばつの悪い顔で言った [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章50
  • "How awful! I never dreamed you had put sugar in, because I knew your mother never does. I happened to think of it, for a won
    der . . . I'm always forgetting it . . . so I popped a spoonful in."awful:恐ろしいhappen to:何気なく〜するfo
    r a wonder:珍しく「ひどい味! あなたが砂糖を入れたなんて考えてもいなかったわ、だってあな
    たのお母さんは入れないのを知ってたもの。珍しくそのことを思い出して……いつも [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章49
  • "But _I_ put a spoonful in too, when I set them on the stove," said Diana.Anne dropped her masher and tasted the peas al
    so. Then she made a grimace.stove:レンジ,コンロmasher:つぶし器,ジャガイモつぶしmake a grimace:しかめっ面を
    イモつぶし器を置いてアンも豆を味見する。そして顔をしかめた。 [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章48
  • "Anne, did YOU put sugar in these peas?""Yes," said Anne, mashing the potatoes with the air of one expected to
    do her duty. "I put a spoonful of sugar in. We always do. Don't you like it?"pea:エンドウ豆mash:すりつぶ
    入れるのは [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章47
  • "Nor I. But I hope everything will be nice for Miss Stacy's and Mr. and Mrs. Allan's sakes," said Anne listles
    sly.When Diana dished the peas she tasted them and a very peculiar expression crossed her face.sake:ためlistlessly:物憂げにd
    ish:大皿からとるtaste:味を見る,食べるpeculiar:奇妙なcross someone's face:(人)の顔をよぎる「私も。
    でもステイシーさんやアラン夫妻のためにはすべてうまくいって欲しいわね [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章46
  • Anne and Diana set about lifting the dinner, with all the zest gone out of the performance."I don't believe I'll be
    able to eat a mouthful," said Diana dolefully.set about:〜に取り掛かるlift:持ち上げるzest:熱意performance:動
    さがなかった。「一口も食べられないと思うわ」ダイアナが悲し気に言う。 [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章45
  • "Girls, we MUST have dinner. Everybody is hungry and it's no use waiting any longer. Priscilla and Mrs. Morgan are not coming
    , that's plain, and nothing is being improved by waiting."It is no use doing:〜してもしょうがないplain:明白なimp
    るしこれ以上待ってもしょうがないから。プリシラとモーガンさんは来ないわね、そ [続きを読む]
  • アンの青春17章44
  • "I don't believe they're coming after all," said Marilla crossly.Anne and Diana sought comfort in each other's eyes.At h
    alf past one Marilla again emerged from the parlor.crossly:不機嫌にseek comfort:慰安を求めるemerge from:〜から姿を
    慰めを求めるかのようにお互い見つめ合う。1時半にマリラが応接間からまた出てきた [続きを読む]