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  • 美人
  • Fujitsubo returned to court in the Seventh Month. The emperor’s affection for her had only grown in her absence. Her condition was now apparent to everyone. A slight emaciation made her beauty seem if anything nearer perfection, and the emperor kept her always at his side. The skies as autumn approached called more insistently for music. Keeping Genji too beside him, the emperor had him try his h [続きを読む]
  • 英語
  • Lamenting the burden of sin that seemed to be hers, Fujitsubo was more and more unwell, and could not bestir herself, despite repe
    ated messages summoning her back to court. She was not at all her usual self ― and what was to become of her? She took to her be
    d as the weather turned warmer. Three months had now passed and her condition was clear; and the burden of sin now seemed to have
    made it ne [続きを読む]
  • 英語
  • “A very great rarity indeed,” Genji said, smiling, “a blossom with so long and short a span.” The sage offered averse of thanks as Genji filled his cup: “My mountain door of pine has opened briefly To see a radiant flower not seen before.” There were tears in his eyes. His farewell present was a sacred mace which had special protective powers. The bishop too gave farewell presents: a ro [続きを読む]
  • 英語
  • There were heavy mists in the dawn sky, and bird songs came from Genji knew not where. Flowering trees and grasses which he could
    not identify spread like a tapestry before him. The deer that now paused to feed by the house and now wandered on were for him a s
    trange and wonderful sight. He quite forgot his illness. Though it was not easy for the sage to leave his retreat, he made his way
    down for [続きを読む]