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サイト紹介文カナダの旬な情報を英語と日本語で投稿しています:) 動画も少しづつUPしています
自由文バンクーバーで彼とわんちゃん達3匹と生活してます:) バンクーバーに留学したいと思っている人やカナダについての質問がある人は気軽にコメントください:) 出来る限りで返信します
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  • Bicerin
  • Ciao :) Here is one of Joe’s favorite espresso drinks, bicerin. You can adjust the ratio of hot chocolate, espresso and cream based on your taste. 15g chocolate 1/4 cup water (sugar if you like it sweeter) 1 shot of espresso a lot of whipped heavy cream [続きを読む]
  • Italian Cannelloni Recipe
  • (for 1 serving portion/1人前) 1 egg 卵1個 1 Tbsp flour 小麦粉大さじ1 1.5 Tbsp water お水 大さじ1.5 ―? 1/2 cup cottage cheese (or ricotta cheese) カッテージチーズ(又はリコッタ)1/2カップ 1/2 package of spinach (about 70g) ほうれん草70g程 Salt and pepper 塩胡椒 ―? Tomato sauce トマトソース適量 Italian bread crumbs (or cheese) パン粉又はチーズ Thanks for watching :) [続きを読む]
  • Old Montreal
  • Happy New Year! Hope you had an amazing holiday :) Joe and I visited Montreal to see his family, relatives and friends. Instead of
    doing a cooking video, I did an Old Montreal Vlog instead. (画面右下のCCボタンで日本語字幕を設定して頂けま
    す。) Old Montreal is one of my favorite places in Montreal and I hightly recommend you to try “Tire d’erable” […] [続きを読む]
  • London Fog (Earl Grey Tea Late)
  • It’s so simple to make London Fog so I shouldn’t call it a recipe but I still wanted to share with you guys because I’m so into this delicious tea. ロンドンフォグの作り方 (CCボタンで日本語字幕を設定して頂けます。) Earl grey tea アールグレーティー Milk (Any milk will work) ミルク(お好みの物) Vanilla bean バニラビーンズ Sugar お砂糖 気持ち濃いめにアールグレーティーを入れます。 そこにミルクを [続きを読む]
  • Shiso and Parsley Pasta Recipe
  • Hi :) This is the pasta my mom used to make. 6 to 7 stocks of parsley 10 shiso leaves (perilla leaves) 2 cloves of garlic 3 to 4 T
    bsp olive oil 1 serving pasta salt pepper I used quinoa pasta from Trader Joe’s. It was pretty good :9! Shiso isa popular herb i
    n Japan […] [続きを読む]
  • Brown Butter Bourbon Cookies Recipie
  • Hi :) Here is one of the most popular cookies I’ve made. We call them “Drunken Uncles” because they’re very unique and tasty so we gave them special nickname. In these cookies you can definitely taste the bourbon ;) こんにちは。今回は、今まで私が作った中で1番人気があったバーボンクッキーのレシピです。 こちらのクッキーは試行錯誤して作った大好きなレシピなので、”Drunken Uncles(酔っぱらいおじさん) [続きを読む]
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