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  • York Castle Museum / York
  • York Castle Museum is next to Clifford's Tower.They show some parts of York Castle, including prison.From ancient to current
    items are displayed in the museum.I think the moped is made in Italy. Why do they put it there. Small town is reconstructed as a r
    eplica. Every iron part is made with forging.It's too much, too strong. Black board looks small.It might be difficult to see
    the board from the [続きを読む]
  • York Racecourse / York
  • When I visited York, horse race was held.I could see a little of it coincidently.People in the building wear formal suit or dress.
    It's a kind of social activity not a gamble. It's not prohibited to walk around the racecourse. Also it's not forb
    ided to cross the course.The bush is much deeper than that in Japan. The launch machine is not kept out. [続きを読む]
  • Clifford's Tower / York
  • Clifford's Tower is The style could be common in their history.The bricks are being damaged by nature.But there wasn't a
    ny preserving works the same as Japan.A lot of ancient historical places can be seen as ruins.Birds have a nest in the tower.How g
    entle people in the UK.They just leave birds as they are.Their attitude for nature and birds surprised me a lot.From the top of th
    e tower, whole city [続きを読む]
  • National Railway Museum 2 / York
  • Eurostar was mainly produced by France.Because France has many advantages to make fast trains like TGV.Poor the UK.Japanese Shinka
    nsen train is also shown next to Eurostar.People in the UK call the train as "Bullet Train".I felt strange emotion when
    I sat down on the seat of Shinkansen.They also has huge space for storage their items.Their long railway history created a lot of
    things.The museum is [続きを読む]
  • National Railway Museum 1 / York
  • The train is steam train, Mallard, which has the world record,the fastest steam train in human history.Without a doubt, this is t
    he masterpiece of Engineering.The museum has a lot of space for displays.There might be a parking-lot for trains.The museum shows
    how the UK had glory culture of railways.But now, most of it has lost and many citizens complain about the lose. The train show it
    's elegant [続きを読む]
  • York Minster / York
  • The biggest church I'd seen in the UK is York Minster.I enjoyed taking pictures and walking around the fantastic minster.The
    church can be seen from around the city.The towers are amazingly high.The more amazing thing is the spires are not the highest in
    the UK. The church is so huge.How big organ can sound whole hall.The minster was originally small even it's bigger than ordin
    ary churches.The cur [続きを読む]
  • York
  • York is the best city for me.It has a huge museum about steam trains.The city has many historical places.But they are just left as
    it is.There would be lot's of barricades, if they were in Japan.Such many boats come to York.Some of owners enjoyed sunbathi
    ng on their ship.They might love to show theirselves.I saw many typical buildings in the UK.A lot of chimney pots are on the roofs
    .They must have [続きを読む]
  • Museum of Zoology / Cambridge
  • The museum has latest instruments, air conditioner.It works for preserving their collections. Some huge fossils are shown in publi
    c. The biggest Salamander, which live in Japan, is displayed.Sometimes I found things related to Japan, it made me excited.Each h
    uman skeletons are shown in a row. [続きを読む]
  • Brighton Palace Pier / Brighton
  • The Pier is the symbol of Brighton and was built 1899.A lot of people boarded on various ships all over the world,then the pier ha
    s different role now.The pier is the same as amusement park.Tourists eat fish and chips and seagulls steal it.The gate is still wo
    rking.At the edge of the pier, there is a palace the same as it's name.But people don't enjoy it's instruments.Beca
    use the day is of The Wor [続きを読む]
  • Royal Pavilion / Brighton
  • Royal Pavilion doesn't allow people to take photos inside.Because of that, I don't have any pictures in it.The castle is
    similar to that of Indian, I thought.I didn't expect to see such a style in the UK and find Chinese tasteinside of the Pavil
    ion.I didn't really understand what they were going on.I should've asked someone why black colored people aren't ra
    rely seen in such ceremonies.The UK peop [続きを読む]
  • Portsmouth
  • Portsmouth is famous as a marine city.The coastal city has the navy shipyard and Historic Dockyard, a museum.A host family recomme
    nded to see ships displayed there.Many wind ships are are there.They all have great histories that affected the country.The city d
    oesn't have much railways for the other cities,because it locates at the edge of the UK.Some trains are replaced to busses th
    e same as local [続きを読む]
  • Btighton
  • The coastal city looks colorfull and energetic for me.Seagulls are so wild enough to steal foods from men.They are waiting in the
    sky for somebody getting Fish and Chips.I'd thought Fish and Chips must be more delicious at seaside than other area.In fact,
    it was totally bad.Just oil and salt were tasted on my tang.When I went to Brighton, three months has passed since I got to the
    UK.Even I could [続きを読む]
  • Mary Rose / Portsmouth
  • The ship sank long time ago due to heavy weapons equipped on the ship. There are two types of canons.I don't actually remembe
    r them.Its might be full casted and forged.Bullets for canons of the ship was spherical stone.I think it's more difficult to
    make it than make metallic bullet.A long long time passed after she went under the sea.Almost half of the body was decomposed.A li
    ttle grotesque, it s [続きを読む]
  • Portsmouth Habor Cruise / Portsmouth
  • Habor Cruise was on service and included in year pass.The ship was crowded therefore some people had been standing during the crui
    se.Everybody had white colored skin except for me.So I felt a little loneliness on staying alone. There were many battle ships in
    Portsmouth.If the same service was on sale in Japan, I'd join it.The aerocraft carrier is Queen Elizabeth.I met the Queen in
    the UK even the [続きを読む]
  • HMS M33 / Portsmouth
  • I don't know how this battle ship had worked.The ship looks small, maybe the same as ships of fisherman,but the painting on t
    he ship makes it stylish.The ship doesn't have any decorated beautiful rooms.Everything is for their victory.Whole steel wall
    s were connected with rivets.In a museum somewhere in Historic Dockyard,how to bond with rivets is shown.Did they have any problem
    on welding.Imperial [続きを読む]
  • Warrior / Portsmouth
  • This ship might be one of the most famous battle ship in the world.When the ship was built, it was the biggest, fastest and strong
    est.On the deck, there are many canons.It looks heavy.How many soldiers had to treat the canons to aim enemies.There are numerous
    canons in the ship.The ship has steam engine.To move coal, hanging rail is set on the roof.It means navy soldiers carried lots of
    coal into [続きを読む]
  • Coventry Transport Museum / Coventry
  • To see the world fastest automobile, I went to the Coventry Transport Museum.The name of the car is Thrust SSC.The city is not so
    big but I'd heard the name, Coventry, many timeswhen I talked with students who loves transporters.The museum shows a lot of
    mobiles from classic to high-tech.I was amazed that many tourists touched the machines for their Instagram or Facebook.Jaguar migh
    t be the bigges [続きを読む]
  • 128GB UHS-U3 microSD
  • Before I got the 128GB microSD, I'd mainly used 32GB UHS-1 U1 card.But the U1 cards are too slow for recording 4K video.Sony
    A7R2 camera demands UHS-1 U3 cards to take 4K high resolution movie.Higher writing speed reduce time to wait during continuous sho
    oting.I don't really shoot continuously so that I'd not had to have U3 cards.A7R2 costs too much, not only the camera it
    self but fine lenses and [続きを読む]
  • Manchester Museum / Manchester
  • Manchester Museum shows a T-rex and it doesn't cost at allas many other big museums.This T-rex fossil is the third one for me
    to see.The first is The National Science Museum in Japan.The second is in London during the staying in the UK.The museum has some
    entrances so I didn't understand where to enter.I didn't spend much time in the museum as I had to go back to the stati
    on.I forgot to check what [続きを読む]
  • Museum of Science & Industry / Manchester
  • I'd always wanted to see the museum since I knew Manchester. The museum has some buildings, vast field, and store houses.It&a
    pos;s an amazing for us to be allowed to see historic items freely.The building is to show how engines have been developed.So it h
    as from steam engines to turbine engines, from the oldest to the latest.It's difficult to see industrial history, because Jap
    an had importedmany devel [続きを読む]
  • National Football Museum / Manchester
  • World Cup had been being held in Russia when I was in the UK,so that I thought I should go to the museum.Many attractions are ther
    e for children so I couldn't enjoy them. I'd always wanted to know the history of footballand the museum should show it
    I think.But the history was explained only a little.At a souvenir shop in the museum sells some uniformswhich have signatures wri
    tten by famous playe [続きを読む]
  • Manchester Cathedral / Manchester
  • I didn't planed to go there but fortunately I found the cathedralnext to National Football Museum. The cathedral is not so b
    ig as the other cathedrals I'd seen before.And many stores are making their business around the cathedral.Really developed ci
    ty, Manchester might not prfioritize to save their history. The inside of the cathedral is similar to Gloucester Cathedral or mor
    e beautiful. Manches [続きを読む]
  • Black Country Living Museum / Birmingham
  • The museum show how people had lived in the time period of Industrial Revolution.Birmingham has the other the kind of museum near
    the city center. Machinery are powered by rotating belts, not human powered. The UK has a lot of historical industrial legacies,
    because the countryis the original place of Industrial Revolution. Japan has less displays because the country just imported machi
    nesand dev [続きを読む]