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サイト紹介文スーパーモデルについてがメインです。Karlie Kloss等、基本は彼女達の私服を扱うつもりです。
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  • Milena Litvinovskaya at Prada as Opening
  • Milena Litvinovskaya at Prada as Opening Milena Litvinovskayanowfashion関連記事(Related Articles) I do not claim ownership rights of any images, videos and other data 当ブログで使用する全ての画像、映像、音声その他データは、その各々の著作者及びそれらの著作権等権利を主張する方々に帰属します http://aboutamodel.blogspot.jp/ aboutagirl_com@yahoo.co.jp [続きを読む]
  • Nimue Smit back to runway at Prada 2017SS
  • Nimue Smit back to runway at Prada 2017SSVery honor to see her again, at runway, as Prada girl, and as a Model.Nimue Smit at Prada 2017SS nowfashionvogue関連記事(Related Articles) I do not claim ownership rights of any images, videos and other data 当ブログで使用する全ての画像、映像、音声その他データは、その各々の著作者及びそれらの著作権等権利を主張する方々に帰属します http://aboutamode [続きを読む]
  • Fashion Week 2017SS has started already
  • http://nyfw.com/ http://www.vogue.com/fashion-showshttps://nowfashion.com/ New York Fashion Week has already started, i want you
    to know about a big environmental change. To put it briefly, especially newfaces could have hard time more than ever, i mean it ev
    en new Prada girls from latest Ad Campaign 2016FW.I felt two messages from Prada 2016SS and 2016AW. 1st face in Prada is not Cinde
    rella [続きを読む]
  • Rina Fukushi : New Face from Louis Vuitton
  • Rina Fukushi New Face from Louis VuittonRina Fukushi debuted at Louis Vuitton 2016AWVoguefrom Anna Dello Russo's ins
    tagramRepost from @saori_vj @rinao127 japan models @louisvuitton ????????Anna Dello Russoさん(@anna_dello_russo)
    が投稿した写真 - 2016 3月 9 3:09午前 PST関連記事(Related Articles)Rina Fukushi, ちょっと気になるモ
    デル  I do not claim ownership rights of [続きを読む]
  • Miu Miu 2016AW
  • Miu Miu 2016AWIris Landstra#miumiu@francescanapoletanoが投稿した動画 - 2016 3月 9 6:08午前 PSTClosing #PFW on a high note @MIUMIU #FW16 @BinxWaltonV Magazineさん(@vmagazine)が投稿した動画 - 2016 3月 9 5:54午前 PSTThe stars aligned for @MiuMiu @lara_stone @gigihadid .... Bravo #MiucciaPrada on a beautiful collection.V Magazineさん(@vmagazine)が投稿した動画 - 2016 3月 9 6:11午前 PSTNowfashionhttp:// [続きを読む]
  • Valentino 2016AW
  • Valentino 2016AWLivehttp://www.valentino.com/Live Imageshttp://nowfashion.com/valentino-ready-to-wear-fall-winter-2016-paris-18636
    I love Valentino's black and whitem, as like a rebelliousness for mood of fashion world facing now. Pure ballet elements but b
    iker shoes and leather jackets gave a sense of good difference from couture collection. Casting is very Valentino, Paulina and Bar
    bora woo...!今 [続きを読む]
  • Saint Laurent 2016 Couture
  • Saint Laurent 2016 Couture Only shutter sound in the atmosphere, Hedi Slimane, his 1st couture show started with le smoking.
    He is a successor of Yves Saint Laurent, very homage show is amazing.@ysl #saintlaurentAnna Dello Russoさん(@anna_dello_russo)
    が投稿した動画 - 2016 3月 7 11:25午前 PST#saintlaurent @yslAnna Dello Russoさん(@anna_dello_russo)が投稿した動画
    - 2016 3月 7 11:36午前 PST#sain [続きを読む]
  • Estella Boersma, Estelle Chen...(2016/3/6)
  • from 2016AWI am really exciting to watch her developing, and already imagining which brands tap her as its face. Anna Sui? or Prad
    a again? She is just walking to so many chances !Estellaの活躍が続きますね、ミラノがなかったとは言え、彼
    すが、Anna Suiが本命でしょう!Prada再びもあるか...!など想像が一人で膨らみまくっ [続きを読む]
  • マンナミトグラフ
  • マンナミトグラフ以前から自分のブログでご紹介させてもらっているmitographさんと萬波ユカさんによる写真展が表参道のROCKETで2016年4月1日(金)から13日(水)まで開催されます、入場は無料とのことです。是非ご来場を!mitographhttp://www.mitograph.com/表参道Rockethttp://www.rocket-jp.com/関連記事(Related Articles)Yuka Mannami I do not claim ownership rights of any images, videos and other data 当ブログで使 [続きを読む]
  • Fernanda Ly for Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Lipstick
  • Fernanda Ly for Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo LipstickAs I said this article, Lagerfeld takes action to Fernanda as beauty campaign.http
    ://aboutamodel.blogspot.jp/2015/07/fernanda-hin-lin-ly-damaris.htmLagerfeld tends to show a little bit of an omen before decide hi
    s muses. This case is campaign, not runways. Cant wait to see Fernanda in Chanel with Lagerfeld.以前こちらの記事で書い
    たように、ついにラガー [続きを読む]
  • Camille Hurel, Lineisy Montero...(2016/3/2)
  • from 2016AW at ParisCamille Hurel seized the moment of fashion week, from Valentino Ad Campaign, 1st runway of Prada, and now Open
    ing at Anthony Vaccarello, Vogue introduced her as one in The 7 French Models You Need to Know Now.http://www.vogue.com/13409135/p
    aris-fashion-week-french-models/Last season, Anthony Vaccarello started his show with Yasmin with opening, it's natural thinki
    ng to have goo [続きを読む]
  • Lorena Maraschi, Paulina Frankowska...(2016/2/27)
  • from 2016AWPrada made a Cinderela story as a opening in its show but now they made it repealed themselves. An flow went into NY, C
    alvin Klein and Proenza Schouler stopped it their own shows.There are some reasons i think, increasing runways and vanishing a gap
    between runway and retail.(Burberry decided to sale immediately after the shows). The fashion world is changing now, so models in
    dustry mus [続きを読む]
  • Prada 2016AW
  • Prada 2016AWSpeaking about casting, it seems like advancing models career to next rather than a runway for very fresh faces.It‘s a runway for all models.Lorena Maraschi(Opening)本日日本時間の深夜2時くらいになりそうです#Premonition, heading to the #PradaFW16 Women's show live on https://t.co/g8xpUrt6hN on Feb 25 at 6pm CET #mfw pic.twitter.com/9mb4baKakq― PRADA (@Prada) 2016年2月24日http://nowfa [続きを読む]
  • Paulina Frankowska : New Face from J.W.Anderson
  • Paulina Frankowska  New Face from J.W.Andersonvogue paulinafrankowska関連記事(Related Articles)Paulina Frankowska, ちょっと気になるモデル I do not claim ownership rights of any images, videos and other data 当ブログで使用する全ての画像、映像、音声その他データは、その各々の著作者及びそれらの著作権等権利を主張する方々に帰属しますhttp://aboutamodel.blogspot.jp/aboutagirl_com [続きを読む]
  • Estella Boersma, Lineisy Montero...(2016/2/21)
  • from 2016AWSo excited to see many Estella's runway ! Offduty is elegant and chic with Saint Laurent Paris.彼女のランウェイを見れて嬉しいですね、Marc Jacobsの壮大なランウェイも経験し、そしてロンドン最初の注目ランウェイであるJ.W.Andersonも、完璧です!私服はサンローランのバッグとシューズで。Estella Boersma and Saint Laurent bags and shoeslivinglyeastofnormal/instagramJW.Anderson & Marc Jacobsvogue&nb [続きを読む]
  • Estella Boersma at NY now
  • Estella Boersma at NY now ! Proenza Schouler? Calvin Klein? or Marc Jacobs?!Estellaが今NYにいるのことなので、楽しみですね〜関連記事(Related Articles)Estella Boersma I do not claim ownership rights of any images, videos and other data 当ブログで使用する全ての画像、映像、音声その他データは、その各々の著作者及びそれらの著作権等権利を主張する方々に帰属しますhttp://aboutamodel.blogspot.jp/about [続きを読む]
  • Lineisy Montero, Irina Kravchenk...(2016/2/17)
  • from 2016AW NYFWFur, fur, and fur, the snow stimulates models into a rational trend to survive NYFW.NYFWの寒さにファーというのは素晴らしく合理的ですよね、トレンド的な意味でも。Lineisy MonteroVogue / by Phil OhIrina KravchenkoVogue.it / Pierguido Grassano © Models JamCoach will be one of leaders to insanity for fur on the street again.ファーへの動きはまだまだ続きそうですCoach 1941#bravo ?? [続きを読む]
  • Yasmin Wijnaldum, Janiece Dilone...(2016/2/14)
  • from 2016AWEverybody is watching her, Yasmin Wijnaldum who is a latest Prada girl. Opening at Jason Wu and Alexabder Wabg, just promised in NYFW.皆が注目するのはPradaのAd広告の顔であるYasminでしょうね、Jason WuのオープニングにAlexander WangとNYFWの難関をあっさりと歩く様は期待通りです。Yasmin WijnaldumVogueJason Wu(Opening) & Alexander Wang VogueJaniece Dilone_dilone Jason Wu & L [続きを読む]
  • New York Fashion Week 2016FW
  • New York Fashion Week 2016FWNYFW is about to begin today.サンローランの熱も冷めないまま日本時間だと今夜からNYFWが開始されます。http://nyfw.com/http://nowfashion.com/schedulesI do not claim ownership rights of any images, videos and other data 当ブログで使用する全ての画像、映像、音声その他データは、その各々の著作者及びそれらの著作権等権利を主張する方々に帰属しますhttp://aboutamodel.blogspot.jp/ [続きを読む]
  • Saint Laurent 2016 Live from LA
  • Saint Laurent 2016 Live from LA Video at YSL.comhttp://www.ysl.com/It's a start point to couture he reached at last, i be
    lieve. Amazing rock'n'roll forever, this collection told me.辞任のうわさも囁かれるHedi Slimaneですが、自
    らしいコレクションでした、クチュールに繋がる流れと考えるのが自然でしょう。All images [続きを読む]
  • Floren Van Barlingen : New Face from Valentino 2016SS Couture
  • Floren Van Barlingen  New Face from Valentino 2016SS CoutureWho is next Yasmin Wijnaldum ? Valentino just made the speci
    al stage for models in last couture show, and seems to do it latest couture collection as well.. So many obscure models debuted, i
    n my view, two models have the keys are Ewa Borowska, and Floren Van Barlingen.Yasmin WijnaldumがValentinoデビューから
    PradaのAd単独まで [続きを読む]
  • Ewa Borowska debuted Valentino Couture 2016SS
  • Ewa Borowska debuted Valentino Couture  2016SSIt's a her semi-exclusive debut from 1st debuting miu miu tokyo c
    ollection, really amazing moment!彼女の1stデビューはmiu miu東京コレクション、そしてこれがSemi Exclusi
    ve、完璧なデビューですね、素晴らしい。nowfashionewkuska関連記事(Related Articles) Ewa Borowska, 
    ちょっと気になるモデルI do not claim ownership rights of any im [続きを読む]