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ブログタイトルHappy Sarah's Blog (*・ ・*)
サイト紹介文memorandum record
自由文The record of daily life.
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  • Autumn
  • Autumn There is a nip of fall in the air.Autumn is a great season for studying, you know. By the way, there are only three mon
    ths left in this year.Time flies... 10月6日の雨に
    打たれて風邪を引いてしました。読書の秋、食欲の秋。 今年も残り3ヶ月。 秋唄作詞: 大江
    千里作編曲: 大江千里歌: 大江千里 http://music.blogmura.c [続きを読む]
  • Koshien
  • Koshien I've watched several games of high school baseball championship ' Koshien ' on TV at this summer. This go
    -round seemed to be 99th tournament, Great shakes !The accent of this time was that the highest number of home runs had been hitte
    d since the beginnings of the Koshien. All in all, it's a feeling of elation seeing home run. By the way, I'm so interes
    ted in the baseball that I feel ma [続きを読む]
  • Midsummer greeting
  • Midsummer greeting I hope that you're doing fine in these days of hot summer.
    king.html?p_cid=00687251 暑中お見舞い申し上げます。 ↑Click Please!☆ 23:30/Perfum作編曲:
    中田ヤスタカ 春はあけぼの夏は夜秋は夕暮れ
    冬はつとめて [続きを読む]
  • 世界一美しいスターバックス
  • The most beautiful Starbucks in the world I went to the most beautiful Starbucks in the world which get called in at autumn in l
    ast year. There be just at Toyama prefecture in Japan, and I went there to see it for so small a matter all the way. Actually, it
    was very beautiful appearance. By the way, It is said that Starbucks is connected to Yehudi, therefore it is suitable to read a
    book or st [続きを読む]
  • toss of a coin problem
  • toss of a coin problemThere are some events that are not fit to general feeling, but are justified by math.Mainly these are justif
    ied by probability theory.That is what is called paradox.This time, I'll introduce toss of a coin problem.(" Game Theory &q
    uot; is a thing that was developed by these method of thinking like this)コインを
    投げると「裏 or 表」になる [続きを読む]
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