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  • 03/15のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd @leciel717ww 今更ながら勉強続けます。不安ですが、頑張ります。 03-15 12:05 RT @soompi: "Mot
    her" Nominated For 1st Cannes International Series Festival 03-15 12:00 RT @
    pledis_17jp: [NEWS]#SEVENTEEN JAPAN 1ST MINI ALBUM 「WE MAKE YOU」5月30日(水)発売決定!書き下ろしの新曲の他、
    コンサートで披露されてきた楽曲を含む日本語詞全5曲収録 [続きを読む]
  • 03/01のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd @_JS_YS_ @seventeen_douga Got it! 03-01 19:51 RT @Rabbit_Daybreak: 오사카의 겸디? めっちゃめっちゃ好きやねん?180228 #세븐틴 #정한 #토끼천사정한 03-01 11:17 RT @pledis_17: 번역 : 억수로 억수로 좋아한데이?또 만나요! 03-01 03:16 [続きを読む]
  • 02/28のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd RT @seventeen_NY: 1000 years later.... Stream carats~ don't download bc the play won't count!
    wTSxnm 02-28 03:02 RT @1995scoups: 180227 SVT IN 오사카 오늘도 오빠미모 충성충성???#세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN #
    에스쿱스#SCOUPS #비주얼승철 @pledis_17 02-28 02:58 RT @leciel717ww: あとCARATCAMP 1枚探し
    ています!席は良いだけ良いです!DMお願い致します! [続きを読む]
  • 02/27のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd RT @pledis_17jp: SEVENTEEN やねん! CARAT すごく めっちゃ ありがとう?? 02-27 22:06 RT @OfficialMonstaX: [#MONSTA_X] #몬스타엑스 THE 2ND WORLD TOUR IN U.S. ?TICKET OPEN 안내 ???? 180308 PM 4 (local time)?… 02-27 14:23 アトランタに来るんだ。結構、近めだから行こうかな?#MONSTA_X 02-27 11:43 RT @strwbrryhos [続きを読む]
  • 02/26のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd I should get the U.S. citizenship but can’t let go my Japanese citizenship.「外国籍取得したら日本国籍喪失」は違憲 8人提訴へ:朝日新聞デジタル 02-26 05:58 They only practiced for 2 hrs before the concert. #SEVENTEEN「Dancing Hero」バブリーダンス?Tomioka Dance Club via @YouTube 02-26 04:50 [続きを読む]
  • 02/25のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd I am glad that the members and carats are happy. ?? 02-25 23:31 @yoursweetguys Immediately saved on my iPhone screen. MUST HAVE. 02-25 08:31 Group of Japanese comedian danced in front of SEVENTEEN. I died. #SEVENTEEN #K13 @pledis_17 via @YouTube 02-25 07:19 [続きを読む]
  • 02/24のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd @leciel717ww 楽しんできてくださいね〜〜?? 02-24 13:19 Thank you! 02-24 11:49 @reighsuga @pledis_17jp That’s Bing translated their names with the spelling. SEVENTEEN Japan wrote all the members name correctly in Japanese?? 02-24 11:48 @yoursweetguys You have to get all of them! ?????? 02-24 09:41 RT @abema_kpopdrama: 【Abemaビデオ限定映像】SEVENTE [続きを読む]
  • 02/23のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd 通常は日本のレコード会社と契約してデビューというパターンだけど、セブチはPledisから直接日本語アルバムを出すことになるそうで、それはすごいなって思います。日本のマーケットで大成功してもらいたいですね。#セブチ #SEVENTEEN #PLEDIS @pledis_17 @pledis_17jp 02-23 20:32 @gao731 私も不思議でした。日本語でのアルバムを出すという事がデビューという事になるのでしょうか、きっと。でも、セブチは日本のレ [続きを読む]
  • 02/22のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd @yoursweetguys NY will be great! 02-22 21:12 @yoursweetguys I do enjoy different groups. But I can only afford to follo
    w my favorite one if I want to go to the concert. I would love to go to K-CON so I can see different groups. ?? 02-22 20:57
    RT @pledis_17jp: きょうのメニューはチーズタッカルビ! CARATも おいしいよるごはん たべてください!! 02-22 18:24 RETWEET [続きを読む]
  • 02/21のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd I know they are not allowed to record or snap any pic during the concert, but I really appreciate our fellow carats to po
    st whatever they can for international fans. Hopefully, they did not get caught. #セブチ #SEVENTEEN #Yokohama #CARAT #SEVENTEEN
    'SVT� [続きを読む]
  • 02/19のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd RT @usblm: This is Anthony Borges, 15. He used his body to hold a classroom door shut, protecting 20 other students inside as the gunman fi… 02-19 11:32 RT @_JS_YS_: 日本語字幕 180218 V LIVE〈ジョンハンの挨拶〉#セブチ #SEVENTEEN #ジョンハン#세븐틴_1000일_빛내줄게#HAPPY_DK_VERNON_DAY#버논_도겸_태어나줘서_고맙다… 02-19 04:15 [続きを読む]
  • 02/17のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd RT @Jeff__Benjamin: I explored how @pledis_17's new '#Thanks' music video featured an awesomely progressiv
    e move. Really proud of and impre… 02-17 16:06 RT @dramafever: You can tell how beloved #YuzuruHanyu is! Look at all those #Wi
    nniethePooh bears! ?? ---> https://t.… 02-17 10:21 RT @_JS_YS_: 〈ジョンハンオッパと
    ジョンハニヒョンの違い〉優しく [続きを読む]
  • 02/16のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd RT @theseoulstory: No Music Bank today due to the Olympics but SEVENTEEN crowned as winners for today's episode! ???? Congratulations boys~!… 02-16 23:34 RT @_JS_YS_: 日本語字幕 180215 Dingoアバタースクール〈ブサイクな振りをする?ジョンハン〉#セブチ #SEVENTEEN 02-16 10:28 [続きを読む]
  • 02/15のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd RT @1theK: [#원덕후의짤방] #세븐틴 '고맙다' 가사집좋은 가사와 좋은 뮤비 정말 #고맙다 세븐틴? #SEVEENTEEN #THANKS Lyric PicsMV link ? https://t.c… 02-15 15:18 RT @dingo_official: [#딩고] 드디어! 세븐틴! 아바타스쿨! 본편을! 공개합니다~~~~~ 박수박수???? 넘나 꾸르잼이니까 심호흡 17번 하고 보기 0_> 아바타스쿨_세븐틴 바로보기 ?https://t. [続きを読む]
  • 02/09のツイートまとめ
  • momoboyd RT @kconusa: KCON-ers, who do YOU want to see at #KCON this year? Let us know at and have your voice heard! https:/… 02-09 22:38 RT @FySeokminStaff: [VOTE] How to vote for #Seventeen on M!Countdown! 1. Go to this link Click VOTE tab3. Clic… 02-09 19:27 [続きを読む]