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  • 描き始めた頃の気持ちに立ち返る時
  • 最近、墺洪の制服をタイムラインであまりあげないのは、作品をまとめる下準備の為でもありますが、自発的にオーストリア=ハンガリー(墺洪)を描き始めた頃の気持ちに立ち返る為でもあります。図鑑や解説本ならば、イラストの役割として制服が採用された年代や装飾などを正確に描かなければなりませんし、その場合はちゃんと監修役の編集者さんや歴史家さんの指示があります。(後出しの場合もあるけれど 泣)しかし、全くの個人 [続きを読む]
  • Artwork: Bit by bit...
  • Artwork by Kumiko SakakiHello everyone. How have you been?2017 finished a half. Indeed "time and tide wait for no man".T
    he book which I drew an illustration will on sale June 7. Though it's written by only Japanese words, if you can read the wor
    d, I recommend to get the book.Like that, Recent years I have more work (office and other illustrations), so I can get ahead with
    my lifework [続きを読む]
  • Dear people who gave replies to me :-)
  • Dear people who gave replies to me,Thank you for writing a praise and criticisms for articles about me mentioned in "European
    a blog" in last year. I would appreciate that you made time for me. I'm honored you see my creative side.Thank you so mu
    ch.My artworks aren't retro or decadence, it's a part of my research on the project.Though I think some historians can u
    nderstand this, even though [続きを読む]
  • WW1 Uniform Painting: AEF American officer
  • Illustration by Kumiko SakakiHi everyone! I painted an American officer in WW1(AEF).I was able to get some(a little) US air force
    information, so I tried it. Especially I would devote this artwork to my American friends who like the aviation history.Facebook P
    ageTwitterStorySecond Lt.UlyssesE Johnson joined in AEF, and at first, assigned to the Aviation Section, US Signal Corps. [続きを読む]
  • Again, I will pray for them and peace.
  • When I was a kid, I visited in Hawaii for a first time. A local guide asked us, "do you want to Pearl Harbor? some Japanese d
    oesn't want to go for sad history." I who wasn't interested in history didn't know the place but I felt the na
    me is beautiful. I asked my parents, "What happened in there?" My father answered me, "Over 40 years ago, the Imper
    ial Japanese force attacked there, and Many [続きを読む]
  • お願いしたいこと(About my history blog)
  • 皆さま、こんにちは!前々からお願いしたい事があって日本語でブログを書きました。プロフィール欄に「無断転載・複写等の使用を禁止します」と注意書きしているのですが、画像をたくさん転載しておられる方がいらっしゃいました。何らかのレスポンスがあれば共通の「好き」を共有できるのになあと残念な気持ちです。言ってくれれば一緒に盛り上がれるのに〜と思ったのでした。そうですね、うーん例えば………「マルちゃんの笑顔が [続きを読む]
  • Happy birthday to Franz Liszt!
  • Artwork by Kumiko SakakiOctober 22 is the birthday of Franz Liszt (Liszt Ferenc).Happy birthday to Franz!I painted him from this i
    nformation, his color portraits, photos and his life mask.Facebook Page(Explain)Hi, everyone.When I was learned piano from 4 years
    old to a teenager, I met with Franz Liszt music.Next I checked this info about Franz. At first glance, he is a [続きを読む]