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  • Barramundi #1164-1167 Yo-zuri Pin's Minnow 90 mm
  • Most barramundi have gone to a place where a lot of jelly prawns appeared.So there aren't a lot of barramundi in my usual fis
    hing locations.However, it's not that I can't catch any barramundi at all.This is little, if any, hope that barramundi w
    ill take my lures.In other words, there aren't a lot of jelly prawns in my usual fishing locations.However, there are saltwat
    er ghost shrimps in my usual f [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1157 Rapala CD-9
  • It's very windy today. I hesitated to go out for fishing. But I went fishing at Channel Island. The sea water was dirty. The
    wind blew against the lure. Thus I needed a heavy lure having a chartreuse colour. Rapala CD-9 has a very attractive wobbling acti
    on to barramundi.Lure: Rapala CD-9Size: 90mmColour: ChartreuseWhere: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm deepWater: Dirty / OutgoingLine: Su
    rfix 832 30lbLe [続きを読む]
  • Queenfish #30 Rockcod #342 Barramundi #1155-1156
  • I usually specialize in fishing barramundi on lure by land based on shore.I didn't fish as usual at Channel Island on last Sa
    turday.Using a new fishing reel having a digital control braking system, I wanted to try to fish other than barramundi.On the othe
    r hand, this was a good opportunity to get to know about the usability of my new fishing reel.After careful thought, I chose to us
    e Berkley Gulp [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1151-1154 Squidgies Fish 70mm Shimano Curado 150 DC
  • I'm starting to use a new bait cast reel having a digital control (DC) braking system.The digital control (DC) braking system
    will help the angler to cast comfortably and reduce the backlash.There were long tides on Saturday and Sunday.Barramundi are not
    aggressively moving about in search of their baits on occasion like this.However, I knew when the productive fishing window would
    show up.Anyway, [続きを読む]
  • 58cm Blue Salmon #7 Squidgies Fish 70mm Lime Lightning
  • Saturday of July 28I went fishing at Channel Island.The tides were anything but good for Channel Island.Sure enough, only I out of
    four people caught fish there.A fishing is a game that has element of chance.Barramundi fishing whose results are difficult to pr
    edict because they are controlled by circumstances of fate.There was no wind.The sea surface was very flat.A fishing is a game tha
    t has elem [続きを読む]
  • 52cm Barramundi #1148 Barramundi #1149-1150
  • Sunday of July 22, there was a pretty big bush fire near my place.I stopped and gazed at those fires.I remembered that there was n
    ot a moment to waste.If I didn't hurry, I would miss the productive fishing window at Myilly Point rocks.The best tide shifts
    with the best fishing point every hour.There were many rocks covered with oysters in the seawater at Myilly Point.The seawater wa
    s very clear.Fi [続きを読む]
  • Productive Fishing Window
  • I hit my little toe against the door frame and my nail was taken off last Thursday.I am passive in fishing from that day.I felt th
    at in that case I really ought to answer a question from many readers.A frequently asked question is "Where is the best fishi
    ng spot on weekend?" or "When is the best tide for fishing barramundi on weekend?".Please use a lot of information
    and think by yourself.Although [続きを読む]
  • Not easy to catch barramundi at the neap tide in a cold-water season.
  • The difference between high and low tides are becoming small in June every year.Even so, I normally can catch some barramundi in m
    y usual fishing locations in June.Even if the seawater is cold and clear, I will be able to catch some barramundi.If it were usual
    , I can probably catch some barramundi in JuneI felt something was wrong with that this weekend.As a result, I couldn't catch
    any barramundi [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1145 Rapala Flatrap 10F Long 8'6" fishing rod
  • Do longer fishing rods cast farther?Those became possible due to advance in technology.The flying distance of the lure is a very i
    mportant factor in the land based barramundi fishing at my usual fishing locations.I went fishing at Myilly Point rocks on Monday
    of June 11.As you know, Myilly Point rocks comprises Mindil Beach and its rock bar is L-shaped oriented casino side.The seawater w
    as very sh [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1140 Barracuda #17 Cold water
  • It has been windy in Darwin.However, the waves are relatively fewer than those in the wet season.The dry season has by far the lar
    gest number of the day when I can go fishing.I went fishing at Channel Island on Saturday of May 19.The seawater was cold and murk
    y.The sea surface was slightly wavy.The wind was against me.I needed a heavier lure.I cast it at a rock hidden by murky water.I ha
    d a strong [続きを読む]
  • The real dry season has come.The seawater temperature has been lowering.Fish are migrating to a deeper water.However, barramundi w
    ill acclimate themselves to a cold water soon.And they will come back to my usual fishing locations soon.I like our dry season ver
    y much.Needless to say, it is nice weather this time of year in Darwin.The times are right for the land based barramundi fishing t
    oo.The sea [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1126 Shallow diving lure
  • I went fishing at Mindil beach on Saturday.The sea water was very clear.A 4.7m crocodile has been pulled from Darwin Harbour by ra
    ngers on the previous day. It happened only yesterday, I waded through the shallow water to a knee deep point with caution. I te
    sted some trial products of the shallow-diving lures. One of those was a very nice shallow-diving lure having a very hard and wide
    wobbling [続きを読む]