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  • Garlic butter barramundi
  • It always started to rain when I tried to go fishing recently.Mainly on Saturday and Sunday, I got opportunities to go fishing.The
    sea water has not quite recovered the salinity concentration on shore.I tried different types of lure.I cast as many lures includ
    ing soft plastics as time permitted.When I was spoken to by a fishing people while I was casting lure at East point, I was at a lo
    ss for war [続きを読む]
  • The wind greatly influences the fishing result. Mr. Shaun Battye
  • It is very good news that the run-off trips seem to be off to a good start.On the other hand, I went fishing at Channel Island as
    always.Including me, there were 6 people there.A gentle breeze sprang up, disturbing the surface of the shallow water.I was moving
    forward as the water got up to my knees while being cautious with stingray, sea snake, stone fish and crocodile.Hooked a barramun
    di one of [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1119 Squidgies Fish 70mm Hard bottom
  • It was not likely to rain on Sunday morning.I went fishing at Mindil beach.A large amount of sand on the surface of the sandy area
    was washed away by the continuously heavy rains in this rainy season.This phenomena may seriously the scenery.However, this is no
    t troublesome for the land based barramundi anglers but rather convenient for them.Many rocks are exposed on the surface of the sa
    ndy area a [続きを読む]
  • Huge outbreak of box jelly fish?
  • I have a bit of pent-up frustration.Of course I know what the continuous heavy rains bring a very good season for the land based b
    arramundi fishing after the rainy season, but I wish for the rain to stop for about 3 days.I went fishing at East Point during a l
    ull in the rain on February 11.Contrary to expectations, the sea water wasn't muddy in colour.I waded through the shallow wat
    er to the rocks [続きを読む]
  • 64cm Barramundi #1116 by Hiro 62cm Barramundi by Mr. Keith Watson
  • My very good fishing friend, Keith Watson and I went fishing at Channel Island on January 20.It rained hard on the previous day.Th
    ere was much fresh water in the shallow water.We didn't have any fish bites for a while.It was sunny, but in the meantime it
    began to rain.I thought that the sky looked lowering, but it wouldn't be much of a storm.I spoke to Keith."The very begi
    nning of rain is a big ch [続きを読む]
  • 56cm Barramundi #1115Samaki Boom Bait 4" Bomb Shad
  • January 13, Saturday, I went fishing at Channel Island in the morning.The tide was going out.The sea was calm.I used a top-water l
    ure of Lucky Craft Sammy 115mm for barramundi.I hooked a nice sized barramundi but couldn't land him up.And then I went strai
    ght to East Point too.The tide was coming into the shallow water.I caught a 56cm barramundi on Samaki Boom Bait 4" Bomb Shad.
    This was my first ti [続きを読む]
  • 71cm Barramundi #1114 Squidgies Fish 70mm 8m tide
  • The tides were very big, with the 8m tide, on January 4.I went fishing at Channel Island.The drift of the tide was very fast.The s
    ituation of the seawater was changing every minute.The best tide normally shifts with the best fishing point every hour.However, t
    he best tide shifted with the best fishing point every 15minute at that time.The seawater came up to my knees.The seawater was mur
    ky.I was c [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1110-1111 Squidgies Fish 70mm S-Factor
  • I missed three barramundi at Channel Island.And then I went fishing at East Point.The tide was coming.I used Squidgies S-Factor wh
    ich contains a mix of attack and feeding triggers that will help you catch more fish.Barramundi #1110 / December 30, 2017Barramund
    i #1111 / December 30, 2017Squidgies FishSize: 70mmColour: Lime LightingWhere: Shallow water 30cm - 50cm Water: Murky IncomingLine
    : Surfix 8 [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1109 Squidgies Fish 70mm Too much fresh water
  • Good monsoon rains will bring about a very good barramundi fishing in the dry season.On the other hand, the heavy rains that accom
    panied strong winds during the end of December is interfering with my land based barramundi fishing.Even if the wind dropped, ther
    e would be too much fresh water in the shallows just after the heavy rains.Most barramundi of costal waters tend to stay in deep w
    aters just [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1107 Zerek Flat Shad 3.5"
  • I could catch a 69cm barramundi at Channel Island yesterday by sheer luck.So I wouldn't go fishing at Channel Island today.Th
    e tides were not so bad today.Whether I could catch a barramundi or not depended on the wind condition.Anyway, I went fishing at M
    yilly point rocks.The wind condition was much narrower than it might have been.The best fishing point was already being used by th
    e other people. [続きを読む]
  • 69cm Barramundi #1106 Squidgy Pro Mongrel 90mm
  • Saturday afternoon, I went fishing at Channel Island.There were many splashing "booffing" barramundi on the shallow.I di
    dn't see what they were chasing.They were by that time pretty near me.But they didn't bite any lures with a slow reeling
    .I was building up frustration.They wouldn't take even a soft plastic lure of Zerek Live Cherabin 100mm.At that sort of time,
    barramundi are normally chasing a [続きを読む]
  • Barramundi #1099-1102 Cheers to Million Dollar Fish Season 3
  • There has been a lot of rain recently.A good rainy season showers benefits upon us.It will bring about a very fishing productive d
    ry season.Recently, a friend of mine caught some nice sized barramundi near Cullen Bay.However, an area of water that is very shal
    low is not very fishing productive now.Nevertheless, I could catch some barramundi on lures by land based in my usual fishing loca
    tions.But, [続きを読む]
  • Trevally #48 57cm Barramundi #1098 Squidgies Fish
  • Rain clouds were hanging low in the sky around the Darwin city. I took a compensatory day off on Friday, November 10.I went fishin
    g at Channel Island. Rain clouds started to gather blackly above me. Slightly windy.The seawater was not influenced by rainwater a
    nd dust from the land at that time.I cannot expect to catch barramundi when a large amount of rainwater gushes in the shallow wate
    r.It was e [続きを読む]
  • Small barramundi #1093-1097 Squidgies Fish Saltwater pond
  • November 8, the high tide water came into the saltwater pond.There was no street light at all.It was dark night.The pond has risen
    .My headlight lighted up my feet.It was about one feet of water.I had usually seen many mangrove-snakes in this water around March
    .Luckily, I didn't see any snakes at this time.As a result, I caught and released 5 small barramundi.#1093#1094#1095#1096#109
    7Squidgies Fish [続きを読む]