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Tommy-さん: イマ解きの眼
ハンドル名Tommy- さん
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  • で聖人に近づいたような達成感をもつようになる。 それを実践したくて、褻を主としている支配下の民に接しようとするが彼らにしては異様の存在の肌の色と土の香りがその美的感覚を刺激して、その存在は自らと同... [続きを読む]
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  • 雑I considered the word to be called a weed before. One and growing impudent Hill and others of the awareness that it says that a
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  • 絆? This is cool and it becomes Japanese. It can also be expressed as smart. This has an image that is clever. If you expand it l
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  • 柔軟性It is tried once as a fighter by fighting with a side friend. So it is not completely unscathed, and there are some victi
    ms. I do not mean to say that it is necessary to cultivate from the u... [続きを読む]