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  • Influential book
  • Recently, I read a book, titled, "The Science Of Getting Rich" twice.First, I read silently, second, out loud as if to persuade myself.These days I have been thinking that something must be done to get out of financial problems both in our family business and at home.As for my family business, I haven't been so efficient in book keeping and accounting for so many years. I have always been procras [続きを読む]
  • A new face
  • After Kuro chan passed away, a new street cat came to my feeding place.As you can see, this boy doesn't look handsome at all
    .One of his ears has been shrunk. At first glance, I thought it was bitten off.Actually, it just became small, after the fierce ba
    ttle, most probably.This new comer, was too hungry for good food. So he came closer and closer and asked me for food.Other member [続きを読む]
  • My son is back home
  • I have two sons, and my younger son has been away in Nagano prefecture during winter season working for a rental skiing gears shop
    .Now, that snow season is almost over, he came back.He has been away from home during past two years, Okinawa and Nagano, but he s
    ays he is staying home at least one year this time.Well, this means I have one more big mouth to feed!Though he doesn't eat s
    o muc [続きを読む]
  • A gift from Kuro chan
  • I One of the street cats that I 've been feeding for one and half years has been hit by a car. Her name is Kuro chan.She was
    a cute fluffy cat, two years old. She became quite friendly and greeted me happily with her sister every time I and another memb
    er went to their feeding place.I didn't think of letting them in my house as pet cats, for two of th [続きを読む]
  • My fellow volunteer woman
  • I have been engaged in cats'volunteer activities for the past 3 years.I have met lots of people during these years with vario
    us feelings toward stray cats problem.One of the lady volunteers, Ms.T, has contacted me this afternoon.I was a little bit uneasy,
    because it hasn't been long since I declined her asking me to shelter her kitty in my house temporarily until a new owner is [続きを読む]
  • Let's shadow!
  • I have known the importance of shadowing for oral training in English and kept telling my students to do shadow practice frequentl
    y.But I didn't have strong motivation to do this training myself, and have been just doing reading, listening practice in som
    ewhat passive way.Off course, if you really concentrate, active reading and listening can take place.But in my case, I end up [続きを読む]
  • I got back to this diary for English exercise.
  • Recently, I became too busy with my main job of family business, so Istopped recruiting students who want to learn English from me
    .At the same time, I am still engaged in cats'volunteer job that has kept me so busy day in and day out.Naturally, less occas
    ion to use English, making my skill going lower and lower...I still have my own lesson with an Indian teacher, Senthiru. &nbs [続きを読む]
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