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Masashi-KAKI-Designさん: フラワーアーティスト徒然草
ハンドル名Masashi-KAKI-Design さん
サイト紹介文フラワーアーティスト森正史が、日々思ったことをつづります。 デザイン、アート、本、その他もろもろ。
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Masashi-KAKI-Design さんのブログ記事

  • Flower of Samurai / 侍の花
  • 【日本語版は英語版のあとです】Works of "Flower of Samurai" designed by American ladies.Since leaves of Sh
    obu (iris) look like samurai sword, it is considered as auspicious icon to celebrate Boy's day (5th May) here in Japan. Shobu
    also means "swordsmanship".Beautiful works reminds us of clean-cutting Japanese sword. アメリカ人ゲストによ
    る、侍の花の作品。端午の節句の菖蒲は、葉が刀に見える [続きを読む]
  • 再会 / Welcome back!
  • Welcomed guest from UK for the first time in 3 years and she had lesson at my house.After the lesson, Yakitori time, one of her fa
    vorites lolGlad to meet you again.Have a wonderful trip!3年前にいらしたイギリス人のお客様が、私宅でレッス
    しいご旅行を! [続きを読む]
  • 花も団子も / Enjoyed both...
  • 【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Work of SAKURA done by guest from Singapore.Did "Hanami (cherry blossoms viewin
    g)" and enjoyed both flowers and Japanese sweets.It is very precious time when my guests could gain little deeper insight of
    Japanese culture and history, and I learn more about other countries.シンガポールからのゲストの桜の作品。花も
    団子も楽しまれたご様子。日本文化や歴史のことを [続きを読む]
  • 春爛漫 / Spring full in bloom
  • 【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Most Japanese beloved Cherry blossoms called “Somei Yoshino” have already bloomed here in Tokyo on 17 March. 9 days earlier than normal! Somei Yoshino is a hybrid between 2 types of cherry blossoms called “Edo Higan” and “Oshimazakura”. It last for about 7 to 10 days only.So, Japanese people get excited when it start blooming and always watching on the weath [続きを読む]
  • 春来たる / Spring has come
  •       【日本語版は英語版のあとです】Mom and daughter from the US.Here again, same flowers, different design.Spring has come.Beautiful works.Please enjoy rest of your stay in Japan!アメリカからいらした母娘さんです。いつもながら、同じ花材でも異なるデザイン。春が来ました。美しい作品。楽しい滞在を! [続きを読む]
  • 両道 / Good at both ways
  •       【日本語版は英語版のあとです】Gentleman took lesson of both Japanese & Western style flower arrangeme
    nt.Beautiful works! Can't believe he's never done flower arrangement before.Design of gerbera is "White Day*"
    gift for his girl friend.Its language of flower is "Love" and "Passion".She will be glad to receive the arran
    gement full of his thoughtfulness.Well, like this gentleman has done [続きを読む]
  • 潔さ / Strong and pure mind
  • 【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 真っすぐ伸びる枝と大きく開いた花びらに、一本気な潔さを感
    じる。春に向けて、太陽を掴むかのように花咲くレンギョウ。Rengyo (Forsythia) blooms faster than other sp
    ring flowers.Straight branches and widely opened petals seem to represent their strong and pure mind.Looks like they are trying to
    reach out to the sun to bring warm spring for us. [続きを読む]
  • 春 / Premavera
  • 【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 Guest from France.Spring is coming soon.Since she loves Hokusai Katsushika, took her to Hokusai's grave very close to my house after the lesson. フランスからのゲスト。春はもうすぐ。北斎のファンということで、レッスン後に北斎のお墓にご案内。 [続きを読む]
  • リレー / Relay
  • 【日本語版は英語のあとです】Today's lesson at my old fashion house.Arranged peach flowers to celebrate "Girl's Day (3rd March)". Pine tree and chrysanthemum represent health and longevity.After strolling around SHITAMACHI (same old downtown), took them to Chagohan Tokyo for Ramen & Gyoza lesson by Mr. & Mrs. Hirano.Please come and visit SHITAMACHI for cultural activities to gain [続きを読む]
  • 事始め / Let's get started
  • 【日本語版は英語版のあとです】 ●Collaboration w/ EBISUYA ASAKUSAAccording to Japanese old custom, 8 February wa
    s set the day when farmers started working. Today, the day is considered good day to start something.Well, here it is!Let's e
    njoy Deep SHITAMACHI (same old downtown) experience by having Rickshaw ride, Flower lesson & house tour @ old fashion house!You ma
    y gain little deeper insight o [続きを読む]
  • ただただ美しい / Just beautiful
  • 渡辺省亭展へヨーロッパの印象派に多大な影響を与えた絵師。もちろん、氏独自の技法と感性ではあるけれど、大好きな円山応挙や酒井抱一といった偉大な絵師の技法もところどころに伺える。花鳥風月の素晴らしい世界観。鳥肌は立つにまかせて、無言で佇むのみ。ただただ美しい。 加島美術にて 出典:牡丹に蝶の図松竹梅Exhibition of Seitei Watanabe Artist who had big impact on Europ [続きを読む]